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  • Curtis

    Seems like a fair quid pro quo. :)

  • Jonathan Trouba

    “Get through this”? Wow, Grandma must be hell on wheels if they’re acting like they’re psyching themselves up for a suicide run.

    • I believe they are thinking more on the deal with the Sins :-)

      • Kaunisenkeli

        I don’t know. Sometimes relatives are scarier than immensely powerful and dangerous beings.

        • Nonesuch

          Relatives ARE immensely powerful and dangerous beings. :p

          • Alétheia

            And compared to other powerful and dangerous beings, there’s so, so many more repercussions for banishing relatives… :P

  • Ruby

    Awww… Sisters are the best <3

    • ThisCat

      I know! I just want to go “eeeeeh!” at this. You don’t see these kinds of sisterly conversations often actually, there should be more of them.

      • Nonesuch

        Brothers aren’t bad, either… ^^;

  • Those two are showing understanding of each other as well as strengthening their bonding… excuse me, I got a snowshoe-entreprise in Hell I need to attend to :D

    • Amperzand

      Asbestos snowshoes could be quite helpful for magma!

      • … were it not for convection.

        • Amperzand


    • Of course they understand each other – why do you think they squabble the way they do?

      • Euodiachloris

        Sibling horse trading: what you see on the table is shorthand for what is really going on under it. :)

  • kuku

    Yay! Glad to see the formidable Barber sisters in alignment.

  • cake

    oh wow. this. I love this.

  • TheMeddler

    I really like the symmetry in the last four panels :)

  • Wandering Mask

    Good gosh I love these two.
    “We shall be accepting and supportive. Whilst all the while being as brusque as humanly possible.”
    It’s like the proper British badass version of hugging. :3

  • Too bad they could not have had this conversation in the coach and saved Mr Malik and Gren and hour of hell. But where would the fun have been in that?

    • It builds character, Sid. It builds character…

    • Marek

      Mom and other equally personal stuff still hadn’t entered the equation – so it might be said there was some good to Annie ratting out on her granny’s speeches after all. :-P

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Harriet, Niicola, your mother is VERY disappointed in you è_é

    (We readers sure aren’t)


    Also, in retrospect, way before we knew therethey were sisters… this page !

    • Mah.


      • Darkoneko Hellsing

        “they’re were sisters” ?

        …look, if you’re going to correct someone, at least try to be right.

        • Mah.

          “They’re” for correcting your “there were”
          And stop upvoting your own comment, it’s pathetic.

          • Grammar is rarely worth personally insulting someone over, and I say this as someone with an English degree. Let’s not get salty over something that doesn’t matter.

            • Mah.

              小朋友的事,小朋友解決! 大人同我收皮,準時同我出漫畫 okay?

              Translation : we are kids, leave us alone, keep up the good work, why bother read these comments.

          • Darkoneko Hellsing

            Also I don’t… think we can upvote our own comments ?

            • Alétheia

              (You can, but your user name would appear in the list that shows up when you hover over the upvotes, so it would be pretty easy to tell if that happened… unless you signed out first, and then it would show up as “Guest.”)

    • Tikatu

      Oooh! Not totally unrelated (but somewhat is). I clicked on your link, which led me to reread the rest of that story. Mal spoke two words of a spell! I had always thought that was a quickly recovered Ben saying, “Recipario donum” but it’s not! Mal knows more magic than he lets on.

  • Mah.

    *you need maximum affinity to be able to watch this heart to heart*
    Sigh… Here goes gifting again.

    • axioanarchist

      Hah! Well played! I love that game so much.

  • rainycity1

    Love this sister chat <3

    • rainycity1

      Do I get to say again how very much I love your work!

      • Haha, feel free ;) Thank you!

  • Nikki may not have got the “marry a gentleman”, but i’d lay very long odds that Harry has.

  • Someghost

    So does Harry ‘bat for the other team’ as well, or is she just not ready to settle down?

    • McRocky71

      I’d say that Harry is straight and just hasn’t yet met a guy she’d consider worth the hassle. This is my assumption based partly on Florrie’s dialogues with Harry in Chapter 1 (page 21) and with Nicky in Chapter 5 (page 84). If you re-read those scenes, note that Florrie isn’t shy about implying Harry has romantic intentions towards Sid and yet at the ball with Nicky, Florrie doesn’t count the chance of flirting with men as a reason to enjoy the party. This tells me that Florrie is quite aware of the inclinations of both her unmarried sisters.

      • aydr

        Also you’ll notice their brother doesn’t worry about Annie repeating their mother’s words to Harry, but has a pretty visceral reaction to that being passed along to Nicola.

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    “Double deal if we get to beat someone up together, wrestling exhibition style!” -Gren looks skeptical from the corner, the look of doggy dubiosity heavily furrowing his features.

  • Nonesuch

    Ahh, family dynamics. ^^ Wonderfully done, Ms. Ashwin.

  • Columbine

    Really different panel lay out to what we’ve usually seen but I think it works very well for this. Good job Kate!

    • Thanks, I was a bit worried about it being read wrong, which is why I had Nicola’s bubble in panel 1 overlapping into panel 2, hoped that’d inform the rest of it pretty well. Not seen anyone confused, so I guess it worked!

      • dbell5

        It seemed perfectly clear, but when I read this comment and went back, it kinda works out fine if you read it column-wise.
        I think it’s because overlapping responses are so common in text and IM, we just accept it as normal!

  • ayline

    Ah siblings, love them or hate them, you can’t kill them because it’ll be really awkward during family gatherings.

  • Del

    I was hoping for an update by now. (I hope this means that our beloved Kate is enjoying a life somewhere, and not just down with the flu like I was over Easter holy day.)

    I guess I’ll have to settle for adding a comment.

    I’ve been in love with Harriet since the first panels — her pipe and red hair and brassy courage.

    Nicola has been brilliant in her action scenes — like whipping off her petticoat to unveil her fully armed battle-dancer. But this is the first time that I’ve enjoyed a simple conversation with Hurricane Nicky! Usually, she is just the straight, all-business foil for something like Mal’s acerbic wit.

    And kudos to Kate: It was a stroke of brilliance, setting up this entire relationship-exchange between Harry and Nicky in the reader Q-&-A between the stories!

  • mr grudge

    So…I’m probably assuming too much but it seems like Harry is transgender and Nicola is gay (or bi, pan, etc)

    • mr grudge

      Augh I hope im not being dumb

    • Nicola is gay, yep! Harry’s not trans, she doesn’t identify as a guy, she just likes to dress like one :)

      • mr grudge

        thanks for the confirmation!

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