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  • Sir_Krackalot

    Ten bucks says Harry figured out the trick and gave her a trick pistol.

    • Green Ghost

      With you on that.

    • Well.


    • Me-me

      See also; last comic’s comments.

      Looks like whatshisname’s prediction’ll come true, too: Harry gets to play the part of the “shot”. Hardy hardy har.

    • Daniel Riggs Fielder

      A rare occasion: Chekovs gun is actually a gun.

  • I am NOT surprised. I am SO not surprised i could just MOULT!

    • Haha yeah, people called it. Hoping that it’ll be entertaining anyway- I don’t think that predicting the bones of a story necessarily ruins the journey.

      • TrueWolves

        Agreed, actually looking forward to the details and the why!

        • SleepingDragon

          Yep, while I saw Lei’s betrayal coming from miles away I’m still very curious about her actual motivation in this, largely because I have no idea what effects exploding “the anchor” could have… I do have some wild theories but it’s pretty much guesswork.

      • =Tamar

        That’s what happens when you write such a good comic that you attract intelligent readers who like to play.

        • You guys are pretty great, it’s true! I’ve never seen a more civilized comments section, never had to moderate a thing. Going by other artist’s comments, it’s clear I’m blessed with awesome readers!

          • Killersquirrel66

            That’s because we are so blessed by the awesome author we have no need for mindless arguments! In a way, I like us being able to guess the bones of the story – it gives us a chance to discuss possibilities for the details before they happen. The ideas/theories people come up with can be fascinating, even if they turn out to be wrong.

      • Doofus

        While I usually like non-predictable stories, I agree in this case. Its still fun to read, and the details in this webcomic makes the diff

      • svartalf

        Oh, no, far from it, Kate.

        The betrayal…oh, it was telegraphed from the moment Lei showed up in person. But the rest of the story- that of why, and what she thinks she’s accomplishing…well, it’s still up in the air bigtime. Not all stories hide the things like this all that deeply.

        • I totally agree as well, it’s been a ton of fun speculating and discussing and ultimately seeing how the story unfolds, even if some plot points are guessed at. It’s been great!

    • Marvelous TK
      • Yeah, i got the quote wrong Way Back When, but i like my version better…

  • Istas

    You know Lei, if you’re really sorry you don’t go murdering people nice people who were trying to save you. You’re really bad at lying.

    • erdbeere

      She can still be sorry: Just because she wants to succeed in whatever she is trying to achieve, doesn’t mean that she can’t be sorry about shooting Harry to achieve her goal.

  • Green Ghost

    Well all the other times you drew a line to show trajectory and didn’t draw the muzzle flash.
    I reserve rights to write smart… comments this once.

  • RazorD9

    Least she apologized first before misinterpreting Sid.

    Even though saw Lei’s betrayal coming, it was still entertaining, plus know what’s to come will be more so.

  • Cooper

    And then Harry spits the bullet back at Lei.

  • SteelRaven

    …Sids not too bright, is he.

  • Hi! Just discovered this comic the other day (wish I could remember where! Did you advertise recently?) and have devoured it. I really love the magic system in this alternate universe, and how you draw people. You’ve also got just the right amount of sweetness without being corny (Mal and Wolfe’s story was exceptionally beautifully told). You’ve got a new loyal fan! I also intend to go back and read your other webcomic when I get the chance!

    • Aw, thanks, I’m glad you like it! What a kind comment :) I think I’ve got ads running all over the place at the moment, on Derelict and Comicmix, specifically, but they’re being spammed anywhere I can manage! Nice to see that they’re working :D

  • Zaydin

    Well, I can safely say I called it. Figured she was the one behind all this early on in the arc.

  • Well, since I’ve been playing Devil’s Advocate this whole time I’ll keep it up: she could still be being blackmailed into doing this. Until we know her motivation, we can’t know for certain that she’s a villain.

    • Green_Ghost_namedBob

      True, actually I was thinking she made a deal with a spirit.

  • ShadeTail

    New theory: Harry did *NOT* figure out the trick. She just gave Lei a blank pistol.

  • SoItBegins


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