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  • InquisitiveCoder

    Nora looks like she could seriously use a hug.

    • Mah.

      No hugs for you though! She’s mine! (Well, not mine, somebody else, but you know what I mean.)

    • Apvogt

      Quick, go get a puppy from the barn.

      • Just apply a puppy to the problem.

        • … and now we have a sure recipe for World Peace! :D

        • Nonesuch

          That’s adorable. ^^

        • awhorl

          We actually call that a puppy compress. Important medical tool.

          • Jonathan Trouba

            Medic: We’re losing him! Get a PC!
            Medic2: Clear!
            Medic: Ok, we’re in the clear. He’s stabilized.
            Bystander: Is… Is that a puppy? How does that even work?
            Medic: We don’t really know. All we know is that it does…

        • Jordan Hiller

          OK, that’s just too damn cute

        • And once again… Kate is the best ever.

        • Del

          This is a gift! Thanks, Kate!

          Someday, after all the dust is settled, I hope there is a grand reunion at the Puppy Farm. And if Purple Hippo is still around, we’d love to see him dive into a mess of puppies.

  • ShadeTail

    Hey, Florrie’s back on the couch! The invisibility spell must have worn off. :D

    • CorvusCornix

      Oh yeah, Florrie’s missing from the last panel of the last page, hadn’t noticed that.

      • Sanjay Merchant

        Given where she’s sitting, I think she’s just completely obscured by Nicola in that panel.

      • rainycity1

        I think that’s her teal dress between Nicola and Harry… ;-)

  • Terragent

    Once is an accident. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.

    • What’s five times?

      • Terragent

        Probably an airstrike or something.

      • Jordan Hiller

        Time to get the hell out of Dodge and find a nice bunker to pass the time in until this all blows over.

      • MoeLane

        …SomeThing not taking the hint?

      • CyberSkull

        Five times is hip-deep in a war you didn’t know was declared.

      • Ryan Thompson

        Persistent enemy action.

        • AlifZ

          Five time is the squirrel

      • DLKmusic

        Winston Churchill once said… “If you feel like you are marching through Hell, Keep marching because that is the only way out.”

        • “Karl Cullinane is fighting his way out of Hell…”

  • i thought that was her.. so i wonder when the cellphone will make an appearance..
    so we’ve seen Greed, Pride, Envy, Sloth, and Gluttony.. which only leaves Wrath and Lust..

    • Tikatu

      And we’ve seen Wrath, too, though he was desummoned by Ben and Mal. I suppose desummoning sent him back wherever he came from and he’ll have to be summoned again before he joins the others. (Gluttony was also desummoned, if it comes to that.)

      • Gluttony wasn’t desummoned, it went free when Gladys broke the circle.

        • l33tninja

          it was a bugger up, right?

        • Tikatu

          Ah, I see. It just wasn’t in the shape it wanted to be in when it joined the rest of them.

          • Del

            The thing about the Deadly Sins is that they are never satisfied. There is no such thing as “enough.”
            – Gluttony keeps feeding beyond the point of satisfaction. (Remember those vomiting Romans.)
            – Anger leads to blood-feuds that last for generations, seeking vengeance for vengeance.
            – Lust is always seeking another conquest.
            – Greed can never stop acquiring more than it needs.
            – Pride never admits that there is a limit to its place. It seeks more control, more prestige, more honor, more….
            – Envy is always desiring of what others have earned.
            – Sloth is no end of laziness, slacking, and avoiding one’s duty. It never gets off the couch.

    • Anthony Jackson

      Given the chapter name (Find the Lady), I suspect Lust; three of the last five chapters have had clues in the chapter name.

      Sleight of Hand — Greed
      No Rest for the Wicked — Sloth (obvious link)

      Vanishing Act — Pride
      Piece of Cake — Gluttony (obvious link)
      Green Eyed Monster — Envy (even more obvious).

      • Some of the names are because any chapter with Sid in it gets named after a magic trick!

        • McRocky71

          So this chapter is named for that trick where the observer has to guess which of three cards is the queen, then?

  • Someone Else

    Oh man, Florrie’s face in that last panel! If she didn’t like karaoke, she shouldn’t have picked up the mike in the first place.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Wow, she never told them.

  • Love Florrie’s bitty little *nod*

  • McFrugal

    Oh, she’s the maid that faced down Gluttony with her courage.

  • Time to add your 10 cents and a club Nora

  • Carmeops Renard

    6, counting Florrie’s encounter with Wrath, mean they only have Lust to meet and they’ll have met them all

    • Lleyn

      You’re right, they sort of did “meet” Wrath. I wonder if it’ll make a difference that both Wrath and Gluttony were desummoned.

      • Nightsbridge

        Seems gluttony wasn’t desummoned.

    • Jennifer Smeltzer

      When did that happen? I don’t seem to recall seeing Wrath. the only one I remember Florrie meeting was Envy.

