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  • non_canon

    I will be very very sad if they never find a way for Nora to watch this video.

    • any reason they couldn’t take Nora into the Anchor later?

      • non_canon

        I had worried that using it as a conduit would make it unusable, but seeing Kate like your comment gives me hope.

        • Haven

          UNLESS she liked it just to give us false hope.

  • I love her logo.

    • Rulebook Lawyer

      I’m sure the coffee is just as potent….

    • Jeff

      Dangerously similar to Johnny Cupcakes though. Hope she has a good copyright lawyer!

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Don’t y’hate people wh’ talk at th’movies

  • Ah, closure, for us too, so good. Thanks, Kate.

  • Euodiachloris

    Deadly cupcakes what are after your waistline… xD

    • Ghostdanser

      Truth in advertising…my arteries are hardening just looking at the last panel. (in a good way though)

  • Rulebook Lawyer

    Try stepping into the image, it may teleport you the other side…
    Actually, you have to jump head first, kind of like a ‘time-jump.’
    Have faith…

    • Hornet

      Battery dies when you’re half way through…

      • Rulebook Lawyer

        I didn’t notice that the battery indicator has a “?” in it until now…

  • Hm. Old rich guy takes on young attractive female assistant and ends up leaving the business to her…

    • C’mon dude, you’re better than that kind of comment.

      • …and my Kickstarter reward just went right to the back of the queue. Again.
        Even a cynical old Jaeger like me knows a that Ms King got the business through her ability alone.

        • Ocean Burning.

          Duh, Lexy is the best. She got baking skills, she got rescuing-people-from-pocket-dimension skills.

          • Del

            Yup. All that Sturzk & me have are getting-scolded-by-Kate skilz.

            • Ocean Burning.

              That’s what’s known in some parts as foot-in-mouth disease ; )

          • On the other hand, this would explain why Ethan Booth was so hostile to Ms King when she first turned up at Hotel Gula. From his 2032 perspective, it would look as though she built her reputation as a Baking Legend by fluttering her eyebrows at M. Rousseau to first win the baking competition, then get an apprenticeship and finally inherit the business. Of course this was before she defeated Gluttony, freed everyone in the hotel and saved Booth’s marriage.

            • Nightsbridge

              Maybe, but he didn’t react to her name at all. I think it’s just his personality.

            • #092f0a

              He doesn’t seem to recognise Alexa though, and he was hostile towards everyone. It seems to have come from his inner turmoil about returning to his time (afraid to find out whether or not his boyfriend had left -> ) and the fact that everyone else came from less technologically advanced eras (“Another bloody luddite, marvelous.” -> )

            • Ocean Burning.

              I think Ethan was just in a permanently bad mood the whole time he was in the Gula… no other explanation for his behavior needed.

  • Stephen Riggs

    Panel 3: Harry’s expressions are such a delight! :-)

  • pisoprano

    For anyone who (like me) didn’t remember Phillipe

  • Dud

    A relief for Harry, well, everyone.
    A message from the distant future showing everything is OK – So: What you do now must come out right, therefore do whatever you like; it WILL turn out to have been correct.

    • Nonesuch

      Unfortunately, that may not be how it works.
      From Harry’s point of view, Alexa’s future is a potential future.
      Depending on which actions everyone in Harry’s present takes, this world may never end up in Alexa’s future; they’ll wind up going down a different leg of the Trousers of Time. (Thanks again for that one, Sir Terry Pratchett!)

      • Dud

        No. this message gells the future – if time goes down another trouser leg [ pTerry diverted this from illustrations in Stephen Hawking’s ‘Briefs History of Time’ so perhaps it should be a knickerleg?] then
        -this- message will never be sent.
        Because it has been received (causality jolt) we know everything is going to be OK except, perhaps, some minor bruising (cf Douglas Adams’ HHGTG) en route.
        Don’t forget we already know Harry is due to become famous, presumably as a result of this series of events.

  • Sleepygenes

    Woah! That’s a long video!

  • NomNomNom

    Her dye job kind of makes it look like she accidentally dipped it in some green frosting.

    Probably not the best look for someone working in a bakery.

    • Nightsbridge

      I mean, dyed hair looks very different than something that gits tipped in paint or something

    • She’s one of those people who likes to suck the ends of her long hair, and she finds it tastes better if she dips it in the mushy peas first.

    • Nonesuch

      I think she’s stopped dyeing her hair, actually, and it’s growing out. ;)

  • MoeLane

    Dammit, Alexa, you know exactly what’s happening/will happen here, so say it!

    …And say it quickly, so you can then get us up to speed about your brother and your family, plus whether you’re seeing anybody right now. We haven’t seen you in *years*.

    • Shee Soon Theng

      She looks SO good! :D

  • Wyvern

    How does Nora even *have* a phone number?

    • Corsenna

      Nora doesn’t, per se; it seems Alexa never transferred the number to a new phone/reported the phone lost/disabled the SIM card/[whatever else you have to do in Widdershins-verse to deactivate a number]. So she just sent a video message to her old number, looking for closure. Just luck, magic, or Providence that the phone found a way to receive it.

      • Wyvern

        D’oh! I forgot that Jack and Harry had the actual phone with them.

        • John

          Yeah, in the first panel you can see that it’s still in O’Malley’s right hand.

      • Nonesuch

        Remember, Harry and O’Malley are now in the Place Between.
        Want to bet it isn’t just a place between spaces, but also a place in between times?

  • Brother Nightmare

    Cup cake and cross bones, eh? I’m guessing you put that little addition there after you took over the bakery.

  • Ooh, very trendy. But is it still trendy in The Future?

  • Ghostdanser

    Mal: “OI! Who’re you?!”
    Harry: “Don’t think she can hear you.”
    Because shouting louder always works with cellphones (and people who do not speak your language, but that doesn’t really apply here).

    • Nonesuch

      Fawlty Towers rides again…. ;)

  • Kaunisenkeli

    I am loving Alexa’s expression in panel 2.

    • John

      Her expression in panel 4 is almost as cute.

      I am very glad to see how well things have worked out for her.

      • Nonesuch

        So am I. ^_^ She got to do what she loves!
        Rosie would be so proud to see her, too. <3

  • Nonesuch

    I really love Alexa’s smile in that final panel. :D

  • Tikatu

    Hey! There was some question if Alexa was recording her message to Nora at the Gula’s bar. Now we know she wasn’t. (Doesn’t mean she wasn’t in the bar…)

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