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  • Andy Nguyen

    Now, now, Vee, no one likes a tattletale…

    • Heh heh, glad someone caught that.

      • =Tamar

        Nice try, Vee.

      • svartalf

        Yeah, have to concur with Andy and Tamar there…

        Heh… One wonders if Lei’s having a Venkman moment or if it’s just dawning on how badly she’s screwed things up right now…

    • Bobismeisbob

      Oh wow I completely missed that. Nice detail :D

      • Timni16

        Same here! And I also agree that it was a nice touch, and in fact seems very predictable of Vee.

  • What a perfect representation of Pride… Heh

  • Ooops.

  • Me-me

    Tell it it won’t get a proper entrance if it goes right now! It is better to be center stage after a wait than to share the spotlight with human royalty!

    • Me-me

      Oh snap, tell it it’ll be invisible if it leaves the anchor! That’s a thing, right?

      • It’s not a Buggerup, it’d be visible. Could still bluff, of course!

        • Me-me

          It’s not? Only buggerups are invisible? It wouldn’t know these facts?

          I hate when answers create more questions than they’ve answered D:

          • Generally, if someone that isn’t Mal is talking to a magic thing, then everyone can see it.

  • =Tamar

    Tell it those barrels of gunpowder muss its feathers.

    • Thomas

      Tell it that no-one is capable of flying into the sun

  • Kwaj

    Exploding Robo-Bird is best pony.

  • Somebody

    He seems rather more like vanity than pride, to me…

    • Oblivion

      Vanity, or Vainglory, is part of Pride in the Seven Deadly Sins.

    • svartalf

      Vanity STEMS from Pride.

  • Dawg

    So much beauty! How can it be encased in only 5 panels?

  • Cooper

    Quick Sid, use more adjectives! It’s the only way to keep it’s attention!

  • Duke of URL

    Love the style of Pride’s speech

  • Tatzel

    It’s a giant pink peacock… with explosives in its tail feathers. Ohhh yea, this’ll end well.

    • Marnath

      I’m actually not sure about it being a peacock. It appears to be a quadruped if those are a set of hind legs there in panel 1.

      • I vote feathery, peacock quadruped. EVERYONE WINS! More legs for us to worship!

        • Hornet

          can I have mine in a herb roast???

        • ShakeJake


      • ShakeJake


  • The Wing

    I feel a little bit sorry for it. *slaps self*

  • Incomprehensible

    Harry: Whaaat
    Sid: Well this is awkward
    Lei: AW NO MY PLAN
    Verity: It was Lei.

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