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April 26th, 2016

April 26th, 2016 published on 35 Comments on April 26th, 2016

Less characters to draw, hooray!

I was a guest on the Awesome Comics Podcast this week, give it a listen! We talked webcomics and eggs and bingo.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing


  • Destry Soule

    Wait Harry wouldn’t leave behind Gren!

    • Liz

      Clearly a doppelganger. Evasive action!

  • ellen_11001

    Am I misremembering something? I thought Harry was staying behind to look after the family?

  • Dane 72

    She forgot her sandwiches

    • Kip

      Sid had to get them, that’s why he isn’t in the carriage yet

      • Tsapki

        Knowing Sid, he could grab the sandwiches from inside the carriage.

      • Dane 72

        You’re right! She forgot Sid too

  • fyrehair

    The hamper full of sammiches will save the day. Or at least be central to the plot. This is my prediction.

    • warun

      Something’s got to distract Gluttony at an opportune moment.

      • AJ

        “Go get it, boy! Go get the sammich!”

        Only doesn’t he “eat” the emotion of gluttony, like Sloth “ate” sleep?

        “Quick, stuff these sammiches into your mouth!” “What? Wh-mmf? Mmm mmfm m-mmm?”

        • Tsapki

          True, they feed off the emotion, but as you mentioned the fact is Gluttony is based on food, so the sandwiches could be used in some way, much like how they used their last three coins as payment to Greed to renegotiate the deal.

        • warun

          Eh, the spirits act out their emotion as much as they seek it out. Think of Pride seeking attention rather than just latching on to Victoria back during the parade, or Sloth being really lazy. A freed Gluttony would probably seek to consume just as much as it would encourage consumption in others.

    • yup

  • frothbert

    Have fun stormin’ the castle!

    • Chris the Blue


      Do you think it’ll woy-k?

      • PenguinFruit

        It’d take a miracle.


  • JWLM

    “I need him back now.” Perfect.

  • Tyler Shelton

    “Let the flower I clutch near to my breast symbolize my undying love for you, no less potent for all that it remains unspoken….Sidney…”

    • Ssshh. The shippers have no standards. Don’t let them find out or there may be a war.

  • MarriStenberg

    Harry, promises like that never turn out well. Wonder if Nicola’s getting the same one forced out of her in panel three?

  • Burke

    Love Gren in the second panel. So dog.

  • Ah, yes. Detaching the small ones who do not want to let you go.

  • Imp

    Wait, where’s the shoutbox?

    • well hello

      • Imp

        Heh. Wasn’t sure you’d remember.

        I saw CS had a post from 2015. That’s almost alive, right?

        • It *has* been ages! And yeah, forums seem to be a dead thing now, but I think we’ll manage!

          • Imp

            I don’t suppose there’s anyone from back in the day still around?

            • Yeah, a few I think! Many of the other comic folks are still making things, not sure about any other users in particular.

      • Imp

        And yes, hi!

        God it’s been ages.

  • JWLM

    I love the difference between Harry’s response to Florrie’s glomph in panel three “Um. Yeah. What’s this and why are you grabbing me?” and Nicola’s response in panel four. “Oh. I love you too. Now thank you.”

  • Ilmari

    Ha, I can see the blushing on June’s face even from a distance. For all that they’re a pain in the neck, teenagers (maybe just girls?) can sure be adorable.