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  • Dawg

    Harry you’re so cool!

  • KickFailure

    Not to be too gruesome, but at that range the bullet could penetrate both that thin brass mask and the front of her skull.
    That’d probably kill her and disable the automatons in a single shot.
    I don’t see how Lei thinks she has an advantage, or even a stalemate.

    • Sure, but how likely is Harry to go for lethal damage? Not likely at all, I think, and I’m sure Lei agrees.

    • Maniacsthriftjewels

      The issue there being that probably contains elements of probably not.

    • David Argall

      This assumes a precise shot, and despite the stories you hear, that is quite dubious. Certainly dubious enough for Harry to keep talking and shoot only when all hope is gone..
      Since Harry is unlikely to shoot, much less make a precise hit, there is good reason for Lei to talk too and hope to persuade her to surrender. From what we can see, or have been told, this standoff will likely get interrupted soon, but neither lass can be sure that is bad for her.

      • KickFailure

        Precise shot? She’s close enough that she could actually touch the gun to the mask before she pulls the trigger.

    • SteelRaven

      Keep in mind that it looks like Harry already disabled the clockwork on the last page while it’s back was turned

      • KickFailure

        Of course, but Lei doesn’t appear to know that.

  • Me-me

    But they’re not HER secrets, are they?

    Bam, loopholed.

  • =Tamar

    Lei must not have dated Sid long enough to learn about his ‘disability’ – which is remarkably specific: he doesn’t get people’s pocket lint or their hat, he gets their money and their valuable magic ring. I still think the damage to his robot was from his talent’s having removed the one element necessary to disable it. Notice that Vee has contemptuously flung away the robot arm, yet Lei still thinks she has an advantage.

    • Doofus

      I think she’s too busy being shocked by Harry’s appearence to notice Vee

    • Killersquirrel66

      If Sid’s talent had removed the element, I would have expected the back not to be torn open; every other time he’s taken something, there has been no damage caused to the container. Although Vee might not have been able to reach (and there was quite a lot of monologuing going on, giving her plenty of time) Harry still might have taken that precaution. Either way, Lei’s position is nowhere near as good as she thinks it is. Whether Harry knows that is another matter… We might end up with a stand-off until either Vee or Sid (whoever knows about the robot’s condition) does something.

      • =Tamar

        Good point, that Harry might have crawled some distance behind that handy low wall.

  • Mujaki

    “A good magician never reveals how a trick is done.
    An EVIL magician never leaves any evidence that there WAS a trick in the FIRST PLACE!”

  • Alex

    With the last page seeming to indicate that Sid knows something’s been done to the automaton holding him and him directing his gaze upward in this page, I think something nasty is about to occur. Also, I think Harry did something to the automaton while everyone thought she was dead, and by everyone I mean Sid and Lei.

  • Marnath

    This is all very clever, but I have to question if Harriet was so sure Lei was the villain why didn’t she just stop her instead of giving her the trick gun? Is it because she did not expect the man to be an automaton, and therefore assumed she would need to figure out a way to neutralize both enemies at once?

  • Ummm … good explanation.

    Almost certainly wouldn’t work, but…

    • The bullet catch explanation? It’s one that was used! Harry’s other guesses earlier were proper methods too. It’s all risky and hell and not well-advised- About a dozen people have died doing that particular trick..

      Of course nowadays you just have a fake gun that goes bang. A shame, really to take the daring out of it.

      Edit: I Guess it’s worth pointing out that the real Chung Ling Soo didn’t use that method- He had a gun rigged up with a secret barrel where the charge would go off, not expelling the bullet from the actual barrel, I believe.. But uh, that didn’t work out so well for him, what with the.. dying, and all.

      • Okay. The magnet method allows for altogether too much possibility.

        There was a magician who used something similar; he used a ramrod with a hollow tip that grabbed the bullet out.

        The tip broke off.

        The audience member who fired the gun was a lousy shot, and missed him.

        With the bullet.

        I forget whether the wand tip actually killed him, but it was Unfortunate.


        I see problems with the magnet method (though if you say it was used, i’ll accept that) :

        First, the bullet would have to be undersized, because if it were the same caliber as the gun, i’d be worried about the magnet not getting enough of a grip to pull it out.

        Second, if i were the volunteer from the audience, i’d be watching the loading of the pistol rather carefully and might see the bullet (unless the magnetic ramrod was the hollow-tip one as well, come to think.)

        A third might be that most versions of the bullet-catch i’ve read about had the audience volunteer mark the bullet before the loading. Of course, a sleight-of-hand expert wouldn’t have too much trouble swapping the marked lead bullet for the iron one.

        • Oh yeah, there’s problems with every method, hence why it’s so deadly. Hell, one guy died because an audience member stood up drunkenly and shot at him with his own gun, thinking the magician would be able to catch the bullet, so you can’t exactly cover all angles!

          It’s a risky one, but getting shot at is pretty much always risky!

          Oh, and its the magician’s job to make sure you’re not looking too closely at the loading :)

          • Yeah – but i’m on to them; i was the only one of a group who saw David Copperfield live a few years ago who spotted that all of his stage sets had forced perspective and that the window in the camera box was off center…

            • Haha, crafty! I guess that goes to show what different people get out of magic shows- some people like the spectacle, others like spotting the trick. I’m in the latter half too :)

  • I love the look on Sid’s face in panel 3. “Oh boy, here comes the battle of the mammoth egos.”

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