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  • Qwertystop

    All Florrie’s lines are great here.

    • Andy Nguyen


      • Qwertystop

        I said all her /lines/. That one’s curved.

        • Andy Nguyen

          that doesn’t make it any less great

        • ThisCat

          Lines can be curved :)

          • l33tninja

            I think ALL lines are curved…think about that for awhile

        • Phlebas

          Her curves aren’t bad either.

          • Qwertystop

            There’s no need to be lewd, sir-or-madam.

  • kuku

    Yay, more Barbers! And hey, Annie will get to be someone’s big cousin!

    Good to have a look at Geoff too.

    No sign of Florrie’s mysterious husband yet, though….

  • r2d2go

    I keep looking at the family tree as I read these. Someday, I hope to be well-acquainted enough to know the relations by heart XD

  • Is this before or after Nora’s time traveling adventures?

    • Tsapki

      After I think. If I recall, when Nora spoke with Alex, she mentioned having one child. After the Gluttony incident and Alex was returned home, she looked up Nora and found that she did have another child, named after Alex no less.

      • Mujaki

        Maybe, but on the other hand, Florrie is also Auntie to Eddie’s offspring, Annie and June.

        • Lleyn

          Yes, true, and I’ve been wondering as well whether this is before or after the Gluttony chapter. If it is after, I want to see Cassandra! And I think it is after that chapter for sure, because Nora’s experience in the hotel is important for what’s been going on with the deadlies.

          • l33tninja

            I think this is occurring after everything else we’ve seen so far

      • MoeLane

        Just looked it up: you are correct in both regards.

        • Tsapki

          Woo! Vindication!

  • Elliwiny


  • Mah.

    That troll face of Florrie.
    Golden. Best face 2015. 5 stars. A+

  • Sir_Krackalot

    Hail hail, the gang’s all here!

  • Columbine

    Nora looks really pretty and a lot more confident than she was for most of the Gluttony arc. I wonder if we’re going to meet Florrie’s husband as well?

    • Del

      I was reading the comments, looking for this.

      Yes…. That’s no maid. That’s a Barber!

  • Apvogt

    Eeeeeeextremly eeeeeeexcited

    • Euodiachloris

      No poker for Florrie. xD

      • Apvogt

        Blind men could beat her at it.

        • Nonesuch

          So you say now. But if she was really in a game, I think she would surprise you… ;)

  • Apvogt

    My thought on panel 3:
    Hmmmm… Quick, everyone imagine Florrie with a beard like Edmund’s!!!
    Your welcome.
    Good luck getting that image out of your head.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Heeey good do see you, Nora !

    • Mujaki

      To be honest, I almost did not recognize her with her hair down.

      • Darkoneko Hellsing

        I had to double-check with the tags.

  • Phlebas

    That’s a fearsome handshake!

    • And lefty.

      • Phlebas

        I think he’s just shaking the hand Geoff has free – he molested Florrie’s flower with his right.


    Florrie and Eddie and GEOFF AND NORA’S GONNA HAVE A BABY!!!!

    OH GOSH CUTIE-PIES!!!!!!!!

    (Also it’s great to see Nora looking a lot more self-confident and at home!!!)

  • Nonesuch

    I love the way Florrie acts around her family. :D

    And conratulations to Nora and Geoff! ^^

  • BloodPlum

    Oh, Geoff is so cute, Nora’s got great taste.

  • Liz

    Anyone else bothered by the fact that Florrie’s husband is, again, conspicuously absent?

    • l33tninja


      • Nonesuch

        I honestly wonder about the state of that marriage… o_o

        • Liz

          There’s definitely something up – Geoff as well as Cassandra were on the family tree with some description in spite of them not appearing in the comic (until now at least for Geoff), but all we get on Mr. Francis DeMontFort is “???”. Starting to think Florrie’s either made him up, there’s some magic happening to make everyone *think* he exists even when he doesn’t, or Ms. Ashwin doesn’t want to spoil the fact that he’s a giant poo-poo-head/famous/someone we’ve met elsewhere in the comic.

          • Columbine

            The thing is….Florrie doesn’t strike me as unhappy. I think if her marriage was unhappy we’d have got a hint by now-

            Alternative suggestion: this is a pre-Victorian setting, perhaps Mr de Montfort is disabled. It would explain why he was never out with Florrie, both social stigma and travel arrangements would be against him. It would also explain why the meeting was originally at Florrie’s and why he might be arriving late/not at all.

