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  • KWill

    That’s quite impressive he got that considering the German word for “loaf” is a homophone of a German word for “body” =P

    • Sessine

      Mal might only know ten or twenty words of German. Perhaps he’s too ignorant to be confused by homophones!

      • Ailinu

        And, considering that he already knows the words for “food,” “eat,” and “loaf,” we can probably safely conclude that of what little German Mal knows, a good bit of it is probably dealing with food and the eating of it.

        • The first three phrases in the local language you MUST learn in any country: “Where is food?” “Where is the bathroom?” and “How much does it cost?”

        • KWill

          Aside from capitalization, there’s actually no difference between “food” and “eating” in German, so he doesn’t even know that many.

  • asdf

    Wolfe, sticking to his morals as always…

  • ShadeTail

    [“We don’t execute people for being hungry!”]

    A surprisingly enlightened view for 1830’s Europe…

    • Welcome to the world of Widdershins.

    • Me-me

      Preface: I upvoted you, because I agree.

      On the other hand, if you feed everyone as much as they need, even just as much as they need, in an environment like this, you can easily execute EVERYONE by … you know … running out.

      It’s hard to discuss, because it seems so cold to consider practicality over what would seem most moral but YOUR systems don’t stop requiring food when OTHERS’ do.

      • perrinrynning

        True enough. Hence the origin of the old saying about the difference between providing for someone and teaching them to provide for themselves. Which, I’m sure, is what Loewe is all about.

    • billydaking

      They’re not royalty. They’re the ones who are hungry, as well.

      • ShadeTail

        That hasn’t stopped the rest of the mob from shouting that he should be hanged…

        • SteelRaven

          Mob mentality is common even today

          • ShadeTail

            That’s not the point. The point is that not going along with hanging a thief would have been rather out of place in the 1830s.

            • rlb

              Not at all. In England or the Virginian recently-ex-Colonies, perhaps, but in continental Europe, we had _laws_. And the law said that for petty theft, you got a good, long term in the pokey, not a short, sharp drop.

              • ShadeTail

                Yeah, because a mob really cares about laws…

  • BillSoo

    So not a lion but a lioness. She even looks rather feline.

    • Just so long as she doesn’t claw the upholstery…

  • JWLM

    Has anybody else noticed how much Mal looks like Komi in the middle panel?

    • It’s the long hair.
      ..also the terror.

  • I suspect that Wolfe’s military career is about to come to an abrupt end.

  • someone

    The wolf and the lion. This is now a furry comic. :p

    • Dee

      And Voss means “fox”…

  • Blakkur

    On a side note: In german there is no word similar to “Sir”. Maybe “Herr” but thats mainly used in a way of Lord or MyLord (today mostly like the english “Mister”) In the german military of today (and afaik also in the past) the full rank is/was used to adress an officer.

    • Fred Stoll

      Also they use all titles and ranks, i.e., Herr Freiherr Doktor Oberst.

  • The Wing

    Honestly, I really missed Mal too. He’s pretty much my favourite character out of everyone so far.

  • Pirate_Prince_Navarion

    I like her already. And I’m happy to see that there were so far no complaints about the historical accuracy of the leader being a woman. :D

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Let’s see, if she dyed her hair dark grey, changed her wardrobe, wore colored contacts, and got plastic surgery…

    Why, it must be Mrs. Fairbairn!

    • ShadeTail

      That’s a new one. Most folks around here insist that new lady characters must be Barbers.

      • Me-me

        Ms. Fairbairn is a long lost barber cousin/aunt though.

  • Mal seems to spend a lot of time with people wanting to hang him.

  • Silver

    They’re forgetting standard procedure for bread thieves, which is obviously an absurd amount of prison time, say 5 years? If he tries to escape we can make it 19.

  • Graham Garrett

    I like loaf! …Poor Mal.

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