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August 21st, 2013

August 21st, 2013 published on 12 Comments on August 21st, 2013

Rosie makes the pickle!

The Kickstarter already succeeded, but there’s still time to grab a book! The more orders we get, the better the book ends up!

Also, the second book is up on comiXology now, go check it!

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  • Sanjay Merchant

    Do I want to know what happened to the previous baker? Is this hotel fond of Soylent Green?

  • It IS a hotel, after all, and hotels have guests. Guests typically want food at some point, so nice hotels have kitchens or restaurants. The only questions is, what sort of guests come to the Gula Beyond Time and Space?

    • It only has one customer.

      And he (it) puts Mr Creosote to shame.

      • svartalf

        But what is the wafer thin mint that will get this one going to be like?

  • Sarah

    This is getting more and more creepy by the update.

  • Cameron

    The episode with Lust is going to be… interesting.

    • JediaKyrol

      technically all of the deadlies but Pride can easily be broken down to lust…lust for food, lust for wealth, lust for power, lust for carnal knowledge, lust for the belongings of another, lust for…naps…

      • You can do that with a few of them- Gluttony could be a selfish need for anything, really.

        I’ve got ideas about that story, anyway, and the comic will remain work safe :P

        • JediaKyrol

          The seven deadlies were always so vague because that way you are always a sinner no matter what. (“You started exercising because you were overweight? Obvious envy of others…sinner.”)

          By the way…this story arc? Awesome.

      • Lust for yourself?

    • I’m hoping we will get to see lots of bare ankles. Or even some bare knees, but that might be rather racy. And they’ll probably be male anyway.

    • … I only just realised that there was an arc for each of them so far… o_0;

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