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  • Doofus

    While english is not my native tongue, I’m pretty sure is “maybe you can disconnect”

    anyway, the plot thickens… i dont think harry is giving her a loaded gun

    • Gillsing

      Maybe it’s the trick gun?

      • steelraven

        It’s not the gun, remember? ;)

      • Doofus

        My guess is she only put gunpowder in… or she figured out the trick

        • Dee

          No, there’s at least one bullet–4th panel, the little pellet thing Harry’s holding. I’m pretty sure that’s a bullet or shot or whatever that kind of gun takes (not a gun expert by any stretch of the imagination).

          • Yep, that’s a bullet all right!

      • Cooper

        I think that Lei would recognise a trick gun that she made herself.

          • Gillsing

            Ahh, OK. I hadn’t seen it in a few months.

            • Understandable! I suspect this part may be best read in one sitting, like in a book. Such is the curse of the page-by-page update!

              • Me-me

                City of Reality, the once and future webcomic, did a thing where instead of updating once every X days, updated with entire chapters every half-month. I’ve always wanted to see that tried elsewhere.

                • It’s a nice idea for readability, but if you rely on page views for ad revenue, it doesn’t really work, I’m afraid :(

    • “Maybe can you” while odd is perfectly good English – If it said “Perhaps you can…” (which has pretty much the same meaning and grammar) would that sound better?

      • Doofus

        I’m used to see “can you” as a question instead. This weird grammar stuff gets to me… I’ll believe you

        • Ysprecht

          Don’t believe him. :P “Maybe can you” is neither correct nor generally accepted. It’s probably a dialect thing.

          • It’s a tyyyypooo! Fixing it now!

            • Me-me

              At least you know you have fans willing to defend you :D

              • It was highly appreciated!

          • bleah.

      • =Tamar

        “Perhaps you could” would sound better. The “maybe can you” construction is colloquial but I don’t believe an English teacher would say it is perfectly good in all situations. On the other hand, if it had different punctuation it would work: “Lei… Maybe… Can you disconnect the barrels?”

        • It’s a typo! Will fix it later.

  • Dawg

    I don’t trust Lei…

  • I woooouuulllldn’t…

  • Antifinity

    Very smart Harry…

  • Istas

    I can’t help but think this:
    They are standing right on top of the magic anchor of Widdershins which has clearly been established as a very strong magic amplifier.
    Sid has hard to control kleptomagic to already steals unstealable objects while he is not even on the anchor i.e. the Thief King Mark.
    Two facts we all know very well. I’m looking forward to this combination.

    • spas

      it would hardly fit in his pocket, though. perhaps this will still work out to the good guys’ advantage. sid, quick, steal the mask!

  • Nonesuch

    Yyyyeahhh… It’s a shame, but I think Lei’s status as criminal mastermind has now been confirmed. :- A crying shame.

  • Taijutsu

    The “Ferguson: Bath, Kitchen, and Lighting Gallery” ad is extending vertically straight through the comic. Just letting you know :)

    • Thanks for the info! Emailing one of my ad networks about it now!

  • SoItBegins

    At this point, I think I can predict the logical shape of the story:

    1. Lin reveals herself as mastermind, and uses the gun to fire into the barrels.
    2. Harry gave her the prop gun from the stage. EDIT: Wait, it’s not it? Then it’s unloaded then.
    3. Hilarity ensues.

  • Alex

    She handed the gun upside down, huh? Suddenly I don’t think there’s a bullet in there. Or else Harry put something in there to make it not fire.

    • A muzzle-loading gun with a rifled barrel (or one loaded with a patch behind the ball) will retain the ball even if held muzzle down.

  • SleepingDragon

    I’ll add to the pile of comments here by following the common sentiment: “May I borrow your gun?” Really? Not suspicious at all and I do hope Harry did some trick of her own with the gun because if she falls for this I’ll be sorely disappointed.

  • She’s afraid of the bugs? She made the bugs! If I was making them, I’d install some sort of fail-safe so they couldn’t hurt me regardless of who is using the control mask.

  • Shelby

    Sid, for once, is done with Harry, instead of vice versa.

  • l33tninja

    lol Harry

  • Sarah Schweitzer

    NOO!! Harry, what are you doing?!

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