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  • Sulzala

    There is no blood.

  • Somebody

    …Of course she’s not going to save the day with a bony pin. It’s a tiny wrench that she keeps in her hair.
    And Sid’s expressions on this page….
    Hey, I’ve never posted on this comic before, have I? Just to let you know, it’s one of my favorites, and I love your stories!!

    • Somebody

      Bobby pin, sorry.

    • Who, me?

      I was just going to comment on the “hair-wrench thing” and then I saw your comment. I love the concept! Also, that mask is pretty cool, despite its evil uses.

  • Chris

    I know everybody thinks Harry figured out the trick, so I’m going to pull something out from left field: Harry stole the bullet mid-flight and Harry just kind of went along with it.
    (But no she probably just figured out the trick)

    • =Tamar

      Interesting. When Sid’s magic steals something that’s moving (such as the contents of someone’s pocket), what happens to the momentum? Apparently it goes away, since he doesn’t seem to feel it. So maybe he could steal a bullet – but so far, he’s stolen things that people wanted to keep.

      • He’s never done that, but he’s not so desperate to find out! It’s pretty much just things that are valuable, or things that are shiny, and he’s got no control over it whatsoever.

  • Oh, Harry. You’re such a ham.

    • Her acting is almost as bad as Lei’s is. Good thing Lei’s no theatre critic either.

  • SteelRaven

    Sid, your girl is all sorts of crazy.

  • It would be fun (well, not fun, but you know what I mean) if Harry really got shot (just a flesh wound obviously), having not worked out the trick, so it’s up to Sid to save the girl and the anchor.
    Of course, being saved is not going to please Harry…

    • =Tamar

      I think Harry may have underestimated the force of the “harmless” pellet – you can be badly injured by a blank.

  • Alex

    Or a third theory: Harry really DID get shot. After all, gunshot wounds don’t immediately spout blood despite what movies would have you believe, besides; she tumbled over the little wall before we could see any stain.
    Though, tumbling over some convenient cover lends credence to the idea that she is, in fact, perfectly fine.

  • spas

    I also think Harry is playing dead the way she went over the rail. Now it’s a race to see who saves the day, Harry or Vee – either way, Vee will claim the victory as her own! Hopefully Sid can come in handy as well. Oh Lei, it is sad to see you as the villain!

    • =Tamar

      And a stupid villain at that – she dropped the gun, where Harry can pick it up if she comes back over that wall. I wonder whether the mask may be affecting Lei as well, but a bigger problem is what is going to happen magically. The Anchor plus all those strong emotions…

      • spas

        yes, and though Lei has ‘some minimal’ powers, Sid’s powers are much stronger. Amplified, he should be able to literally transport anything (like the mask) to his own hands…

      • The gun is useless now; loading a muzzle-loading flintlock is slow at best … and there’s no sign either Harry or Lei has the wherewithal handy.

        • =Tamar

          It’s still useful as a blunt instrument, and for all I know, there’s a spare bullet in the base.

          • No room for powder – remember – those use a separate (loose) powder and bullet.

          • =Tamar

            P.S. If it is the trick gun, Harry will want to keep it so she can take it apart to learn the trick.

            • SoItBegins

              I think she learned THAT already.

      • Green_Ghost_namedBob

        As for the mask, it seems to have a mind of its own. It looks like the mask controls instead of allowing to control.

  • Istas

    I’m going to say that Harry is acting. She would’ve had to take at least a couple of steps back to reach the wall. A shot Harry would slump up against the wall or fall forward. But here she has enough momentum to fall over a waist high wall.
    Lei, shame on you turning your back on the gadget master.
    Sid, you can officially say that you have a crazy ex. (nice expressions, though)

  • And now she’s monologuing . . . so much for Devil’s Advocate, she’s a villain!

    • svartalf

      And we all know what happens when the villain gets off into monologuing…let’s see how long it takes her to figure out that she’s made a mistake there…

  • Lei: The First Evil Ex!

    • spas

      what’s the likelihood the hapless Sid has more of them? it would be hilariously unexpected.

  • Keep her talking, Sid.

  • Terragent

    Rail Kill!

  • Cooper

    Awww, Vee does care.

  • Cyric

    So, she already figured out the trick behing the shooting act huh? Still a great setup. :) *applauds*

  • Wonder how big the drop on the other side of the railing is? Let’s hope there is a convenient giraffe to break Harry’ fall.

  • Sabreur

    Something interesting appears to be happening in panel 5. What is she pulling out of her hair, I wonder?

  • SHE’S SMILING. /creepy

  • SoItBegins

    O-ho! Vee’s going for her lockpick. And I bet that Harry will be riiiiight back when Lei least expects it.

  • Quin

    Now here is the three bet line. A. She did shoot trying to kill Harry, but the gun didn’t actually kill her because she figured out the trick. B. She did try shooting Harry knowing that it wouldn’t work because of (insert plan). C. Insert a Because of magic line to make everything make sense.

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