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  • Sir_Krackalot

    Buddy cop time, guys!

  • Sir_Guestalot

    He is a violinist and a proficient bruiser! He is a seer of aurae and a cheating gambler!
    Togeter, they fight The Malform Crisis!

    • Clay Sweetser

      Who you gonna call? The malform busters!

  • Eeee glasses! –Heh, Benjamin seems very industrious about tidying for being in a room with broken windows. ^.^ I wonder what the certificates are for..!

  • Nonesuch

    ‘Fairbairn’? o_o … :) Miss ‘Pretty Baby’? Hee hee!

    • KomiIsDrawing

      Miss WWII British Commando Knife, actually!

      • Apvogt

        Have you ever heard of Jack Churchill? For those who haven’t he was a member of the British Commandos who always took his basket hilt Scottish broadsword and longbow into battle. Before he joined the Commandos, and before Dunkirk, he became the only British soldier to get a confirmed kill on a German soldier with a longbow.

  • LongLiveHumour

    The malform crisis again. What IS the malform crisis?

  • Steelraven

    Hmmm, lets see; Scary boss, glasses, meek, this guy kinda reminds me of this drow I know ;)

    • Deviljho

      Except less dark, and without killer daggers/short swords.

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