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April 29th, 2013

April 29th, 2013 published on 32 Comments on April 29th, 2013

Alright, cleverclogs commenters, you guessed the Lei plot, but none of you guessed the riding-a-giant-bomb-peacock-to-the-future-Queen plot!

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  • There were, quite a few, however, who DID guess the “Deadly” of Pride. I preferred to be pleasantly suprised by the quadriped peacock, however. XD

  • Doofus

    while we did guess both the plot and Harry survival, the peacock is quite a development. I love how pride is also quite vain

    • svartalf

      What do you expect out of that particular Deadly?

  • CLEARLY escaping on a giant pink peacock demon covered in explosives is the best idea. CLEARLY.

  • Me-me


    • MarvelousTK

      This strip is amazing for a number of reasons, but that one just tops it all.

    • ShadeTail

      I’d say the floor is getting too big for its britches as well.

    • Wyvern

      “Impudent ceiling! Out of my way!” has to be one of the better lines I’ve read recently.

    • KWill

      Aw… someone said it already =<

    • l33tninja

      that line is gold

    • Ilmari

      Some day, I will find a way to use this line myself…

  • Nomen

    “That was better than the giraffe” is in fact an applicable reply to nearly any situation.

    • Siva Smith

      Especially if you play a MUD called Achaea!!

  • You’re never going to know, Sid. It’s going to be Harry’s noodle incident..

  • taijutsu

    Those last two panels. So cute, they are. I’m shipping it HARD :D

  • Siva Smith

    “Pride goes before a fall.”

    So, here’s hoping there’s not a human cushion underneath. Nor going out with a bang (or boom).

    • svartalf

      Right now, Lei’s probably the most likely to encounter some sort of unpleasant fate in this arc. Interacting with one of the Deadlies (Greed, Sloth, now Pride) is a dangerous proposition at best for mortals… Sid and Harry’s probably VERY lucky that they got out as “okay” as they did with their encounter with Greed. Ms. Fairbairn didn’t survive the experience- and suffered a horrific fate, all things considered. I’d be more concerned if she wasn’t in the cast lineup…seriously.

  • Daniel Riggs Fielder

    This is shaping up to be the most garish rendition of a Shadow of the Colossus encounter imaginable.

    • ShakeJake

      Except the weak points are the parts that aren’t shiny and pretty!

  • You should make a model. I would buy one.

  • Cooper

    I love how pleased Pride is with the prospect of displaying himself to the public in the first panel. That is a happy peacock.

  • Marduk

    Nuuuuuuu! I caught up to the last page! Jumped from Darken to here and i’ve been reading on a high. Oh man oh man. I love this comic, but now *sniff *sniff I must wait.

  • deebles

    Minor quibble: hand-in-hand is no way to take someone’s weight as they slip. Grab them by the wrist, in such as way that they can grab yours; it’s significantly more secure.

    (Of course, it’s also harder to shake them off if you start to slip ;) )

    • =Tamar

      They’re in one of the three strongest magic centers anywhere, and Sid is a magic user. If he wants the grip to work, it will.

      • Siva Smith

        Or Sid can call on his magical kleptomania to ‘steal’ her from any falling…?

    • svartalf

      All things consdiered, I suspect that Sid had little time to do it “right”.

  • Dethdukk

    Whats with the hands in the last panel? I cant actually tell what way they are held together lol

    • Disconnected

      The reason is because she drew it so that you were seeing Harry’s thumb go over the back of Sid’s hand. Looks a little awkward but still physically possible.

      • Scott’s Folly

        Part of the ‘looks awkward’ is probably that it’s a right hand (Sidney’s) grabbing a left hand (Harry’s); it’s more common to see ‘matching’ hands used. A bit of self-modelling may have been involved here.

  • svartalf

    Saw the explosive ride part about two episodes back when he showed himself.

  • Incomprehensible

    Uh, since when is it a good idea to hang on to an easily-lit fuse that is attached to dozens of gunpowder kegs, all of which that are barely even a meter apart, I might add?

  • Sid Malik: Better than a giraffe.
    Recommended by nine out of ten doctors. Terms and conditions apply.

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