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  • MoeLane

    Well, at least they’re working the problem.

  • 703 Noemi

    I’m betting that Gluttony can see what’s in food. It knows what it eats. The best of the best.

    • Haven

      It may have been summoned to take the best bakers, but Gluttony itself strikes me as pretty indiscriminate.

      • AJ

        C. S. Lewis described what he called the “gluttony of delicacy” which was basically being the pickiest eater. It made a good deal of sense to me. Gluttony is defined as “greed or excess in eating” and being picky is certainly a form of food-greed.

  • Me-me

    They kinda lucked out with the first few sabotages, didn’t they?

  • Ghostdanser

    Half a plan is better than 12% of a plan.

    • Frankie D.

      Which is better than 6% of a plan,
      Which is better than nooooone..

      • MoeLane

        Any plan can be completed by adding one sentence: “When in doubt, improvise.”

        • Actually, forget the plan and skip straight to the improvising, and then later claim that whatever improbable hijinks you eventually wound up engaging in were your original plan the whole time. It works for Indiana Jones.

          • MoeLane

            Wait, I thought that that was the basic rule of gamemastering.

            • The basic rule of gamemastering is you make a detailed plan, then the PCs make you throw it completely out the window.

  • Brother Nightmare

    Oh, half-plans, I love half-plans, it’s fun half-plan fun time! They always work so nicely after all.

    • das-g

      And if a half-plan only works partially, you can still claim it worked just as planned. :-P

  • Emily

    Ben is doing a lot better this time around – instead of succumbing to the effects of the Deadly, he’s the one with the (half) plan. Go Ben!

    • Hey, everybody has a part to play.

    • non_canon

      Considering how he felt about his part in the last encounter, I would not be surprised at all to learn that he’s thinking of being the “someone” in their current plan.

      • Ocean Burning.

        This is the life of Ben: You are not imaginative enough to come up with a good, convincing plan that anyone is excited about. But if your plan is the only plan there is, you will carry it forward with grim determination.

    • threadweaver

      Perhaps he’s just hungry to prove his worth.


  • Mr Thackerey: “We could disguise someone as one the waiters…”
    Herr Wolfe: “Ah, this seems a little dangerous.”
    Mr Malik: “Why are you all looking at me like that?”

    • Emily

      Having Sid be the one in disguise sounds even more dangerous – as soon as he got nervous, he’d probably break character and start babbling about something!

  • CyberSkull

    Half a plan: probably worse than none.

  • Tsapki

    Oh dear, this reminds me a bit of a starter quest in Runescape where you need to make a disgustingly sickening pie and dress and spice it up enough that your victim can’t tell until they’re too deep in the pie to realize how awful it is. I am fairly sure it included a crayfish soaked in compost, a potato festooned with dirt and animal fur from a burrow, and milled grubs and worms mixed into the flour.

  • Sandra Wade

    Love the detail with the shaking. Trying not to eat the food while having to carry it out of there must be so hard considering he hasn’t been allowed to eat in who knows how long

  • Rulebook Lawyer

    “I said it was a plan…
    I didn’t say it was a good plan.”

  • Norman Perrin

    I have a hunch that Mr. Gula is key to defeating Gluttony.

  • R. A. Meenan

    That is most definitely not Mr. Gula… I don’t know if he ever got a name honestly.

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