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  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Wait wait wait is that O’Malley ?!

    • Ailinu

      Indeed it is, or at least appears to be.

      • Looking at the tags, O’Malley is in this page. Can you spot him?

        • Ailinu

          Then it is indeed Mal. Yay!

          • Darkoneko Hellsing

            Look like he already had a foot in his mouth back then XD
            I wonder wether he already had that… vision capacity of his, back then. Or if will happen in this arc.

            • Sanjay Merchant

              I was under the impression that he’d had it since birth, but now that you mention it, who knows?

  • Tell me, does anyone else find the large fellow with the bucket in panel 2 a bit familiar

    • wanderingdreamer

      We’re totally going to go back through the other chapters and find him there too aren’t we?

      • Who’s the last large, blond guy in a tunic you recall seeing in this comic?

        • wanderingdreamer

          The time-traveler from the last chapter??? I see a comment above mine doesn’t think they’re the same person, but if there really is an organization investigating these outbreaks out deadly sins it would make sense we might see a few familiar faces each time….

    • Tikatu

      If Sam is who you’re thinking of, I don’t think that’s him. The guy with the bucket seems to be the same guy in the forefront of panel 5. Light brown, curly hair.

      • Oh, you might be right. Weird that he’d look so much like Sam from afar.

        • The Wing

          This is the same as the Baker-sister disease that every woman in this comic seems to be contracting. Except now every blonde curly-haired barrel-chested man is becoming Sam.

    • ShakeJake

      It doesn’t seem like Sam had access to actual time travel technology in his era. They had to train him into an amazing baker, in order to be grabbed by gluttony, thus it was more of instigation of a specific existing requirement in a specific place in order for it to occur. Outside of Hotel Gula esque circles, I don’t see time travel happening.

  • steel raven

    “Deutsch muterf**ker, sie sprechen!?”

  • Basil Sage

    And now read the third question from the first Character Q&A back in 2012:
    They weren’t kidding about the rope burn, apparently.
    Also, Mal seems more cool about sharing the story than Wolfe… Which makes me really curious now.

  • Foehn

    I got the feeling Mal would be in this comic when I saw “Gerroff!” in the last comic.

    I also hope that Mal completely destroys Voss (with words!) because that guy needs to shut up.

    • Ailinu

      That would be extremely amusing, but unfortunately Voss doesn’t seem to understand English, and I don’t think (although I could be wrong) that Mal speaks much German.

      • Sanjay Merchant

        Considering that the best defense I could give himself in German translates back to English as “Food! Eat… is good!”, I would say no, he doesn’t speak any German to… speak… of.

      • Foehn

        It would still be funny to see, though. Mal insulting Voss in English, Voss being all, “What is he saying?” and Wolfe having to figure out a nice way to phrase what Mal had said.

        Entertaining even if they don’t understand each other, ja?

  • Dragon

    Hah! Mal is back! Looking more like a ruffian than ever, of course.

  • I was wondering what was going to derail Herr Wolfe’s effortless success and leave him a homeless busker. And here’s Mr O’Malley right on cue. Doof Ausländer.

  • Del

    Panel #2, by the rain barrel. An old guy smoking a pipe.

    yep, I seen him.

  • endplanets

    This is a terrible judicial process.

    Bloody Peasants!

  • awhorl

    Envy is in the environs all right. The Captain thinks the Lieutenant is going to steal the credit for whatever state-authorized murder (ugh) they’re supposed to commit. Mal covets the food but the locals aren’t compassionate; under pressure (some kind of seige?) they hoard it and jump to the conclusion he’s hostile, kill him and be done with it. I’m reminded of the archetypal Cain & Abel scenario–move directly from envy to murder; see red and do not be burdened with rational motive (or find a handy one quickly to end a debate that might be complicated, painful, and a bit too deep).

    • David Argall

      Ah, that’s the sarge, not the captain [who would not envy a mere lieutenant, and would be the one writing the report, and stealing the credit] and any sergeant worth his stripes envies his lieutenant [snot-nosed little brat who gets paid more to make a hard-working sergeant’s job harder, and he’s supposed to respect him?] However, I doubt he plays much part in this story beyond scenery. We have yet to see a name for him [“There, you see? Even with a speaking role, treated like some scenery. Just no respect.”]

      Now this is looking like something the authorities wouldn’t like. You don’t have much in the way of stores if you can just go to the store. A possibility here is some sort of sit-down strike, where they might want to bring along food for a week or so. We have already had mention that there was unrest in other parts of Europe, and these boys might be rashly imitating it. or… Tho I am not yet sure the high command has said “I want this problem eliminated”. There is talk of capturing the ringleader, which offers at least the possibility the rank and file will be allowed to go their own way. It does however seem like there will be no major fuss over a few dead bodies.

      Now how did our non-German O’Malley end up here? From what we know of him, it is likely not a nice story. Maybe the captain of some English ship kicked him off [got caught cheating at cards again?]

  • Weird Oregonian

    Next the poor guy is going to be yelling for mercy and someone in the audience is going to think he’s speaking French.

  • bbally

    Hi there Kate,

    You’ve just got yourself a reader from Egypt, I’ve just started reading your comic today from the start and my God, is it addictive? Great art, great stories and interesting characters. Keep up the good work.

    Badr Bally.

    • Aw, thanks so much! You’re the first reader I’ve heard of from Egypt, glad to hear you enjoy it!

      • Prince_Victory

        ‘Nother one right here! :)
        (Albeit five months later)

  • RobinGoodfellow

    I’m going to go and stand in a corner until I can control the inFANity; excuse me.

  • tali

    My, my, Mal, looking good with that hair :)

  • So elsewhere Mal seems fond of France…maybe that’s the only country that hasn’t threatened to hang him yet?

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