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April 15th, 2013

April 15th, 2013 published on 25 Comments on April 15th, 2013

A tip for ladies- If you are interested in a young man, probably don’t shoot his friends and then menace him with robots, it may lead to awkwardness

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  • Nomen

    Ha! Nice job, Volk0v, you called the hair-wrench technique!

    Also, I see Lei is carrying on the long-standing tradition of villains shutting a heroic character just when it’s in the villain’s best interest to hear what they have to say. It’s like she’s got an army of robots and plans to blow up a major landmark or something!
    …oh. Carry on, then. ;)

    • svartalf

      Heh… The hair-wrench was a clear Chekov’s Gun. When I saw it, I knew that was a story element that was going to have some real import in the arc here. Also saw that Vee wasn’t going to be following Lei’s instructions past this part of the arc. Vee strikes me as impulsive, brash, but only really following client instructions- until it was clear there was a *serious* problem with them.

      Now…which Deadly is Lei going to get…now that she’s been warned by Sid and blew him off on the subject?

    • For a second there it almost looked as if she’s unscrewing her own nipple…

  • =Tamar

    If Sid were more duplicitous, he might have played along just to get loose from the robot, but then what would Harry and Vee do? Not that Vee is much less likely than Lei to summon a Deadly…

    • Marie P

      actually, we know that Lei has a little bit of magical ability. Does Vee have any? I don’t think we’ve seen her do anything except ninja gadjets.

      • =Tamar

        We don’t know whether Vee has ever tried magic. Even if she had tried it and failed, right now she’s extremely close to the anchor. Being that close to the anchor, who knows what her subconscious might try? Buggerups happen when a magic user is trying to summon something but is too tired to focus. Unconscious motives are known to cause Freudian slips and similar accidents even for non-magical people. Logically, a strong enough unconscious motive could use an unknown and therefore untrained latent magical talent to summon something if the person is under stress and in a high magical field.

        • Quin

          Sid is not trying to say she doesn’t have the talent. He is trying to warn her that something is being summoned by just their presence and emotions. Its like trying to warn the other person that he is not only stand on a bunch of powder kegs, but they just accidently dropped the match right now.

          • =Tamar

            Sid is warning Lei. Neither of them has considered Vee’s emotions, nor, for that matter, Harry’s. Of course, Lei won’t listen. Warning the villain is usually a failure (though it worked once in an early Dr Who episode).

            • svartalf

              We know not if Harry or Vee have any smidgen of talent. We know there’s TWO mages in there. One desperately trying to clamp down on his emotions because of where he’s at- and another that is stupidly thinking she’s got a handle on things.

              Lei’s summoning something…but what? Envy is a possibility. So’s Pride. I’m leaning towards Pride- too much hubris and arrogance on her part…

          • svartalf

            You didn’t fill out the analogy there. The powder kegs are covered in gasoline…they’re going up as soon as the match hits…

        • svartalf

          I think Lei’s going to be the activator/summoner in what’s clearly a buggerup of titanic proportions…

      • svartalf

        And she’s using one of them in the fifth frame, if you look closely enough.

        I think Lei’s stupidly going to summon a Deadly. She’s exhibiting a lot of hubris right now…any takers on Pride?

  • Nonesuch

    Lei’s logic is kinda… illogical, innit? :-

    • It’s pretty much squish magic > prove machines are better = good times

      • svartalf

        Heh…which is doomed to a spectacular failure. The summon’s going on isn’t it- all that humming and “growling” (rrrrrr….)…can’t be good in the least…

  • Well, shoot. I have been going about dating TOTALLY wrong. I suppose I need to keep the killer robots in the garage, then.

    • But how else are we supposed to catch the boys?

      • Well, since robots are out, I’m assuming snare traps are more appropriate.

        • And those are cheaper to set than to build and maintain robots!

      • svartalf

        Oh, I don’t know… Couldn’t be THAT hard, ladies.

        • It is when they run in terror even before the robots show up . . .

  • svartalf

    Did anyone catch there’s more than one anchor?

  • RazorD9

    Yeah, friend killing and menacing with robots is definitely a line drawing for me when seeking female companionship, that and smokers.

  • Who, Me?

    My money is on Envy. Lei’s line in the fifth panel seems to suggest that. I also think that Pride, being traditionally the most deadly of the seven deadly sins, will be last.

  • Zordran

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