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  • fishsicles

    what a tweest!

  • Avalai

    I love how Harry still has her pipe, smoking and everything xD

    • Don’t you know? The pipe earns her extra points!

      • Felix Kütt

        EXP multiplier FTW!!1

  • =Tamar

    My goodness, Vee has been busy. I hadn’t realized she could reach the back of the robot holding Sidney.

    • =Tamar

      Or was that Sidney’s talent manifesting again?

      • JediaKyrol

        nah, if it was Sid, the missing part would have moved without the back panel having to open.

        • =Tamar

          I’m still not sure Vee did that. There’s an un-sourced click in the first panel, when they’re being moved, and another one from behind Sid while his robot is still functional, and we don’t see Vee’s hand move off the arm of her robot (which I suspect she’s just holding in place since she worked on it earlier). Then suddenly there’s a part missing from Sid’s robot, and if that part was all that had to be removed for something to produce a puff of air to blow the door open, it may have been Sid’s talent. Or maybe Lei’s mechanical skills aren’t quite as good as she thinks.

          • JediaKyrol

            huh…missed that…as well as the “clk” in the first panel. Still think the door had to have been opened because the cloak was lifted up over it, and swinging open wouldn’t have done that…

            So that brings us to…Harry did it. …or space hamsters…

            • Kwaj

              Clearly, it was Sid’s prickish magician friend, which I have forgotten his name. Surprise!

  • As Verity calmly continues dismantling the robot.

  • Dawg

    Hey it’s that person, the one who does the stuff!

  • Nomen

    I’d like to see Harry as an old woman. She’d be hilarious, and tough, and SCARY.

  • Me-me

    Silly Lei, you should know you don’t need to verbalise your commands.

  • Nonesuch

    I knew it! XD The key to illusionist tricks is ILLUSION…

  • Now I’m not one to pontificate on the inappropriateness of young women smoking pipes, if only because I don’t want to end up carrying my teeth home in my pocket, but could I respectfully request that Ms Barber refrain from smoking in the vicinity of several barrels full of gunpowder that the madgirl is about to use as part of her evil plan.

    • Felix Kütt

      well, lets hope she has a cover for her pipe a-la:

    • Ilmari

      Well now you mention it, if worst comes to worst, she could take after Jan van Spijk – I believe this is even set in the same decade as his famous (purported) deed…

  • Alex

    Harry! You’re alive! And amazingly unshot!

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