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  • Wait… I seriously don’t understand the mask thing. The mask isn’t just a mask?

      • Felix Kütt

        so the brace that’s mentioned there then hold’s the deadly? Not that you’d just outright give that away ahead of time… :)

      • Oh god, I had completely forgotten about that. Thank you and sorry :( (And I only found this reply today, sorry again)

        • No sorries required, it’s hard to remember this stuff over a course of weeks!

  • Marvelous TK

    Works with the masked man, gets frustrated and takes his mask, seems to unintentionally stop the scheme as a direct result, claims credit for saving the day.

    Yeah, I like Vee.

    • svartalf

      Epic fail about to come her way, from the looks of things…

  • spas

    yeah, i’m not sure i’d have just tossed ‘the mask’ aside without even inspecting it – duh, vee. also, whose hand is collecting it? lei’s? someone who chose to reactivate the buggers.

    • =Tamar

      The glove matches Lei’s.

      • spas

        sharp observation there…tsaddik c’tamar yifrach yifrach!צדיק כתמר יפרח

  • Its face looks a bit like the bug wings…heh, neat having window eyes showing gears! Freaky!

  • Who, me?

    Who the heck is the shadowy figure in the background of panel 5? It’s not Lei.

    • ShadeTail

      Panel 5? Looks like one of the flunkies we saw in panel 3 of the previous comic. My bet would be, another clockwork automaton.

  • ShadeTail

    Well, I was wrong about Mr. Mask being this chapter’s deadly. Now I’m guessing the deadly is going to be accidentally summoned in the ensuing scramble that is about to break out. Considering Vee’s attitude toward Sidney/Harry, and Lei’s attitude toward Tim, I’m thinking it’s going to be Envy.

    • Me-me

      He could still be the deadly. Remember; they’re moving because they’re imbued by emotion. See earlier in the chapter.

      • If it was, would that imply that mask can allow you to control even a Deadly level of emotion, or that the imbued automaton was faking being inert? Maybe there’s envy powering all of them, and they’re about to have that envy joined into one mega-envy manifestation that will be the deadly?

        • SleepingDragon

          Well both previous deadlies were bound in some way or another. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if a deadly was yet to be summoned, Envy seems likely but I’d say Vee can get quite temperamental when things don’t go her way so Wrath is not out of question either. And we still don’t fully know Lei’s angle in all of this.

      • ShadeTail

        Nah, there’s a difference between being imbued with a spell and actually being the emotion-made-manifest. Also, Sidney mentioned a few comics ago about how their current location could lead to summoning something “without meaning to”, and I doubt that would have come up if it weren’t going to be an issue later.

        • Quin

          Well there have been accidental summons made. I mean the last story arc had the anti magic group set up a series of things that made people accidently summon some of the creatures and if they were made by Lei… Then she could have made one of the creatures only for it to be infused by accident. Then the original one created the others by copying the original model including the robo bugs. As for why they are doing this… It might be to test or create something new? (possibly creation, curiosity is their emotion base)

  • Me-me

    As an aside; Lei is here to give the reveal everyone expected! I hope whatever you did to your gun before giving it to her works, Harry!

    • It’d be cute if it allowed Harry to do the ‘being shot’ trick and fool everyone ^.^

      • Me-me

        I reckon that’s a distinct possibility. She figures out the trick, does it to her gun (notice she loaded it just prior to handing off), and lulls Lei into a false sense of security.

        • My only problem with that theory is she was trying to suss out the trick from Lei even as she handed off the gun. Granted, she might very well have her -own- version, and was simply still curious if it was the same one Tim uses. XD

          • SleepingDragon

            I’m with Me-me on this one and I’m guessing she was just playing around asking for the trick, also, lulling Lei into a false sense of security.

          • Me-me

            Obviously a bluff.

  • Major Glory

    “When I say secret identity, I MEAN secret identity”

  • Cody

    You know what? I don’t think it was Lei behind all of this if only because it is too obvious. It probably turns out to be that lady on the train. That is what I am calling, right now.

  • Does there HAVE to be a deadly every chapter? Can’t it just be imbued with Lei’s magic based on one of the seven, and NOT have a full deadly included?

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