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  • fairportfan

    Wonderful.  A scruffy wise-arse*, a fiddling bruiser and an obsessive-compulsive wizard.


    *Which reminds me of PTerry Pratchett’s definition:

    “WIZARD (n): From the Old Tongue, “wize-arse”, one who knows.

    • Ilmari

      Close enough to the true origin of “wizard”, indeed.

  • Marvelous TK

    Ben has a hard job, finding the invisible. Then he gains a coworker who can see them… and his life gets that much harder. Go figure.

    • Lord_kobel

       Well, if you say you spent the day getting rid of invisible things, who is going to call you a liar?

  • Sir_Krackalot

    Unsummon the summonable, See the invisible. Rows, rows, fight each other.

    • HUNRonin

      You sir, deserve a medal :D!

  • Gillsing

    Well, I just decided: I like these characters more than the previous couple. They’re just that much funnier. :-)

    • svartalf

      My take’s that they’re as funny…just different kind of funny. 

      Something tells me they’re going to bump into each other from time to time.

  • SoItBegins

    Well. Spot ‘buggerups’ and desummon them. What could be simpler? ^^

  • Ahh, im so glad I found this comic again! These pages are making me very happy on a grumpy lunch hour, thank you!

  • TurningLeaves

    Oh my gosh, Benjamin reminds me so much of Esra from the Runewriters webcomic. :o A bit stuck-up, formal, OCD, is in a disagreement with the boss… Now that is weird.

  • Sarah W

    “This is the reason we were allowed out of jail, you see!”

    And Fairbairn rolls her eyes! Nice to know *someone’s* noticed the complete lack of tact anywhere in this room (no offense meant to my hero Wolfe). I’m starting to somewhat-maybe-almost *like* Councilwoman Fairbairn on this re-read, since I started imagining her as a could-have-been Vetinari. :D

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