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  • Frances Ahlborn

    Love the faces in the last panel–

    Nicola: so this is a thing.
    Harry: oh, you noticed that too?
    Edward: what even
    Nora: OH CRAP

    • Darkoneko Hellsing

      Nora’s really not having good memories of that~

      • Euodiachloris

        Also, I don’t think she’s given much more thought to it since it was “over” and then proceeded to lock the whole thing into the “weird shenanigans I don’t want to publicly discuss” box. Except… it’s not over. And, she’s going to have to cop to it. :/

        • ChaosControl

          cop with it? :P

          • Valerie Kaplan

            No, cop to it: admit it. Not to be confused with cope with it, although she will also need to do that.

    • schwal

      Harry’s pipe: ?

      • 703 Noemi

        Eddie’s beard: …

  • ayline

    They’re not going to wait for Granddad Barbar? Aww, I was hoping we were going to meet the grandparents soon.

    • Nightsbridge

      Grandmother isn’t coming. Dunno about granddad.

      • Sessine

        It’s “mother” who isn’t coming. Sid was promised he’d get to meet the grandparents! He’d be terribly let down if those two didn’t show up.

        Not to worry, though. This chapter is their story. Henry and Isabelle will walk in the door when all the family introductions and character-defining cameos are done and the stage has been properly set. There are also some other key guests who aren’t here yet: I would think Wolfe, at least, is essential.

  • McRocky71

    Kate, I just noticed that the tags credit Heinrich Wolfe but not Harriet Barber as being in this scene. And yeah, Eddie, you’ve got a lot of off-screen catching up to do.

    • Mujaki



    • Oops! Changed it, thanks. He’s right next to Harry in the tags so it was easy to misclick!

    • Phlebas

      Heinrich Wolfe, Master of Disguise!

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Now, i’m wondering which Sidney wanted to try, being a waiter (and stealing the spoons ?) or being a cook (and stealing the ingredients :D)

    Also Edmund you’d look awesome with an accoustic guitar, on the middle panel~

    • rlb

      Or a drum kit – he looks like Mick Fleetwood!

  • Del

    Y’know…. Harry and Nicky could have hashed a bit of this out during the carriage ride.

    If I understand the story correctly, Anger was sent back to its home plane — not released as a malform. This means that Anger and Lust are still trying to join their brothers in Widdershins, and they mean to accomplish something that requires a Barber kid.

    • JWLM

      In front of Harry’s “assistant”? You don’t hash out family dirty laundry in front of the help. (Or, in Sidney’s case, the helpless.)

    • McRocky71

      Yes, Anger was sent back but he’s the last one yet to be released, as shown by Envy’s taunt to Florrie.

      This current chapter is about the Barber grandparents encounter with a cursed necklace and the spirit connected to that necklace has to be Luxuria or Lust.

      • Del

        Brilliant deduction! Thank you. Looking back, I see that the Duke of Kent was convicted of magical “beguiling.”

        So, I keep wondering about the rude flower vendor at the top of the story. Could he be the one who is possessed by Lust? And desiring to beguile that Barber girl before his eyes? Miffed at the young man buying flowers for her?


  • rainycity1

    Ya think, Nicole? (snort)

  • awhorl

    Ok so now I’m starting to wonder about the identity of the mysterious wealthy absent de Montfort who married into this family. Whose wife rackets around so much without him. Have we seen his face before, a couple centuries ago? Cuz by now we usually have met the main players.

  • JWLM

    Where did Florrie go in the last panel? Should she still be between Nicola and Harry?

    • Frances Ahlborn

      Probably lounging back in the chair wallowing in the glee of having a sibling reunion.

      • Del

        Alas…. We see Florrie about to sit down in panel 3.

        And we see Florrie’s face next to Nicky in panel 4.

        So we should see Florrie’s legs between Nicky’s and Harry in panel 5.

        Except that Harriet is sitting on the couch’s ARM! So perhaps little Florrie sank all the way back into couch, entirely eclipsed by Nicky’s formidable frame!

        You thought really hard about this one, didn’t you Kate. You even remembered Nora’s wedding ring.

        So where is Florrie’s ring? Oh, wait… She’s wearing gloves. Dang!

    • Behind the black

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Poor Edmund is so out of the loop, not having been involved in the previous adventures.

    • Somebody

      Peh, who needs MEN to go adventuring. Everybody knows a man’s place is with the children.

      • rlb

        Children… pah… [i]my[/i] place is in the kitchen! Fried sole, onion marmalade, and hand-made potato croquettes today… and very edible, if I say so myself.

