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August 14th, 2013

August 14th, 2013 published on 16 Comments on August 14th, 2013

Well duh, Alexa, it’s the best.

The Kickstarter already succeeded, but there’s still time to grab a book! The more orders we get, the better the book ends up!

Also, the second book is up on comiXology now, go check it!

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  • Stretch Longfellow

    So it is Gluttony, then. Not that it’s a real shocker, but nice to know for sure who the enemy is.

    And here was me going “it can’t be Gluttony! Gluttony was already shown!” Heh, I was thinking of Sloth. This is what happens to my brain when preparing for students.

    • Sanjay Merchant

      To be fair, he did talk an awful lot about eating. It’s just that sloth eats sleep…?

      • AsimvSideburns

        Sloth eats energy/motivation, so they got all tired and lethargic.

        • Sanjay Merchant

          I thought she was feeding it the sleep of other people, so the Wizards were working on lack of sleep and, therefore, more prone to buggerups.

          Didn’t climax of that whole thing involve What’s-Her-Name trying to feed all of the protagonists’ sleep to Sloth, and then her losing her own instead?

          • =Tamar

            I think she was entirely eaten by Sloth, not just her sleep – all the deadlies can probably devour people if the person calling them up defaults on the deal.

            • Me-me

              Ah, but she didn’t default on the deal – she just ended up supplying herself by mistake.


              Last we saw of her.

              • svartalf

                Actually, she did default on the deal- she offered Ben and Wolfe up and couldn’t give Sloth them because they escaped the circle on her.

  • Pocket universe outside of time!

    I was right!
    *is inordinately pleased with self*

    • evilvillain

      tarnation I was wrong

  • Somebody

    I don’t think I’d much object to being stuck in a high-end building with literally nothing but the best food in the world. I mean, yeah, I’d start to miss my family, but the risotto would help with that.

  • awhorl

    But wait–if the spirit provides the materials, then what’s in that margarita? cooperation-juice, no doubt . . . after all, the cooks have to eat too . . . Now, how do our detectives find their way to the time pocket? Does Harry happen to have a special recipe . . .let’s see, what section of a cook book haven’t we covered . . .

  • So not time travel then… interesting…

    • Final series of Sapphire & Steel anyone?

      Though this has got to be nicer than a motorway service area.

  • svartalf

    Gluttony…called it.

    One wonders if it was one of the other gangs that let this one loose… >:-D

  • Tetrareggaeton

    Margaritas weren’t invented till 1938.

  • Is she from Edinburgh?

    Or was the whole “ken = know” thing more widespread than that in the 20s? I heard they don’t do it in Glasgow… apparently. My late father’s side of the family all use it though… i.e. a goodly chunk of Edinburgh, last I checked.

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