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August 12th, 2015

August 12th, 2015 published on 40 Comments on August 12th, 2015

Here’s an interview I did over at Comics Alliance! And one I did with Starburst Magazine too!

It’s Kickstarter time again! Please check out the Widdershins Vol 5 Kickstarter project, which you can find here:

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  • Eagle0600

    Hmm. Interesting. Not sure if I quite trust that she’s not just a good actor quite yet, but I’m getting there.

    Ah, I see yer sneak hand thing there, ‘enry.

    • tali

      Henry: “What sneak hand thing? I have no idea what you’re on about.” ;)

  • Oh look who’s doing what all unobserved.

    • RLB

      He has a thing or two in common with his grandson-in-law-prospective (but don’t tell Harry I called him that…).

  • Euodiachloris

    Hmmmm… food for thought…

  • Qwefg Lockheart

    Can’t help but wonder if these “people” are the sins the main cast has been forced to deal with? Or only “some” of them were spirit transformed… spiritfied? Do we have a term for this?
    I can see envy, gluttony and Wrath being human turned spirit…. But Pride the bird and Greed the gene? They seem… different from the team line up or at least Pride does. Of course Sloth could go either way.
    Bird pride was showing off her “beauty”. Human pride? That’s less physical beauty and more “superior” aspect. Also one who doesn’t mind getting into a fist fight.

    • Sanjay Merchant

      I dunno, to me Greed the Genie and Greed the Human Cheapskate seem the hardest to reconcile to me. Pride the Peacock saw people paying attention to Princess Victoria (who was not Pride) and felt the need to show them all how much better he/she/it would be at being gazed upon. (How much prettier, more charismatic, etc.) I’m sure if Ms. Superbia encountered a beauty contest, she’d go on and on about how much of a statuesque stunner she is (to borrow TVTropes term). We’ve only seen her brag about her combat and athletic prowess because that’s what she’s been called upon to do thus far.

      On the other hand, as I’ve observed before, Mr. Avaritia seems to be the quintessential wet blanket: always quibbling over and whining about the cost of things, even when, on balance, he’d come out ahead with the proposed plan. Greed the Genie may have been cruel and selfish, but he had a sense of humor and genuinely seemed to enjoy a good time (even if most of the rest of us wouldn’t consider murder a form of recreation).

      • Firedog

        Wasn’t greed genie bound to the Mark of Thieves at the time of the story? So, are they just a bunch of relatively normal people with fancy nicknames? Or are there more of spirits representing sins than just one per each?

        • Sanjay Merchant

          Yeah, that’s the other thing that confuses me. Harriet’s dialogue says that the Mark (and presumably the Statue) have been around for centuries. So Mr. Avaritia raises more questions than the others.

      • billydaking

        Yeah, but Superbia feels more much more level-headed than Peacock Pride. And no where near as self-absorbed (delighted that Isabelle speaks French, trying to calm down Invinia in this strip).

        I’m actually interested in seeing where this story takes her, ’cause she’s really a likeable character that’s on the wrong side of things.

        • Sanjay Merchant

          I don’t see Superbia as being much more level-headed than the Peacock. She gets so caught up in chasing after Henry that she doesn’t really see that it’s kind of a waste: it takes Wrath to point out that there are far more efficient ways of killing Henry and Sloth to point out that he’s more useful alive and free.

          And of COURSE she likes that Isabelle speaks French. It’s her native tongue, which means it’s the best. And I’m sure she thinks she’s the best qualified to calm down Invidia. It wouldn’t do to have her screw up a perfectly good plan and ruin Superbia’s winning streak, now would it?

          I dunno, I think we’re splitting hairs at this point. My point was that I see a lot more variance between the Genie and Mr. Avaritia than between the Peacock and Ms. Superbia, not that there is no variance at all in the latter pair.

          Ms. Invidia isn’t a perfect realization of the Fox’s personality either. The Fox had a much better sense of what his position was in the world, while Invidia seems a little clueless in that respect.

    • Maybe Luxuria is trying to find good hosts/summon focuses for his fellow sins..? Offering them what they want in exchange for a little favor.. like freeing (possibly being possessed by?) all his trapped sin buddies. Needing a source of the right emotion has come up in their magic a fair bit before, after all. Lei let Pride out that way.
      If so, though, it would imply these folks aren’t the spirits right now, just elements needed by Luxuria for freeing them?

      • Phlebas

        That certainly seems to be what Isabelle thinks – Luxuria recruited these people and gave them the names, and it probably won’t end well for them.

        • Well, for most of them if it doesn’t end well, i’d say it’s ending well for the world…

        • If they’re all displaced nobles on the run, he might have ‘saved’ them and given them aliases as protection against those that want them dead…

    • Considering that Ms. Invidia is apparently French nobility and very much wants to get back to that highly enviable lifestyle, it would seem that all the people named for Sins in this story with the exception of Luxuria/Lust himself are humans who exemplify the Sin he named them for rather than the Sin incarnate. I think the idea that Luxuria plans to use them in summoning the other Sins, sacrifices, and/or vessels for the Sins seems the most likely at this point.

