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Sorry about this, will be back very soon- came back from Toronto with a really nasty cold and it turns out that when they tell you not to go on planes with a blocked nose? They really mean it. I’ve got this fun thing going on right now where I’m dizzy all the time, hooray.

I should have an update up on Tuesday I hope? Really very very sorry about this! This page and the previous will be whipped out of the archives when we’re back on track.

  • Take care, we’ll wait, hope you get well soon!

  • Xanthipe

    Ooh yeah, know how that one goes – look after yourself, don’t rush it, and hope you feel better soon.

    (In the meantime I’m imagining that the writing on the wall is the environment directly reacting to O’Malley and it’s just a matter of time before he realises…)

    • Emily

      Of course, if he noticed the writing, he wouldn’t be able to read it…

      It occurs to me that we’ve never yet seen this space in Mal-vision, which seems significant somehow.

      • Ocean Burning.

        IT REALLY DOES… doesn’t it… I’ve been thinking that since I arrived…

        • Emily

          BTW, I just saw your reply to Del on the previous page about having discovered this comic in December – you and I must have gotten hooked about the same time! I binge-read my way through the archives around New Year’s and have been obsessed with it ever since. (I didn’t realize it was still in progress until I hit what was then the last page – Ben getting insulted by Envy at the theatre, I think – and it was a bit of a shock to find that now I’d have to wait for the next page to appear along with everyone else! On the other hand, it’s much more fun to be able to contribute to the comments in real time instead of having something you want to say, but knowing that no one will see it because the page is from two years ago.)

          • Ocean Burning.

            I know, right? : )
            Funny thing is, when I came to the website, I also didn’t realize the story was still in progress. I was reading the archives over the weekend after the December 9th update, and I kept seeing it and thinking, “That seems like kind of a strange ending…” XD

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    rest well

  • Azmodan

    Sloth continues his march towards victory unopposed and unnoticed. Truly the most ingenious of all their foes.

  • Get well immediately

    • workin’ on it

      • It’s a Black Friday when then isn’t an update from Widdershins or Girl Genius

        • Ocean Burning.

          If you want her to recover immediately, you should provide her with an instantaneously-effective cure!

          • Good point. An aid to recovery has been dispatched!

  • KaReN

    You’re brave to fly with a cold. I did that once. The air pressure caused severe inner ear pain. I covered my ears and wanted so badly to scream in pain. I now carry DayQuil, Nyquil and decongestants. You take care.

    • “Brave” is one word.. “Daft” is another :P I was in another country with nowhere to stay, and I had no idea it’d be this bad? Was whimpering all through the descent, shoulda taken my dayquil earlier :( Sorry you had it too!

      • Andy Nguyen

        A trick I learned to do during a plane descent that seemed to work even when I was suffering from allergies was to close my mouth, pinch both nostrils shut, and then “blow” (the same thing you would do if you were trying to actually blow your nose), not very hard, but applying constant pressure for a few seconds, then release, swallow, repeat every minute or so. It’s much less pleasant when you’re congested, but it still serves to increase the air pressure inside your ear to match the outside pressure.

        • Del

          This only works while descending, as the outside air pressure increases. Need to equalize the pressure inside your head.

          Don’t try this if you experience discomfort while climbing.

          • Euodiachloris

            It’s worth doing ascending, too. Just… rather more carefully for obvious reasons. After all, a blocked eustachian tube may need a kick to get working to balance things properly again, afterwards. And, we can only really kick the little darlings one way. :/

    • Eva Schiffer

      Also don’t drive through mountain ranges with a cold. It’s less dramatic, but much the same kind of horrible. :(

      • Haha yes, on the way back from the airport we drove over the highest point of motorway in England, there was immediate and sudden regret.

    • Euodiachloris

      Hold nose, blow, pop ears… scream as the eustachian tubes remind you they have nerves, not just the ear drums. xP

      • yeah it turns out it’s all nerves all the way down which is a sort of horrible discovery

  • Kelly McCarthy

    Just rest up hon. And look up garlic and ginger tea. I swear by it personally. Though it depends on the individual.

    • haha i will try anything at this point! i have some cold rescue tea with ginger in it, the lady at the airport tea shop practically insisted.

      • Overkillengine

        Broth with spices like red/black pepper, garlic, or horseradish.

        Or wasabi. Basically get it to as hot as you can stand thermally and gastronomically, and sip. Spice + hydration really helps sinus drainage.

      • I will now suggest this as often as possible, all of the time. XD

  • Stephen Riggs

    Hope you feel better soon, Kate. Looks like both our heroes are fresh out of tobacco.

  • Justin Case

    Get well soon.

  • Del

    No no no no!

    These stay in the archives, please! So funny!

    • das-g


      Also, while I don’t know how the story will continue, I have the feeling that the pacing introduced by these “fillers” would make sense enough at this point of the story to declare them canon.

    • Ocean Burning.

      Indeed, thanks for these, you would have been completely justified in posting nothing at all. Colds that mess with your sense of balance are the worst. : P
      I like how they’re almost-interacting in this one. : )

  • Eva Schiffer

    Yikes. I hope you feel better soon!

  • Euodiachloris

    The chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers’ guide to the dizzy-sicks: keep hydrated, get take-in delivered, stay as still as possible and hit the Syndol for the muscle relaxant to stave any of the restless legs twitches off with (if you can get it, that is). *hugs*

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