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  • Wolfe just collects grumpy folk, doesn’t he?

    • Swagner

      If you’re too happy, grumps will show up to do the whining for you.

    • das-g

      Everyone needs a hobby.

    • lara

      Now I can’t stop imagining Wolfe as a Shepherd for his Grumpy herd. XD

  • sal

    GodDAMN his hair looks good.

  • Keytium

    I stopped checking regularly over the chapter break so I know I’m a few pages late to this, but. EEEEEEEEEEeeeeee New Chapter! Wolfe! EEEEeeeee!

  • Not Me

    “I still think you’re a bit too enthusiastic about this, though.”

  • MiniPlane

    Oh my, Wolfe is looking especially adorable with the fluffy hair. :)
    And Iā€™m gonna guess based on his comment in the lower-left panel that he comes from a military family. Maybe explains why he seems so well-learned.

  • Marvelous TK

    I am absolutely certain they will be best friends forever without fail and will never leave each other’s sides again!

  • dralou

    Voss … Why does this name seem so familiar ? I can’t remember where it’s from, it drives me nuts -__-

    • reynard61

      There’s a German shipbuilding and petroleum machinery manufacturing company called Blohm+Voss. (They also built a number of interesting aircraft before and during WWII, including the asymmetrical BV 141 observation airplane.)

  • Wait a minute. Friday comic up before Friday afternoon?

    Who are you and what have you done with the real Kate?


    Actually, i’m happy to see the comic whenever it comes up…

    • Me-me

      While I have the utmost sympathy for missed deadlines, I feel obliged to point out that this is technically not an early friday comic – it is a late wednesday one. Wednesday’s comic was for monday, and the comic before that was posted for friday.

      Best of luck, Kate, I know that it’s not as easy as it looks! Because dadgum do you make it look easy.

      • It’s the Friday comic! The storyline started on Monday. Popped this one up at midnight last night, which is Friday.

        Usually I’m more late than early, but the break gave me a little time to buffer.

        • Yay!

        • Me-me

          My apologies, my little checkboxes must have been mistaken.

          • Yes, how dare you not keep track of every page in a spreadsheet and instead come to a reasonable conclusion! Tsch, some people :)

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Like a Voss.

  • Lleyn

    Gotta love Wolfe’s perpetual cheerfulness. I mean, Voss’s not freaking out with enthusiasm about the suggestion of friendship or camaraderie.

    • David Argall

      As far as Voss knows, Wolfe could be a con man the local cops gave the choice of joining the army or the chain gang. Voss is likely overdoing it, but caution is in order.

  • Louis Kolkman

    Hummm. A fox and a wolf…. (Vos, with 1 s, means fox in dutch, and he even has the red hair of one. Wolfe is just wolf with an e)
    Interesting duo

    • Frisian

      “Voss” is also the low-saxon word for fox as in “Reynke Voss”, which you might know as “Reinaart de vos”. Let’s see if he turns out to be a trickster like his namesake ;-)

      • Chris W.

        Ah, Reynard the Fox? Yes, he is quite the trickster.

        • Ilmari

          Reynard, of course, also just means “fox” in French. (Though the modern spelling drops the ‘y’).

  • Anyone read ‘The Miracle of Moon Crescent’ by G.K. Chesterton? All about the unforgivable insult of knowing a stranger at a glance.

    From the Incredulity of Father Brown available as a free ebook.

  • badname

    Why do their heads look microscopic at panels 2, 5 and 6. (And voss’s head also on panel 3)

    • Because I’m a bad artist sometimes

      • Khlovia

        Stuff and nonsense, ma’am.

  • I wish to fluff his hair! :D

  • perrinrynning

    It’s very interesting how Wolfe still sounds in character when he’s speaking “in German” as opposed to with his serviceable yet still stiff “English”. Not that he ever sounded unintelligent, but reading him speak in what is obviously translated-for-the-readers’-convenience German is fascinating. You’ve earned a tip of the pen in salute from another writer, Ms. Ashwin. Excellent work!

  • Khlovia

    I observe we are in Prussia.

  • Ilmari

    Oh I am totally in love with Wolfe. There’s no denying it, he is the perfect man.

  • He’s still got his book!

  • Kristen Thacker

    wolfe is the best

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