      • Spirit22

        Envy was trying to summon Wrath in the last story (the big snake thing). It didn’t work though, so although they met Wrath, he hasn’t officially been freed (summoned).

        • Jennifer Smeltzer

          Ah. I guess that’s why they weren’t technically counting him as ‘met’.

  • Euodiachloris

    A tiny voice, but a big bombshell. :)

  • Some Punk

    heh. she didn’t have the courage to tell her family about the incident. I guess it’s easier to face down a sin than it is to face your family.

    • Her thought was probably just to put the whole situation behind her like a bad dream. Besides, if she didn’t know that everyone else was going through troubles, then why should she bring up her own?

      • Some Punk

        I don’t know. I have a brother that went to the hospital 3 times due alcohol poisoning and only years later did he finally get the courage to tell me and the rest of the family. Yeah… sometimes it’s hard to tell your family certain things.

        • Tsapki

          Add to that, who would believe her? All the time travelers are gone, so they can’t back her up, the Gula presumably got put back exactly where it was taken from meaning there may not have been any notice of it departing, and the only other people who might have any idea of what happened were likely a mix of confused and scared out of their minds

  • Afrodiseum

    Ooh! Ooh! Story time!

  • Nightsbridge

    I wonder if they thought that the sins would end up revolving mostly around the adventurous ones. I can’t see a lot of reasons why they would shocked that Nora in particular met a sin, considering that they don’t seem to have talked about the rest with each other.

  • John

    No one is the least bit surprised that Harry and Nicola have faced deadly sins, but Nora admits she faced one by herself and everyone is flabbergasted.
    We still need Henry to show up and tell us how lust got free (leaving just wrath for the next chapter).
    And I agree with an earlier poster that Wolfe (being the one who actually talked to Voss) should probably be here because his information is closer to the source than Nicola’s.

  • ThisCat

    I love that last panel. So dynamic.

  • Nonesuch

    NORA! You didn’t TELL your siblings yet?! 0_0

    • Jordan Hiller

      Well, there was timey whimey stuff involved… It’s complicated.

  • Del

    All these spirits…. and no mention of the Purple Hippo of Happiness.

    Hmphf! I’m going to play with the puppies.

    • DLKmusic

      Why would the PHoH be here when the O’Malley is not?

      • David Argall

        Our given evidence is that the spirits do not the mortal world, and like O’Malley because he is a quick way back home. [The malforms are willing to stick around awhile because they want to take out their discontent to one degree or another, but they too would have the same general attitude.] But since they like the quick way home, they are not interested in being permanent friends. The PHoH might stick around for a little bit, but it will be wanting that ticket home ASAP, and it won’t be so friendly if O’Malley denies it.
        Of course, stories are ruled more by what the readers want than by logic, [Editor: “Joe would be a real popular hero in your next story.” Writer: “But he’s dead. I killed him in the last book.” Editor: “So?” Joe started the next book recovering from serious wounds.] So we might see the PHOH again, but the logic of the story says we won’t.

  • Nomad94

    So what if wrath and lust co-op? Bloodlust? That would make an interesting (and violent) plot twist.

  • Andreas Geisler

    Hm, speaking of lust … remind me again, which family member is it that is constantly ordering her descendants to “find a gentleman”? I think they moved the meeting to the worst possible place…

    • Spirit22

      That was their mother, who is not of the Barber bloodline. They get that from Dad.

  • smee

    ohhh :(, poor dear I just want to hug her!

  • Qwefg Lockheart

    To be fair Greed wasn’t that bad of a guy. It was the thief that caused all the problems… as for pride? Well screwed up summon + explosives tend not to mix well. Sloth was bad though could be counted as half of the problem. Gluttony… all his fault. Envy… Best one of the group and caused a really big mess. Wrath… countered summoned so not must screen time. That leaves good old lust left to see.

  • Love Florrie’s expression in the last panel. “GASP NOOOOOO!!!”

  • katy

    We have Wrath and Lust left. Let me guess….. Wrath is going to come around Nicola and Harry together (think about the carriage ride) and Lust is, obviously, going to come after Florrie.

    • Spirit22

      I don’t think any of the spirits went after a particular Barber. They just needed one. It looks like when Voss and Envy got into town, they were originally looking for Harry (the famous one) but were just as happy with Nicola or Florrie.
      Although if they were to pick one, I think your matchups would be right on!

  • Carouselkie

    Dun, dun, DUUUUUN.

  • No Sins for Eddie or his Beard yet . . .

  • CFF

    Oh no! Our non-adventurous sister had an adventure without any of us there to protect her! *sibling overprotect mode ON*

  • Elprentis

    Hey I’m a bit late to the party… I stumbled across this comic in January and i’ve silently been watching this story, loving every post :D
    Thought I’d just pop up now and say keep it up! Awesome work! :)

  • Oh gosh, rereading these and catching all the little details like how Nora here holds her stomach, protective of her future child.
    Thanks for making such an awesome comic that rewards a good archive binge!

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