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  • And they lived happily ever after! The End. ^_^

    • David Argall

      That is a problem with the scene. It is too much a “story-over”. And we have yet to see Envy or …

      • It’s a ‘scene over’. There’s like 70 pages left yet!

        • Lleyn

          70 pages of this?!? *Happy dance*

          • SteinarB

            Which, if the rest of the story stays in the same timeperiod as this flashback would seem to imply Greed was _not_ the first deadly to be released, but rather that it was Envy. Of course, now we might see a flash forward to current day Widdershins, or rather what we would consider current centered on the adventures of Harry and her accidentally kleptomaniacal magical assistant. Could be Wolfe’s old army buddy has made his way across the channel to jolly old England..

  • Hakka

    No longer strange, heh, nice way to put it XD

    • Frisian

      Actually, I’m missing “to each other”. The German expression would be “einander fremd” (lit.: “strange to each other”).

      • Sonja

        Yeah, but it’s a nice wordplay with stranger/strange.

        • =Tamar

          It works both ways.

  • DaintyMorsel

    And hilarity ensued.

  • Rachel Elizabeth Penfold

    “Bastards.” – I’m greatly amused.

    • I hope he doesn’t use that word later at the wrong time after having been told that. ^_^

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    That’s hella cute <3

    • ShadeTail

      The comic or your avatar? ^_^

      • Darkoneko Hellsing


  • Del

    We know why O’Malley hangs with Wolfe. Everybody likes Wolfe, but O’Malley can see why.

    It will be good to learn why Wolfe keeps company with O’Malley. Is there a bit of hero lurking within our young curmudgeon?

    (You write a good story, Kate. I am so happy that I found you!)

    • So then why doesn’t anyone else hang with Wolfe all the time?

      • Del

        I would!

  • That was a genius scene! I especially love O’Malley’s crack at the end. Poor Wolfe, trying to keep up with O’Malley’s sardonic sense of humour in a language that isn’t his first.

  • wanderingdreamer

    No you two are still very strange.

  • Basil Sage

    The fact that O’Malley keeps staring above Wolfe’s head when talking to him (esp. noticeable in frame 4) is such a nice detail!


    • The Wing

      That reminds me of my best friend. Once upon a time, she would always *always* stare somewhere over my head when talking to me. She’d stare over my head. Smile over my head. Laugh over my head. And the crazy thing is, I was taller than her.

      Maybe she has Mal’s powers too… She gradually stopped doing it though.

      • EmilyS

        Sounds like she had the ability to see auras

    • perrinrynning

      I would very much like to see Jack talk to a most comely lass with a very unusual aura and have her comment, “Sir, I believe that you are the first male I have ever encountered whose gaze I have felt the need to _lower_.”

  • And this, my friends, is the start of a beautiful…acquaintanceship :)

    • Lleyn

      Hehehe, same thought here, only slightly different (yet fitting, as they are equally mismatched) quote:

      “This is beginning of beautiful friendship.”

      (High five to those who know that this is not from “Casablanca”)

  • I love those guys.

  • D. Schwartz

    And they leave the bucket and blanket behind. tsk.

    • =Tamar

      Weren’t the blanket and bucket borrowed? By leaving them, they avoid being accused of theft.

      • D. Schwartz

        Actually we don’t know. The blanket could be Wolfe’s bedroll and the bucket could borrowed. Or it could be as you say, we simply don’t know and choosing to be semi-cynical and tsk them for leaving valuable goods behind.

        • Darkoneko Hellsing

          Can’t be Wolfe’s pack, he initially came for a short daylight recon after all.

          Tho, I’d have taken the blanket either way… Nights are cold.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    welcome back, litte website.

  • Timni

    Aww this is cute

  • perrinrynning

    I can see why Jack keeps hanging around Wolfe. That hardy German polymath is clearly a straight man to be treasured by any wiseass, above and beyond his other talents.

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