    • I think they’re humans he’s priming to be vessels for the other Deadlies.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Girl it’s not like he can undo the revolution for you… (or could he ? :)

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Clearly, he’s modeling himself on this version of Catherine the Great:

    • tali

      Well, he probably did promise her something of the sorts. Maybe to take her somewhere where nobles are still respected (like England).

  • Columbine

    I love the faces Invidia pulls, they’re hilariously over the top.

    • She’s currently my favourite person to draw :3

      • Sanjay Merchant

        Plus, unlike Henry, she doesn’t dive into rivers and give you headaches over shading. :-P

        • His hair is a small nightmare, also. I like how it looks when I’m done, but for some reason it’s a pain to get the shape right!

  • The more I see of Ms Invidia, the more I’m convinced that Ms Ashwin based her on my ex.

  • SleepingDragon

    Wow, lady has smarts. I mean, she’s connecting the dots awfully fast considering she doesn’t have all the knowledge we have. I wouldn’t be surprised if she already had largely figured out what the overarching plan of “Luxuria” was.

    • billydaking

      I’m thinking her years of research into the amulet and what Harry has told her about Luxuria (including identifying Luxuria as the Duke of Kent from a few hundred years ago back on the July 17th strip–“I knew it!”) has given her all the knowledge she needs. Which is why Luxuria wanted to get his hands on Isabelle. She’s obviously the key to whatever he’s planning, and if she already knows that Luxuria isn’t exactly human, I’m sure she has some ikling into what she’s in for.

      • Things that continue to make me excited: If Isabelle had such an important role to play in this plot, maybe our present-day Barber girls aren’t so special because they’re Barbers, but because they’re Holts!

  • tali

    Wow, this woman was really affected by the revolution, wasn’t she? And what a wonderful name shee has!
    And Isabel has a point – Luxuria is obviously tackling their inner most desires, and using them to win them over.

  • I’ve been getting the idea that Invidia and Superbia have some shared history together, and now that we’re finding out they may just be human? I really really want to know some more about what that might be!!!

    (Plus lots of other questions! Who else knew each other before Luxuria? What’s everyone’s backstory? How did he choose them? (Because they seem to embody the sins? Or did that come later?))

    Anyway, I am jittery with excitement to see how this story progresses!!!

    • Since Invidia seems to be fallen nobility, Superbia was likely either a loyal family servant or a noble as well. Considering her physical prowess and the man’s coat she wears, Superbia either lost her mother young and had lots of brothers and a father who found it easier to let her be one of the boys than find a governess to make her a lady (more likely for servant than noble) or she’s like Oscar from Rose of Versailles: a nobleman’s only child and raised as a boy to be his heir.

      • tali

        Or maybe she was Elodie’s lady in waiting/bodyguard. Would explain why they seem to get on well together.

        • Not sure that Ms Invidia would allow anyone who she isn’t her social equal to call her by her first name. As for touching…

          • tali

            Maybe Superbia is/was a noble as well, but chose a different path.

        • A Lady in Waiting would be nobility, though lesser than the noblewoman they serve, a bodyguard is a special category of servant, more important than a maid or such.
          Now if Superbia was the only child of a lesser noble permitted to train like a son, it’s not impossible that she was asked to be Invidia’s Lady in Waiting so that she could do double duty as a bodyguard for the higher noble’s daughter (the trouble with a male bodyguard is that it wouldn’t be appropriate to be alone with the girl he was guarding, they’d need a chaperon to make sure he didn’t do anything inappropriate. but, since it’s not considered ladylike to fight, there simply weren’t female bodyguards available [and Europeans just didn’t go for eunuch guards]. Superbia would be a very valuable exception).

          • CK

            I find it unlikely that anyone as proud as Superbia would be anyone’s servant–or, to put it another way, that anyone who had to work as a servant would be able to sustain such an inflated idea of themself. I’ve also noticed a lack of gender politics in general in this comic (a welcome omission!), so having Superbia dress and train as a boy is more plausible in Widdershins than in history. Superbia and Invidia do seem to have some kind of bond though–no idea on that. Too many possibilities at this stage.

            • Servants can be very proud, particularly if their family has been servants for generations, they are just proud of different things and express it differently than their masters would.
              If Superbia’s family had served as men-at-arms for Invidia’s family for generations (very common for the lesser nobility to serve the greater in such a capacity) and either because her father had no sons or because in the France of this world everyone was okay with girls fighting she honed her skills, she would be a very obvious choice to serve as a companion/bodyguard for Invidia. They would have been together for a significant portion of their lives, allowing them to become very close despite a difference in rank (still both nobility though, so the difference would only be an issue if/when they went to court and formal manners were necesary).
              Certainly, we don’t have enough info to be certain about any of this, but I think the scenario I’ve worked out makes sense with what we do know.

              • CK

                I didn’t mean that servants can’t be proud at all, or that they have nothing to be proud of; I just meant that they wouldn’t channel their pride in a “look at me and how magnificent I am! Look at how much better I am at everything than everyone!” kind of way, the way Superbia does. That’s what makes me think she would more likely be a master than a servant. I agree with you that they would express their pride differently.

  • Darth Fez

    I can’t believe I didn’t realize this earlier.

    Luxuria and the Technicolor Sins.

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