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August 20th – Less than a week left on Kickstarter!

August 20th – Less than a week left on Kickstarter! published on 37 Comments on August 20th – Less than a week left on Kickstarter!

Sin-based spirit foxes can be so mean sometimes.

The Kickstarter for printed copies of volume four is now up! Only 6 days left to nab the newest book, and any of the older ones, with free exclusive extras!
Every book order comes with set of recipe cards written by the characters- we’re up to three cards now, can we unlock the rest?

  • Tre

    Well, this makes it rather obvious that it is just a member of the bloodline that is needed. Question is why.

    • cake

      nose envy?

    • Bill Soo

      Summon a virtue?

      • svartalf

        That’s probably the something Gramps did…since it seems that they can provide a wizard the conduit to summon one of Virtues. There’s something about the Barber line, apparently, and we’ll find out in due time (either in this arc or another later one…).

    • David Argall

      1st guess is this related to something Gramps did.

    • dana


  • Mal knows!!!!!!!!

  • Rulebook Lawyer

    Bwah, such emotional mood swings… almost make me feel abby-normal.

    • Silly Zealot

      I dunno, personally, I feel trumpet duck.

  • r2d2go

    I like how they match.

  • Envy: “You still think you can?!”
    Clearly, Envy has realized that there is nothing that Voss can ever say, do, or have to make Wolfe either jealous or envious and has been teasing him about it for who knows how long . . .

    • svartalf

      “Waste your own time if you must…” Clearly so…

  • slim kittens

    Mother always told me, “never trust a sin-based spirit fox”.

  • Voss is a sad fox. :C

  • Nin

    Fourth Panel: Aww, Envy looks so gleeful, wanna scratch his ears!
    Fifth Panel: neeeevermind *back away slowly*

    • Silly Zealot

      Nah, canines are soft and fuzzy with sharp, lethal armament built in their heads, like Funzo!

  • davidbreslin101

    That’s a real beast of an aura. Looks fearsome, but has a yellow streak. (Also a blue streak, but I guess we’re keeping the language PG rated).

  • das-g

    Am I seeing some “context-sensitive”, yet slightly misguided advertising?

    In the Banner at the bottom of this page, I currently see this ad:
    Text in the logo: “Mirror Spritis” “The Soulmate Typology”
    Further text: “I bet you didn’t know this about SOULMATES”
    Hovertext: “How do you know if this is just lust?”

    Funny thing is – the ad is through Project Wonderful where AFAIK no automatic ad placement based on keywords happens, but advertisers bid for specific positions on specific sites. So someone though a comic about paranormal stuff might be a good place to get readers for their esoteric blog and clairvoyance webshop? (That’s what it seems to be. Not a dating service as I’d have thought from the banner.) Next we’ll see exorcists buy advertising airtime between showings of “Ghostbusters” episodes. :-P

    (OK, I’m being mean here. I’m of course glad this seer supports the creation of this comic by advertising here.)

    • I did grin when I OKed that one.

      Though not half as much as I did when I got one for ‘wizard pipes’ which was just perfect .

      • das-g

        Oh, so you get to approve the ads ahead of time? I had the impression you can only veto them once they’re online.

        • With Project Wonderful? You can do it either way, I try to do the former to avoid ‘look here’s a boob’ ads

          • Sanjay Merchant

            If only they were that tasteful.

          • NoneCallNeTim

            If you miss one of those, do you make a boob?


  • I love the contrast of colors for Voss’s envy energy, it looks awesome. And it looks just as reluctant as him, which interests me. Also we have confirmation that they need a Barber! (Not that it wasn’t pretty obvious by now. XD) Aaaand Mal has officially seen Envy! NOW DON’T GET GOT YOU DOOFUSES

  • rhapsha

    Hmm. Not looking particularly healthy in spirit there Voss. Just saying, that maybe carrying the spirit of Envy around with you actually has a negative side effect.

    • svartalf

      You think?

      • rhapsha

        Ha, upon reflection my comment really is just stating the obvious.

        • Silly Zealot

          You think?

  • Nonesuch

    Looks like someone is finally starting to catch on that he’s been a mule all this time.
    And in olden days, the usual reward for a mule that had served its purpose was a quick chop…

  • Del

    I am very glad that Kate lets us comment here. It is a risk; we are critiquing her work in real time. And speculating about plot twists and spoilers. Kate has guts! — And the story-telling talent to keep us intrigued and guessing.

    And I have a special reason for appreciating you guys and your comments: I am color-blind, like Mal. I did not realize that Mal-vision sees the real world in grey-shades until you friends pointed this out for me.

    So… This is just “Thank you!” for all the fun of this comic and its web-enhancements.

    • Haha gosh, well, it’s not purely altruistic, I get a lot out of watching people react to the story and the characters. Seeing people getting into it really makes my day. And I’ve been blessed with probably the most polite comments section anyone could hope for!

  • Silly Zealot

    Oh, no! He’s grown fox-dependant! Someone get me a beagle, or a fox terrier, quick!

  • CorvusCornix

    I though Mal only has special vision, does he also hear spirits when others don’t?

  • I love the detail of Voss’s spirit cowering before envy.

  • Graham Garrett

    Won what?

  • Sarah W

    And now Voss’s aura looks like a sad elderly fox. :(

    What does he mean with “But I – I haven’t won yet!”? Does he mean won against Wolfe? Hmm . . .

    Anyway, I’m factually, honestly sorry for him now.

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