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  • Sharkie

    That twist made me scream in terror!
    So spooky!

  • Basil Sage

    But srsly, I’m guessing that O’Malley will start seeing spirits following the injury.
    Given that seeing them enabled him to make money by cheating in cards, he probably wouldn’t be stealing bread if he could see them.

    • brushtail

      I’d bet he already can see them. Skill at cards only helps if there is a card game. I doubt that there’d be one in a war zone and if there is he’s not going to be welcome to join in. It’s been shown that he barely speaks the language.

    • Yes, it severed his spine in exactly the right place to remove his spirit-filter without causing any lasting neurological damage whatsoever

    • Ailinu

      I think he’s had it since birth, simply because of the comments from the beginning(-ish) of Chapter Two, where we had it confirmed that although he sees red hair on Harry’s spirit, he doesn’t know it’s red because he doesn’t know what red looks like. Although in theory the color blindness and the spirit-seeing could go separately, I suppose I’ve just thought of them as a sort of package deal.

      • Basil Sage

        Harry’s spirit also has blue skin, and there are other odd-colored spirits in Chapter 2. I don’t think he can conclude her hair color from that of her spirit.

        • Ailinu

          True, although the point I was trying to make there wasn’t that Jack knew if Harry’s hair was red, it was that he had no idea what red even was, therefore he must have been colorblind since birth. After all, if he had not, he would know what red was and know that people don’t generally have blue skin. I was simply wondering whether there was a link between this colorblindness and being able to see spirits.

          • Basil Sage

            Oh, I think there’s a link, whether it’s from birth or otherwise. I just don’t think what he said about Harry supports either side: – Even if he doesn’t know how red looks like, he can know that red is a color and that Wolfe has a thing for women with red hair, and thus guess that Harry has red hair without basing in on how her spirit looks like
            – If he became colorblind as an adult, he can know what red is and still not be able to identify it, because he just doesn’t see it.

            • Ailinu

              However, as a sort of counter for your second point there, one might point out that it was confirmed by the author in the comments that Mal does not know what red looks like, only that it’s a color. This not-knowing of what red looks like at all (even in spirits, which he sees in color) would then lead one to argue that he has been colorblind since birth.

              • Basil Sage

                Well, if the Voice Of God says it, I believe it and that settles it. Either way, I expect that next week we’ll see O’Malley’s reaction to either: 1. His new “gift” of seeing spirits, or 2. The rather unique sight of Wolfe’s spirit.
                Should be hilarious.

    • David Argall

      I wouldn’t bet heavy on the idea, but it has at least some plausibility. O’Malley is so near death that he effectively becomes a spirit, and gets to see other spirits at the same time. & for some reason, when his life is saved, he retains the ability. It could work, but our guesses have something like a 10% rate of accuracy around here.

  • Dragon

    I think the seeing spirits thing might be a condition that started at birth, or when he turned a certain age, but that’s just my opinion.

  • RazorD9

    Oh my god. He was a ghost this whole time!? That explains so much now. Not sure what, but it sure explains a lot.

    Thus ends Wolfe’s extraordinary military career and soon he’ll be picking up the hobo career plan.

  • Jess

    Did anyone else read “spooOOooky twist” like those old Cookie Crisp commercials?

  • Nin Brannon

    Wolfe is really the nicest person in this comic. And one of the most competent and brave! That’s a rare combination nowadays.

  • Sessine

    I am guessing that Loewe may not have to run away: she seems like the type of leader who’d have a safe hiding spot nearby.

    If Wolfe is still around when the soldiers get back, he’s in deep, probably lethal, trouble. He seems to be a good person, and… mmn, he does have a really nice, sunny, self-deprecating smile. (Also — hey, if she can enlist him to her cause, an ex-soldier could be a big asset.) Wolfe won’t leave that unconscious Englishman, so she rolls her eyes and tells him to bring him along.

  • Volkai

    I’m a little embarrassed to say I didn’t recognize these guys as recurring characters before this page.


    • Quite understandable, they haven’t shown up for going on two years now!

  • Basil Sage

    Apropos to nothing, Kate, apart from enjoying your comic, I discovered at least three other good ones through your links and comment section. So, thanks for that as well is what I’m trying to say, I guess.

    • Sweet! Always happy to spread the good word about awesome comics :D

  • Solio

    And then we all discovered that the author comment was actually a spoiler.

  • The Wing

    Not complaining, but WOW that hand gesture in the last panel looks painful. It’s like that thing that happened to Harry Potter’s arm when Lockhart de-boned it.