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April 25th, 2013

April 25th, 2013 published on 40 Comments on April 25th, 2013

Sorry for the wait on this one, guys! Spent all of yesterday arguing with my tablet.

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  • OlmStranger

    I’m wondering… if they will be able to deal with this bird construct-summon by making it explode in the air like a fireworks finale, leaving the public non the wiser during the royal visit.

    • KickFailure

      I was thinking the same thing. Pride + Gunpowder has GOT to equal fireworks.

      • Me-me

        What if Pride peacocks and throws the barrels away just as they explode, creating fireworks that frame its glorious visage?

    • I had similar thoughts as well. They ought to at least try to blow up Pride with those barrels it is conveniently wearing . . .

      • SoItBegins

        You seem Prejudiced towards the barrels on Pride.


        • I just think they’d explode rather nicely . . .

          And if that was intentionally a Pride and Prejudice reference, I found that book incredibly dull . . . even the version with zombies.

    • ShadeTail

      Considering that the other two are still on the loose, I can’t imagine this one will get unsummoned either. Though that would be a fairly spectacular exit.

  • Axxen

    Just a thought……but I think that’s Pride…..figures it would be a peacock

  • Sulzala


    • Hornet

      – this sucks.

      • Averant

        Sid: Aaaand we’re screwed.

  • Maybe he’s friendly! ^_^

    • 703 Noemi

      so now all of a sudden it’s a he.


      • tinwatchman

        It’s male peacocks who have the plumage.

        • 703 Noemi

          “so, what did you learn today”

  • Killersquirrel66

    Got to love how it’s posing for its audience, using the barrels as jewellery. Pride *would* have to be a lime-lighter. :-D

  • Uh oh, it took the mask too. So much for controlling any of that mess Lei. ^_^;

  • I like Sid’s gift for understatement.

  • Yomar

    Classically pride is the most dangerous sin. I wonder if that’s the case here. After all, why should Pride bother to truck with inferior mortals? It might just exterminate them.

    • svartalf

      It has to have something to feed on…much like Sloth and Greed needed something…

  • Sgt. Howard

    so… Lei gives us…the bird?

  • Sparky

    …There’s a Hotel Gluttony?

  • Cooper

    Huh, so what exactly is underneath Pride in the pit?

  • I wonder if you can blow up a spirit?

  • AsimvSideburns

    It’s a peacock. Of course.

    • SoItBegins

      Of course.

      • Lleyn

        With gunpowder barrels as eyes in its plumage. That is going to be one explosive display once it fans its tail.

  • Miles to Code

    As long as you win the arguments, that’s what counts =)

  • Felix Kütt

    yey! turkey for everyone tonight!

  • I’M IN LOVE WITH THE PEACOCK. Which, of course, is exactly what any peacock wants. Attention! I hope we get to see its tailfeathers in full array/display.

  • So, who won the Argument? You or the tablet? Remember, never show fear, never show pain.

    • It’s an ongoing battle. It insists on drawing very tiny lines where very tiny lines should not be!

  • Bubbling Mud Heads

    Pride goeth before the.. peacock?

  • SoItBegins

    OK, I apologize in advance for this…

    “I wanna see your peacock-cock-cock! Your peacock-cock!”

  • Marduk

    It looks way too proud

  • ire dander

    Nice move ex lax. Seriously you try to destroy something without learning about it at all.

  • The Wing

    This is bad timing and all, since this is actually supposed to be a dun dun DUUUUUUUN scene, but… THAT BIRD IS PREETTYYY.

  • Amy

    I spy a Hotel Gula poster in the background there!

  • Ruby


  • 703 Noemi


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