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  • Me-me

    Lookit him in his widdle bow tie. Adorable.

    • John

      I’m not going to tell him that, are you? He doesn’t look like he’s in a good mood to hear that he looks adorable.

  • NomNomNom

    Gluttony…sharing food?

    Clearly he is just fattening them up, to eat later?

    • 703 Noemi

      Your name matches this situation quite perfectly.

    • #092f0a

      I understand that they gain power from those who experience the emotion. Envy made people envious to “feed” on them, Gluttony serves them food which they can’t resist. Same happened in the dining hall of Gluttony’s chapter.

    • MoeLane

      To draw from the angels-and-demons RPG In Nomine: Gluttony includes the concept of *wanting*. The urge to consume everything that you see, while abandoning everything else (including your own sense of yourself being separate from your hunger) in the process… yup, that’s part of Gluttony. And it, like any urge, can be heightened by temporarily denying the ability to even temporarily slake it.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Someone’s holding a gruuudge

  • Is that a hamburger? And a can of soda? Somebody’s been abusing time travel again…

    • JWLM

      I’d say that chocolate chip cookies were also an anachronism, but they may have come from Alexa during her time in prison.

  • Ocean Burning.

    Okay, I have to ask. How did The Butler end up staying in this time, when everyone else went back to their original times at the end of _Piece of Cake_?

    • Del

      Butler should be more grizzle-bearded, right? He was a young gorilla at the Hotel Gula back when Henry Barber was a young bounty hunter.

      Yet he still looks young and hearty when Henry’s granddaughter Nora is working at the Hotel Gula. Acedia aged over the decades, but Butler didn’t. (Unless this Butler is a grandson of the original Butler?)

      The original Butler was introduced by Luxury as “Mr. Gula, the owner” of Hotel Gula, but already a grunting henchman at that time.

      Two generations later he has not aged, but he is heavier and still a henchman.

      • Remember he got stolen by the Hotel at the end of ‘Find the Lady’ and brought to 1834, so he won’t have aged.

        • Del

          You nailed it.

          Sorry, Kate! I should never have doubted you.

      • Gula has access to time travel, remember?

      • Tsapki

        “50 years have passed. But I do not age. Time has lost it’s effect on me. Yet the hunger continues. Gluttony’s grasp chokes the past, present and future. Hope is lost…”

    • He was still unconscious and smelling of pickled eggs in the larder, so he never got the chance to step through the portal and get back to 178(9)2.

      • From now on, “I was unconscious and smelling of pickled eggs in the larder” is gonna be my go-to excuse

      • Ocean Burning.

        This makes good sense. I suppose by the time he woke up, whatever time-travel properties the hotel had had worn off and the hotel was firmly in 1834 again.

  • Del

    Since Wolfe’s violin is safely written out of the story and Harry’s pipe is in the witch’s space, I’m waiting for the Purple Hippo of Happiness to show up and save the day.

  • JWLM

    You know, I was always of the opinion that it was a Really Bad Idea to diss your minions. Particularly by denying food to a previous incarnation of Gluttony.

  • Emily

    I’m curious to see how our crew weakens Gluttony enough to let Mal and Harry desummon it. For Wrath, they drew people out of its influence with Wolfe’s calming music, and for Envy, they had to break the illusion of the performance to loosen its grip. What would work in this instance? Persuading the people outside the hotel that they don’t really want/need that food (although I have no idea how they’d do that)?

    • Heylir

      I am very interested, too. Maybe, powerful “corporeal” emotion like fear could turn out stronger than longing for food? But, even If crowd below run away, the hotel’s personnel remains. And they are afraid of Gluttony and do what it orders.

      Or, maybe, if they could make the food unpalatable… summon some spirit for this, just the opposite like the baker did with spirit of Hunger.

      • Emily

        Oh, that’s an idea – have Ben or Sid summon a spirit of Nausea!

      • Web

        I would spoil the food somehow. When people are sick and vomiting, they are in no mood to eat or drink.

  • Rachel Elizabeth Penfold

    I’d completely fail a gluttony challenge. Just saying.

  • Brother Nightmare

    So, here’s where I’m confused. I thought O’Malley, or witches in general, were the only one who could see the spirits outside of a circle. Why all of a sudden can anyone and everyone? If this was explained earlier, I missed it.

    • Heylir

      Kate said about Pride: “It’s not a Buggerup, it’d be visible”, there:

      It is why I was somewhat confused with Envy’s invisibility in the fifth chapter. But maybe, Envy was invisible because it wanted to be so, unlike Pride and Gluttony?

      • In the context of the question I was answering, “it’d be visible” means “it’d still be visible if it left the Anchor”, since Pride isn’t a buggerup there. A fully-summoned spirit is always visible to all, but Mal can see unsummoned ones (on people) and half-summoned ones (buggerups). Easy way to tell- if it’s talking and it has a speech bubble, like Gluttony here, it is visible. If it’s only got text, no bubble, like Envy in most of Vol 5, it’s a buggerup.

        Oh, yes, as to your last point- Envy was kind of a special case- it started as a proper summoned spirit, visible to all, then when it made the deal with Voss it basically turned itself into a buggerup by giving him his weird eye power, so it could leave the Nepali anchor with him, visible only to him (and, later, Mal). Spirits are usually stuck in circles, buggerups are not, and the problems we’re having in this chapter are because these spirits have been released from their circles.

        Hope that makes sense!

        • Ocean Burning.

          That was one of the things I thought was really, really cool about the Envy storyline… splitting itself up and possessing Voss’s eye like that. : )

          • Heylir

            I love the dialogue of Wolfe and Florrie:

            – It has taken his mind! I didn’t think that was possible!
            – Only if you’re stupid enough to allow it!

            :)) I like stories about “deals with devil”, in general. Especially ones where the “devil” loses. ))

        • Heylir

          It certainly makes sense! Thanks for your explanation, and for this great comic of yours!

        • What I hope we’ll find out is the relationship between the spirits attached to people and spirits that can be summoned (or become malforms).

  • Tsapki

    Sort of off topic but given the access to different food via time travel, I wonder if we will be treated to someone trying to consume a type of food in a less than accurate manner. I think of this due to a fantasy book I read once where a ship from what is essentially that world’s version of a German Empire returned to port from a voyage to that world’s version of the New World. The sailors brought back these strange hand size round fruit and gave one to a kid at the harbor. The kid immediately bit into it and recoiled from the bitter taste until one of the sailors explained one needed to peel off the skin first.

    That said, most of the food here seems to be prepared and cooked so it doesn’t seem too likely.

    • TheGorram Batguy

      I can tell you that in the real world this exact sort of thing happens. I heard a similar anecdote about new immigrants to the United States making similar mistakes with regard to bananas.
      And watch Americans fumble in trying to eat Mangos before they learn “the trick”.

      • Storel

        Speaking as an inexperienced American, what is “the trick” for eating mangos?

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