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August 13th, 2014 – Just 14 days left on Kickstarter!

August 13th, 2014 – Just 14 days left on Kickstarter! published on 24 Comments on August 13th, 2014 – Just 14 days left on Kickstarter!

He redecorated.

The Kickstarter for printed copies of volume four is now up! Only 14 days left to nab the newest book, and any of the older ones, with free exclusive extras!

  • Barrels?! Someone set up their Minecraft base in there. D:

  • Fuzzleton

    No Alcohol?

    It’s definitely shady if there is no party-planning.

    Yup, this confirms evil. Not the Sin manifested as a fox or the talent-usurping deserter, but the poorly planned evening. Something shifty is afoot!

  • Rulebook Lawyer

    And this is the reason for why someone in a group should be assigned to “Check 6”.

  • Will it be November soon?

  • TachyonCode

    Chemicals, or explosives? Or perhaps, explosive chemicals :D?

    • Worse. Chemical explosives.

    • Remember, remember the Fifth of November…

      • Rulebook Lawyer

        The Gunpowder Treason and Plot. …

    • svartalf

      Looks like he’s off doing something with a magic circle as well (look at the wall…)

    • JWLM

      Well, I guess we know what Harry will be doing with that cell phone…

  • dana

    I’m guessing another attempt to blow-up the anchor… or something? Although I don’t understand why.

  • DaggerPen

    Well, that sure looks ominous. My guess would be explosives, but what would Envy want blown up? Taking out the anchor wouldn’t make any sense, unless Envy wants to deny power to its siblings, I guess? We already did the “let’s blow up the anchor” plot, though, so it can’t be that.

    As an aside, I had a pet theory about Wolfe and Voss. I know the common idea is that this ends with Voss stealing talents from Wolfe, but from Envy’s wording, I get the impression that Voss can only steal things he doesn’t know how to do. I’m half expecting him to try to take Wolfe’s talents, only to realize that he’s already better than Wolfe at everything – and yet, Wolfe is still the only one who’s happy.

    • Maybe he’ll steal Wolfe’s ability to be happy. After all, it’s something he can’t do.

  • Del

    Might be gunpowder. For once, it is good that no one is smoking.

    Meanwhile…. I spy plans for some very large magic circles.

    • dana

      The circles could be floor plans for the anchor.

      • Oh… I thought it was a blueprint for a ring world.

        Which is admittedly a rather silly thing to think, because this is a fantasy comic, not a science fiction one.

        • svartalf

          Steampunk. Mix of magic, tech, etc.

  • So something just occurred to me. These minor spirits are summoned by people’s emotions, right? And the little guy from the first scene in the brewery is panic or anxiety or paranoia or something like that, right? So it showed up because somebody was feeling panicky or paranoid. And where did it show up? At the brewery. And when did it show up at the brewery? Right before Voss showed up to claim that selfsame brewery to be used as a major part in whatever the hell it is he’s planning. This suggests to me that whoever inadvertently summoned Paranoia knew something was up.

    The Hippo of Happiness requires considerably less explanation. I’m sure Wolfe summons those like gas station restrooms summon flies.

    • At least some of them are summoned by magical workings that either go completely wrong or aren’t properly ended, as i recall – that’s why Mail refers to them as “buggerups” – because someone buggered up.

    • Silly Zealot

      I thought it was already said that Voss arranged someone to summon the buggerup.

      • Well, I suppose that would explain why they ended up with Paranoia

  • Iituem

    Hadn’t pegged one of the mask-folk was a lady. o.o

  • Reader

    Silly Voss, you can’t make booze from that.

  • EmilyS

    Barrels? String? Bottles of something? Methinks someone is making bombs.

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