  • Somebody

    Surprisingly expressive seating arrangement.

  • Oh, I am totally gonna repeat that last line out of context

  • Oh, yeah. Definitely a “What? It wasn’t a one-off?” expression in the background, there…

  • Tsapki

    Small grammar mistake in panel three. “I’d missed this!” I believe it should be “I’ve missed this!”

    Hehe, and yes I can imagine Eddie is wondering what the heck is going on.

    Harry: “Greed tried to steal Sid and my lives ’cause we took some trinket from him, then a crazy Asian girl summoned Pride and fused it with robots”

    Nicola: “Margery Fairbairn summoned Sloth and was trying to make magic illegal”

    Florrie: “Envy took over a large German man and tried to free Wrath”

    Eddie: “Huh, well at least that is just fi-”

    Nora “Gluttony pulled my place of work into a timeless void”

    Eddie: “Oh come on! You four are going to leave me with Lust? I’m married you know!”

    • bats_eye

      ‘I had missed this’, works as much as ‘I have missed this’ surely? I’d use I had, myself. As you can’t be currently missing something that’s actually happeneing.

    • “I’d missed this” works fine! Not sure if it’s colloquial or not, but it’s definitely right.

      • Del

        She says so herself, and she should know.

      • Hans Rancke

        English is only my second language, so I acknowledge that I could be wrong, but to me it conveys the meaning that some time in the past she missed it, but in the present this was no longer the case. She had missed it but no longer did at the time (just prior to) when the gathering occurred.

        • While technically true, that isn’t a way people tend to think when saying things out loud, especially someone like Florrie, who’d never let technicalities get in the way of expression! Again, possibly it’s a northern England colloquialism, but it’s certainly how I’d say it out loud!

    • Lust will be interesting.

  • Mistwraith

    Sidney being a waiter – handed a silver platter with plates on it, by the time the swing doors close hes holding plates, no platter to be seen !

    • Carouselkie

      Wonder how he’d fit that under his hat :P

  • ShadeTail

    Florrie disappeared in the final panel.

  • Sid the Magician wants to try something? I can only think of one thing which should end with.. “The Flowers Are Still Standing!”
    … hide the fine porcelain Cathy!

  • Ooh, I’m thinking Nora hasn’t told anyone about her adventure yet…

    • Del

      I wonder if she brought the cell phone?

  • Kactus

    They’re starting the discussion without Catherine! She was pretty clear about wanting to know what is going on. Is Eddie going to have to fill her in later?

  • Del

    There’s a whole lot going on in this cozy picture.

    I’m in love with Harriet: losing her jacket, balancing her ashtray, and tapping her pipe…..

    You really know pipe smokers, Kate! Did your grandpa smoke a pipe, or something? Are you a pipe smoker?

    • No, I’m not, and I don’t think I know any smokers either! I know both of my granddads smoked but neither lived long enough to meet me, unfortunately. I’m mostly just guessing and inferring from how people tend to move their hands, glad to know I’m guessing well enough!

  • Odo

    dun dun duuuuuunnnh!

  • John

    Nora looks like she wishes she was completely lost.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    It has nothing to do with this update, but I just had a really weird thought:

    Given that this is a universe that is similar to ours, but in which magic is a real, verifiable thing, one of my favorite lines from Topsy Turvy might instead go like this:

    “If you wish to write a grand opera about a magic lozenge, I suggest you contact Mr. Ibsen in Oslo. I’m certain he can furnish you with something suitably dull.”

  • CorvusCornix

    Hey, nobody seems to have noticed the ABC cookbook in the third panel!

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Wait, that book! The one by Harry’s feet in the middle panel! That can’t be the ABC’s of Home Bakery, can it? I thought the broken cell phone was the only object from the future that was brought back….

    Probably just a primer for the kids and I’m reading way too much into it. :-P

  • Sarah W

    Panel 2 – hm, if Sidney and . . . ohdangitwhatshisname Nora’s husband . . . start a conversation we might have a chance of passing the reverse Bechdel test! :D

    (INCIDENTALLY: If people see how I’ve spewed so many comments in the last 2/3 days that I must have been reading this comic all day . . . you’re right. I’m a 17-year-old homeschool student and my family’s taking a lot of time off school for Christmas, I don’t know if normal schools are still on holiday or not.)

    • 703 Noemi

      Hey! I’m homeschooled too!

  • Sarah W

    The question mark in Harry’s pipe-smoke!

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