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  • jess

    Only half-joking here: can we get a patreon milestone for “somehow actually defictionalize that episode of Mysterycast”? I wanna hear more about the Mystery of the Shaw Sisters.

    • I was sat there drawing it and wishing that existed!

      • Stephen Riggs

        See, Kate? I’m not the only one who wants more of them.

        Timelines are SO inconvenient. …

      • JWLM

        Sounds like we’ve got a special release for Patreon here…

        • First we would have to run a Kickstarter to put extra hours into the day

          • JWLM

            Oh, now that’s a great idea! I’d certainly contribute: think about the cool reward tiers!

    • non_canon

      After thinking about this forever I ended up coming up with this theory that the Shaws got away because Sam showed up on time traveler business and ran into them, and they ended up coming with him to the future to join whatever agency he was working with.

  • Winger

    This is just so much beautiful closure ;^;

  • BaronHaynes

    Man, what a good payoff to these characters. I hope Nora gets a chance to see this later.

  • szbnahl

    In case anyone else felt the urge to check, here’s the relevant page:

    • the Amazing Mister Moriarty

      Yep she’s there :D

    • Shannon

      That’s so subtle! Wow!!

    • Tikatu

      Happy dances! I called it! Woot!

    • M. E. Gibbs

      *Points* AAAAAAH! SO GOOD!

  • Still more closure, double Yay!
    (and the extra-image below is great too)

  • Ghostdanser

    “Honestly, I don’t know how he was even there, the place was only built in 1770…”
    When confronted with such anomalies it is best if one consults with a true expert.

    The 10th Doctor – “A big ball of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff”

    And now that everything has been clarified…I am awestruck at how many loose ends were tied up in just 5 panels. BRAVO!!!

    • Eh, I think it’s more to do with all references to the individual code-named “Samuel” being classified as Super Duper Double Dog Over-The-Top Secret Times Infinity

      • John

        The security clearance is kind of beside the point. You can’t look up things that haven’t happened yet.

        • It’s The Future™. You can absolutely look things up that haven’t happened yet, thanks to the wonders of quantum computing. You can also get previous-day delivery for your Amazon orders, download schematics so the 3D-printer you haven’t got yet can 3D-print itself, and download albums that don’t exist from parallel universes where your favorite bands never split up.

          • Del

            I bought a 3D-printer and even paid for previous-day delivery, but it is on back-order.

          • Percabeth_trash

            . . . More S Club 7 albums? I can’t tell if I’m crying with joy or fear.

    • Yep…..VERY concise. And also shows she’s been thinking about what she wanted to convey for a while.

  • Awesome future-phone.

    Wait… if she’s holding her phone, what’s she using to record this?

    • MoeLane

      Her Amazon Doodlebug (personalized drone)? Perfect for selfies, getting video records of events, and of course dungeon exploration.

    • billydaking

      She’s using a camera to record the video; you can see her move it slightly with an audible “thnk” in the last page she appeared:, which means it isn’t her phone she’s using. This isn’t a quick selfie video; it’s a video message to a friend she’ll never see again, so there’s some preparation involved.

      • Yeah, I saw that. Holding the camera that way is why I thought she was taking a selfie in the first place. I would never accuse someone of taking a selfie without probable cause. Especially not a clever person like Alexa.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    that bonus panel <3

  • Magypsy

    I feel bad that Nora probably won’t get to see the video herself, it would have meant a lot to her. At least Harry will be sure to tell her exactly what was in it.

  • JWLM


    So, Kate, did Ethan twig to Alexa’s real identity when he saw her talking to Philippe? I mean, the circle of top-flight restaurants in London isn’t all *that* big, and I would assume that Ethan had been to he’s been to the patisserie…

    • Eva Schiffer

      I can’t figure out if I would have expected him to be less or more angry with her if he had connected those dots when he met her in the time-travel hotel. Maybe that partly explains how super snippy he was?

      • JWLM

        Nah, I think that Ethan is just an insufferable jerk.

  • Emily

    Mal may have no idea what Alexa’s on about, but the rest of us love it! Thanks, Kate! (This makes me extra-glad I just re-read Piece of Cake the other day…)

    • Tikatu

      I think Mal is also reacting to the idea of a man having a husband…

      • he barely noticed that, it is practically the least confusing thing she’s said, from his perspective

        • John

          Romantic relationships not being his thing I’m not surprised that that didn’t register as important to him.

          I think people are forgetting that we all grew up with Doctor Who, so time travel is part of our cultural heritage. Even if we don’t believe it is possible (and I’m about 95% sure it’s not) we’re familiar enough with the concept that evidence of it would not generate the kind of total bafflement for us that it has for Mal.

          • Alétheia

            Ohh… that brings up a curious point, though: Mal (and Harry) is rightfully confused, as anyone would be if time travel wasn’t a thing in their culture (or sub-culture), but Sid (and… Ben, I think? Maybe? To some degree? I kinda forget with that) seemed to take it as in-stride as any modern person. Is it a known thing with the wizardly-taught, or is it theoretical, or is it just Sid being Sid?

          • Eva Schiffer

            I dunnow, I get the feeling Mal is pretty swiftly going to file time-travel under “magical shenanigans BS” and try very hard not to care.

        • billydaking

          “Who the hell ARE these people, why does everyone dress weird, and why am I watching this?!”

          Got it in one?

      • Emily

        I think he’s just confused because this strange woman is babbling about all these people he and Harry have never heard of as if they know what she’s talking about. After all, the two of them aren’t the intended audience for this message.

  • Nonesuch

    This whole page is a wonderful treat. :’)
    Thank you, Ms. Ashwin.

