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  • I say he/she/it isn’t human :3

  • Me-me

    Masks all the way down.

    • spas

      like a Russian nesting doll. Inside is a tiny little doll with a mask just painted right on him.

      • SteelRaven

        It worked for Batman ;)

  • Cooper

    And underneath the mask is Commander Shepherd’s face. Vee is overcome with absolute horror.

  • ShadeTail

    I’ll bet Mr. Mask is whatever deadly was summoned this time.

    Either that, or Tim.

    • Felix Kütt

      yeah, my first thought was Tim Chiang too, but that wouldn’t really make sense, why hire a hunter then?

      • If no one else was worried it would be strange, admittedly. If he was worried about suspicion if he didn’t look though, it would make sense to ask Sidney who he knows is sort of gullible and likes him and Lei. I’m still not sure if Tim couldn’t have just let Lei disappear and not comment though if he was in on whatever is up. Maybe Lei accidentally summoned a spirit into an automaton she made?

        • Felix Kütt

          “Maybe Lei accidentally summoned a spirit into an automaton she made?”

          I do find that somehow far more likely…

  • donovan james

    I bet it’s Vee under the mask.

    • Good trick since that’s Vee ripping the mask ff.

      Of course, when Number Six ripped off Number One’s mask, he saw his own face…

      • donovan james

        Then the guy who’s really Vee will rip off first but not real Vee and it’ll be the dude that Vee dressed as.

  • Sicarius

    He woulda gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for you meddling kids, and that DOG.

  • Gammelbraxen

    I’m guessing an automaton designed by Lei? I mean, something is up with Lei right? Or I’m just being Rickrolled around.

    • SleepingDragon

      Personally I’m betting on a clockwork man too.

      • JediaKyrol

        not only is it a clockwork man…it’s one made to look like Sid! I tells ya…crazy ex girlfriends…hoo…

        • TrueWolves

          I’m looking at one of the “great deadlies” possessing an automation, or at least for one of them.

          • SoItBegins

            Same guess.

  • nemryn

    Premature GASP!

  • Vee, if you’re going to sign up with mysterious masked men, you have to expect them to follow through on their nefarious plans!
    They wouldn’t go to all this trouble if they weren’t serious.

  • Quin

    Turns out its a robot like the little flying mecha bettles,

  • Web_MST3K

    We are looking for Murdock, yes. Where is he?

    • Important question based on your username- Mike or Joel? :P

  • l33tninja

    I bet he’s an automaton…made by Lei

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