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August 19th, 2015

August 19th, 2015 published on 51 Comments on August 19th, 2015

Sorry for the slowness, had a pretty wicked backache all Monday and Tuesday! I blame the ol’ tablet hunch. Sorted now though.

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There’s just two Purple Hippo of Happiness plushies left, and some spots for an ink sketch commission too! Look at these guys, seriously!

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Oh, right, there’s still the current cart driver to take care of.

  • ShadeTail

    Backaches are murder. I speak from *loooooooooooooooooooooots* of experience.

    • Darth Fez

      Aye, that they are. Just push a little more on the workout because you think you’re ready and, bam, it hands you a big ol’ time out. *grumble grumble* Backs are evil.

      • ShadeTail

        I’ve gotten them just by tying my goddamn shoes. I bend over, feel my back ripple kind of weirdly for the briefest of moments, and I’m shut down for a week or two.

        • Darth Fez

          I’ve experienced similar things. I reached down or whatever, felt the weird twinge/ripple/flex in the back, and I knew I was up for an unpleasant week or two. Especially since I started doing an abdominal workout that’s mostly a thing of the past, or it’s not nearly so bad when I do manage to do something to my back, so I can definitely recommend doing a little something.

          (But start sloooooow. Even then your abs will likely scream bloody murder for that first week or two.)

          • Yeah, I’ve twanged out my back picking up a sock before now. My family seems prone to slipped disks, so I’m trying to be careful.

  • Darth Fez

    Invidia is a foxy lady. Isa said so herself, so it must true!

    Isa, prepare yourself for a whirlwind roma… er, research trip!

    Disclaimer: the above two statements are in no way related.

    • I enjoy that someone linked to Envy got knocked out with fox repellant, I gotta admit.

    • JWLM

      I think that Harry already has himself a whirlwind Roma — Izzy

  • I like he’s still going to use the window to leave the wagon, even though the front door is (presumably) now free…

    • ShadeTail

      Don’t forget that Greed’s human avatar is still out there.

      • szbnahl

        Which raises the question of “are they still moving and if so how are they going to leave?”.

  • tali

    And how do they plan on leaving the wagon? If I’m not mistaking, it’s still moving. Now, I don’t know how fast a wagon goes at full speed, but I wager it’s pretty dificult to just jump out of it.

    • Wyvern

      I don’t think they ever *started* moving in the first place; Isabelle interrupted them before they did:

      • Shee Soon Theng

        Kate stated they were already on the move.

      • tali

        Acording to Kate on this page, they’ve been moving for a while – scroll down throught the comments a little. That’s the reason why those books came flying off the shelf wo easily when Henry needed to take down Superbia.

    • kuku

      There’s only one horse (bought by a cheapskate, so it may not be the strongest), and that vardo’s got to be quite heavy – especially with all the books! – so I don’t think they could be going that fast. Plus, hey, they’re adventurers!

      • tali

        Or they’re planing on taking down Avaritia and taking over the wagon

        • Tsapki

          I sort of figure they are maybe going for a stealth escape so they don’t need to worry about taking three hostages and towing about a wagon that likely travels slow and is easy to notice.

          • tali

            I’m not so sure about that, like I said, I still think they’re moving pretty quick, so just jumping out won’t be easy.

      • RLB

        I’ve jumped out of (and onto) a train when it’s pulling into our out of the station. Not recommended, *very* unrecommended at anything like a higher speed, and (quite apart from the modern, electric, auto-closing doors) I don’t think I could do it now – but a fit person could certainly jump out of a one-horse wagon not going at top speed.

        • kuku

          Yeah, and Avaritia doesn’t strike me as what Georgette Heyer would call “a noted whipster.”

  • l33tninja

    Yeah, sure, she just happened to put that sleeping powder in her pocket while he was outside. I love that he doesn’t think twice about this, but she basically had her pepper spray ready, just in case he was a bit loony.

    • Bieeanda

      It’s probably an occupational hazard, yeah. :)

    • Darkening

      I believe she was referring to when he went outside to confront the person knocking on the door, not when he first arrived. So the pepper spray was for the new person, not him. I could be wrong though.

    • Shee Soon Theng

      I believe it may refer to when he had stepped out to investigate who it was that was knocking, but right now it could have been either situation.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Stun foxes? I see what you did there!

    • Michael Brewer

      Yeah, nice touch.

  • Shee Soon Theng

    It may be off-panel, but it appears that Henry forgot to retrieve his pistol from (approximately underneath?) Superbia.

  • I enjoyed this page, but…
    …um, what knocked Superbia out? Because I didn’t see anything here or in the previous page that looked like it would do more than inconvenience her a little.

    • kuku

      A cascade of weighty tomes? She does have her arm out to block them, but maybe she hit her head on something when she fell back – it’s a small space.

      • Indeed! I’ve been hit in the head by far less and nearly knocked out, figured this would work fine.

  • MoeLane

    …Wait, why did she need to stun foxes in the garden?

    • They make the worst noises and smells!

      • MoeLane

        To quote Johnny Carson: “I did not know that.”

        • What does the fox say?

          • MoeLane

            Yeah, that’d get old fast. Heck, my eldest was going “MAKE THE BAD NOISES STOP” while I was listening to it.

            • First time I heard foxes fighting in the middle of the night, I genuinely thought someone was being murdered.

              • William Rice

                Trade you foxes for deer, at least they won’t eat the flowers we have growing in the front yard… wait, never mind there is bound to be problems with that and we already have foxes in my part of Texas.

            • kuku

              My cat was making some distressed noises himself while listening.

          • Euodiachloris

            And, those indecipherable not-yips. :/

          • rainycity1

            This is a treasure! Can’t wait to play it for my cats. ;-)

  • awhorl

    Aye, but can you get one of those purple plushies to apparate in America? If so, and there’s one left . . .

  • Euodiachloris

    Preparation, meet Spontaneity. xD

  • Shihchuan

    In the rush of things, Henry conveniently switched to calling Isabelle Izzy for the first time. Smooth. ;) (unless it already happened offscreen in the “He told me everything” part…)

  • tinwatchman

    I’m a little amazed Izzy hasn’t had gentlemen callers before.

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