  • Nonesuch

    I wonder if Ethan and Alexa had a talk and stayed in touch afterward…. or not. ^^;

    • They for certain use Future-Twitter to snipe at each other

      • Yes…that is SUCH a satisfying mental picture. :D

      • Lexi: Was that white polo neck, like, a Christmas Sweater our what?
        Ethan: I don’t think an entire generation that thought it looked good in denim has got anything to tell me about style.

    • Dud

      On the same basis as her own good fortune: She knows he’s the best. She knows he’s looking for a job. She should hire him.

      • Tikatu

        I think he took the job at the Gula, just didn’t start right away.

        • He did not take the Gula job, he’d have rather cut off his own head then go back in there, but he did get one soon after that allowed for a better work/life balance.

  • Ocean Burning.

    That extra drawing is priceless! I’ll confess, I had wondered how Alexa’s investigation into Ethan went… Was it limited to eavesdropping? Did she approach him? Did she smile and wave from a distance? What I did not imagine was that trollface! XD

  • “Oh and one last thing. Don’t tell her, but I’m actually a descendent of your sister Harriet Malik.” Ideally, you’ll want Ms Barber drinking something at that point, for maximum comic effect.

    • MoeLane

      That would be… something to see.

      Oh, my, yes.

    • Marvelous TK

      i’unno, i see harry as probably keeping her name
      and, y’know, sid taking her name
      plus, if his name became ‘lancelot sidney arthur oliver barber’, i bet his parents would forgive everything just because they’re so thrilled that his name is finally fully The Most British Ever
      everyone wins

      • It will be a cold day in Hell before Ms Harriet calls herself ‘Mrs Sidney Malik’, although I imagine Ms Cunningham will use it at every opportunity. I only used it for the sake of brevity, honest.

      • JWLM

        “Don’t tell her, but I’m descended from Anthony Malik, Harriet and Sidney’s second child”

        • Eva Schiffer

          Insult, wave hi to Injury!

          • JWLM

            His full name is “Anthony Byron Bulwar-Lytton Wollstonecraft Malik”. Sidney’s parents wanted a really literary name.

    • pingo1387

      I wonder, though, would Harry even want children? If anything, Alexa would be a descendant of Edmund or Nora, since both already have kids (and we know Nora eventually has a second child).

      • Stephen E Wilson Jr.

        Probably Edmund given Alexa’s skin colour. Still with enough time anything is possible.

  • Dud

    19 years later huh?

    Now where did I read that before….. ?

  • It’s a tribute to your storytelling that seeing these character’s development after we last left them is *so* satisfying. And the ‘told you so’ snipe is great!

  • Ayline

    Wait… how does she know when it’s going to happen to Ethan? From his perspective they haven’t met yet.

    • Tikatu

      Except they were pulled into a temporal pocket/pocket universe so they did meet. It’s not like their experiences went “Poof” when they returned to their own times. As far as her knowing when, she knows what year he came from; just keeping an eye on when the Gula is hiring a new chef is enough to narrow down the timeframe.

    • Alétheia

      From his perspective, as of the time she’s recording this they haven’t met yet, but as of his chat with his husband, they did, just very very recently from his point of view. They (Ethan and her) just haven’t been apart nearly as long from his perspective as from hers~ :D

      • Emily

        I had a similar thought with the photo of Alexa and Rosie in panel 2; Rosie is much older, but Alexa is the same age she was when they met in the timeslip. It must have been a little odd for Rosie – from her perspective it’s been years, but Alexa looks exactly the way she remembers her.

  • Haven


    I think that covers it.

  • Tsapki

    Hmm, since we did not actually see Sam, what are everyone’s thoughts on the odds we shall see the intrepid Time Patroller in the Hotel Gula?

  • Michael Brewer

    Ethan is going to be even angrier when he finally realizes that she had to spend 19 years and a fair amount of detective work setting up that sick burn.

    • Euodiachloris

      It’s the thought, time and effort that counts. Also, time travel. xD

  • Ganurath

    Harry: “Huh. Same gender marriages are a thing in the future, then? Wonder if hearing that’ll get mum off Nic’s back.”

    • John

      Much as I would love it if Harry & Nicola’s mom got off Nicola’s back she sounds pretty conservative to me. I could more easily see her still unhappy 10 years after Nicola marries a woman (and not a man) then I could see her saying “Oh that’s fine then” because at some undefined point in the future (which Nicola may not live to see) it will become possible for Nicola to marry a woman.

      I would love to b proven wrong, but I’m not going to start celebrating (or even get my hopes up) until I hear that Nicola’s mom has admitted that it’s not any of her business what gender partner Nicola prefers.

      • TheGorram Batguy

        Everybody knows that when a mother gets on one’s case to “get married” what she’s really on about is “give me grandchildren already I’m not getting any younger!” So same-sex marriage won’t help there.
        (I kid, I kid, this is only true 92% of the time. Some parents really do just want to see their children settled into a happy relationship without children being relevant to the equation, or so I imagine.)

        • Tsapki

          I can attest to the to the grandkids point. As third of six children, our mother cycled through us on asking when we would have children.

          The pressure is off some as one of our siblings finally delivered and now our mother has a tiny angry grandbaby to shower with multilingual affection.

  • Jacob McCullough

    Waaaait a tic… just noticed, but don’t Jack O’Malley and Ethan Booth look just a /bit/ similar to one another? Maybe it’s just the hair.

    • Maria Gerasimova

      No, they don’t :)
      See their noses, they are definitely different ones.

  • Eva Schiffer

    Oh Ethan, you are going to feel so stupid for not seeing that coming….

  • Ilmari

    Hahaha, nice one Alexa!

  • Doris Winkler

    from when comes sam now ?? i still have no clue . has someone an idea ??