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August 15th, 2015

August 15th, 2015 published on 38 Comments on August 15th, 2015

Such a gentleman.

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  • Jonathan Trouba

    Let the snappy one liners commence!

    • Qwefg Lockheart

      Face thy puny assault!

      • Disloyal Subject

        …why would anyone face their own assault?

  • Me-me

    Aw man, now we’ll (probably) never know the outcome of their introspection!

  • Darth Fez

    Isa’s library saves the day! I’m certain this is but the first of many such times during her and Henry’s adventures together.

  • tali

    Nothing beats Victorian school of maners:)

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    A good way to pass time as any other.

    (I really like the 3rd panel)

    • Darth Fez

      It just occurred to me to wonder if it is socially acceptable to begin a pillow fight with a woman in another woman’s boudoir. And he begins the fight with Envy, no less!

      Invidia pillows: throwing pillows with Invidia expressions stitched onto them. Collect the whole set!

      • svartalf


      • RLB

        Hey, they’re called “throw” pillows for a reason!

  • According to Baroness Worsley, pillow fights are only acceptable after the engagement, while hitting the young lady with books is permitted on the third date, (or the second if you are a Klingon).

    • D. Schwartz

      While on the first he has to recite poetry or opera and she can hurl pretty much anything at him.

      • Just a moment. Is this the same Lady Worsley who has her own TV series on BBC2 starting on Monday?

        Her advice on etiquette for young ladies may not be the ticket to polite society that Ms Holt thinks it is.

        • Haha! Sadly not where I took the name from, though I would read an etiquette book by Natalie Dormer in a heartbeat.

          • RLB

            Duchess of Kent? But she hasn’t written an etiquette book either, AFAIK, and doesn’t seem the type. One on footy, yes. Stuffy etiquette, not really.

            • It’s just a place name near to where I was born, I picked it out of a hat, pretty much.

              • RLB

                Right. No idea where that is, but it’s as good a source of a name as any. Well, if you’re born in a well-established area with old-fashioned names – I was born in the Dutch polders… not many decent place-names around here.

                (Though I must say, though the Duchess doesn’t act it, she does _look_ the part of a proper old lady.)

  • kuku

    It’s alarming how easily and quickly the books come flying off the shelves once he’s got the door open (speaking as someone who lives in an earthquake zone). Are they rocking the vardo heavily? They haven’t started moving yet, have they? If he can tilt the bookshelf away from the wall it’s even more alarming, unless there’s a way to attach it that Isobel just hasn’t gotten to yet.

    I love Henry’s pillow-flinging look. By the way, though you said his hair is difficult, I happened upon one of your earlier sketches for him and just want to say I like this Henry much better! I love all your characters, and this strip, so much!

    • =Tamar

      If the vardo is on springs, it will rock easily, and they are rampaging around.

      • kuku

        I didn’t know about the springs, thanks – and rampaging is true!

    • They’re moving, Avaritia’s been driving them for a few pages!

      Glad you like how he turned out, he took a while to get right! Dunno why, some people are tough to nail down.

      • kuku

        Okay, thanks! I thought they were waiting for Isobel to finish – and they haven’t retied her – sloppy, those guys!

        And Henry is totally charming, in the best of ways.

      • Del

        Kate thinks of everything! The panels are so rich in details and the dialogue so rich in foreshadowing, it makes re-reading these stories a delight!

        One would expect a vardo’s bookcase to be built onto the walls. But this bookcase was carried in as furniture (see the legs and boots underneath in Panel Four). Isa had some way to secure it for travel, but it was not permanently attached to the vardo. We can imagine that Isa expected to keep this bookcase when the vardo was eventually sold or replaced.

  • rainycity1

    Oooh! Action!

  • cake

    Christ, he’s like Han Solo squared.

    • Chris the Blue

      Only the best can birth the birther of Harriet Barber.

  • Have a nice trip … see you in the fall!

  • I like that Invy’s basically in a state of perpetual >:C

  • Sanjay Merchant

    OK, Superbia’s gratuitous French is making me think of Miss Piggy and the American football/rugby dash she uses to shove aside Henry is making me think of Lady Kluck from Disney’s Robin Hood.

    • John

      I don’t think Superbia’s French is supposed to be gratuitous. I’m pretty sure (from comments for earlier comics) that Superbia and Invidia are French, but that Superbia’s accent is much less pronounced than Invidia’s which is why her English doesn’t read as heavily accented the way Invidia’s does. So the French phrases are probably perfectly natural for her, as opposed to Miss Piggy’s French which was clearly sheer affectation.

      • Sanjay Merchant

        True, but while it’s a different source, the result is still “English with lots of French words and phrases scattered throughout”, which is enough to remind me of Miss Piggy.

  • cody demetro

    This reminds me of a wonderful fight scram in super jail where they keep throwing puns at each other.

  • Euodiachloris

    Wonder how he helps ladies with their coats and hats… xD

  • Best way to take advantage of both their natures there–flatter Pride by comparing her favorably to Envy! XD

  • Sanjay Merchant

    So your ComicBox adspace is currently showing me an ad for… Widdershins. “I heard you like Widdershins, so I put Widdershins in your Widdershins”?

  • Nymphadora

    I love the third panel! <3

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