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  • Sir_Krackalot

     It’s saved you from a hanging and given you a job and new clothes?

    • ShakeJake

      But the country was the one doing the hanging, and really only because it was cheaper than making more prisons.

      • Deviljho

        Don’t tell that to Nicola Barber

      • Ilmari

        Added to which, a “Jack O’Malley” is likely to be an Irishman. Whilst I doubt he’s politically inclined, few Irish ever felt a love or loyalty for their imperial rulers (at least in this era).

  • Marvelous TK

    I didn’t need to be told that Ben there is a classy fellow!

    So, third class. … Third class is like… flying coach, or on a public car in a train, yes? So in wizarding terms, does that put Ben on basically the bottom rung of all things wizardly? Though I guess you could guess that from his accommodations, too.

    • KomiIsDrawing

      It’s lowest next to a simple pass. Without honours, too. Dear oh dear.

    • Sauronbane

      Still above Sydney though, isn’t he? I mean, Syd didn’t even get a degree, right? Not that that’s sayin’ much. He’s just horribly cursed is all ;)

      • KomiIsDrawing

        It’s true, Sid only did three years of a five year degree, so Ben is way ahead of him!

        • svartalf

           Indeed.  However, Sid DID manage do do well enough on his first adventure.  :-D

  • Nice touch with the dropped whatchamacallit. :) You stage your characters well, Kate, they’re actually moving and doing things while they talk so that we get more than just talking. Keeps the scene plenty engaging.

    • SoItBegins

       It’s a dropped ink bottle. Mr. “Duff-Degree” is NOT going to like this.

      • svartalf

         No, he’s very clearly not going to like it.

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