            • Sanjay Merchant

              Although I’d imagine that there’s some spell you could work up to help someone get around. Especially since the Montforts live in/near Widdershins.

              • Apvogt

                I have, for some reason, always had this headcanon that her husband is one of those military noblemen, so he is consistantly off stationed somewhere.

            • Liz

              Maybe she’s only happy because Mr. Mc-Missing is just that: missing from her life. Maybe he’s traveling, and it’s only when he comes back that Florrie starts showing signs she’s unhappy.

              I dunno, I don’t think we can rule anything out. It might even be that she unknowingly married Wrath, who’s off doing nefarious things in preparation for his entrance in the comic. Or maybe it’s Stan Lee, and he’s just waiting for his cameo moment. Or maybe magic transformed him into the purple hippo of happiness by mistake. The only thing that’s certain in my mind is that he’s been gone far too long under too mysterious circumstances to just *happen* to not show up yet.

              • Sessine

                Or… he could not be here yet, only because he is the one who’s bringing the grandparents to this meeting. We’ll have to wait and see.

                If he doesn’t arrive with them, then I agree something is definitely up.

              • CK

                My theory is that he doesn’t actually exist, but someone has done some kind of magic (there are several ways it could work) to make Florrie and everyone else think he exists. Perhaps he’s always “in the other room,” and leaves when any of the real characters leave the place where they would see him leaving for two minutes. Maybe it’s only Florrie who thinks he exists, and the others go along with it because it greatly distresses her to realise that he doesn’t. Maybe someone created a walking illusion that keeps out of the way as much as possible in case the subterfuge is found out.

                In any case, Florrie seems far too happy to be in an unhappy marriage. The soldier-posted-to-far-off-locations is also a good theory Apvogt.

                • Liz

                  Except Florrie has an exceptionally wealthy lifestyle. If hubby doesn’t exist, where’s all her money coming from?

                  • CK

                    That is a very good point! I’d suggest that she hated him and he died, but I can’t see Florrie being that vindictive (or pretending he’s still around). Welp, back to the drawing board!

              • Columbine

                Now that you mention it I really like the Stan lee theory….

        • Ghostdanser

          Perhaps Florrie’s like Mrs. Peel and her husband is adventuring abroad (though not necessarily missing).

    • Sanjay Merchant

      OK, now I’m imagining “My husband who lives in Widdershins” to the tune of “My girlfriend who lives in Canada” from Avenue Q.

  • Sparrow

    Auntie to little Alexander? :’D

  • IronSun254

    The Barbers are such a great family.

  • This page is precious, all around. Many cutes.

    • svartalf

      Heh… You seem to get about a bunch, Pascalle. I’ve seen your handiwork being used by other authors and now this. :D

      There’s many cutes on your strip too…also lots of stuff forged out of pure nightmare fuel. Can’t wait to see where your and Kate’s strips go next.

    • rainycity1

      Lovely to find you here as well <3

  • Sanjay Merchant

    If there is ever a live action adaptation of Widdershins, I nominate Felicia Day to play Florrie.

  • To be fair, it is a magnificent beard; well worthy of respect in its own right.

    My own beard bows to its master in the art of hirsutishness.

  • I don’t get that excitement, but then I’m the sort of woman who has been told straight-up by her own sister that if said sister ever has children I won’t be allowed near them until they “are old enough to fight back” . . . at least by then I’ll be allowed to teach them how to fight!

  • Nightsbridge

    I want to see the tiny wizard!

  • Del

    Serious meta-comment here:

    Wow! I can’t believe how much excitement Kate has infused into several pages of family reunion. In most story-telling, this sort of emotional catharsis is provided during the denouement, as survivors gather after the battle royal.

    However, this is so much more like real life. It feels like a family Christmas, filled with anticipation of more to come.

    • Thanks, I’ve been a little worried that these pages are a bit boring since there’s no guns or running about, glad to hear they’re landing okay.

      • Nonesuch

        They’re fantastic, really! ^^ It’s a real treat to get this glimpse at the life of the Barber family.

      • Ilmari

        Families are fantastic, no way could a family reunion be boring…

        … except, of course, when it’s one’s own. :p

  • Firedog

    This webcomic is by far one of three best i’ve read. Keep up the good work.

  • RA

    Inscrutable, Florrie? Well, it’d be nice to know why we never see her husband.

  • Kristen Thacker

    bet the name will be alexander ;)

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