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August 22nd, 2014

August 22nd, 2014 published on 21 Comments on August 22nd, 2014

Barrels and bickering.

The Kickstarter for printed copies of volume four is now up! Only 4 days left to nab the newest book, and any of the older ones, with free exclusive extras, like a sticker sheet and a keyring!
Every book order comes with set of recipe cards written by the characters- we’re up to three cards now, can we unlock the rest?

  • Winger

    Ohhhh this is going to end well :| Dangit, why do the biggest cliffhangers always seem to land on the Fridays (therefore leading to the weekend break)? It’s a conspiracy. I’m onto you.

  • Dad-flastit, Ben, if you can’t sit still and not set things crashing like a nincompoop then you won’t be invited along next time! 8I

    I do appreciate the colossal irony that Ben, who was earlier doing a merry dance to keep from breaking things, just broke something at the worst possible time. *slow clap in Ben’s direction*

  • TrueWolves

    Well this’ll be a barrel of laughs.

    • One thing’s for sure, Ben can’t wine about Mal breaking things after this.

  • Swagner


  • Sanjay Merchant

    Ben’s “oops” face seems very meme-worthy. Between this, Alexa’s thinking face and a few others, it’s mighty tempting to just steal Ms. Ashwin’s work and use it for emoticons everywhere. But I like her so I’ll just use them in my imagination.

    • das-g

      If we ask nicely, maybe we can get Ms. Ashwin’s permission. How about it, @Kate A?

      • Sure, fine with art reposts that are credited. Within reason, of course! No rehosting the whole comic elsewhere (not that I think you guys would, but with the internet you never know)

  • Just the house settling

  • Francesca

    Their expressions in the last panel, so perfect. Oh Ben, you ruined the carefully thought out plan.

  • Rulebook Lawyer

    Failed Plans: “We’ll fast talk our way out, follow my lead…”

  • alex

    and this is why you don’t bring know it all stick in the muds along for stealth missions they constantly panic and think your to stupid to avoid being seen and normally end up giving your position away from the bickering or movement they are doing.

  • I’m sure that was Mr O’Malley’s fault really. :-)

  • Hans Rancke

    It seems to me that the person to blame is the one who went to the trouble of getting a stepladder and carefully place an empty bottle on top of the big barrel.

  • Nightsbridge


  • Rulebook Lawyer

    I sense… a distraction coming in, 3… 2… 1…

  • happy camper

    Bring in the happy hippo please!!

  • Corsenna

    So I learned something today… Kickstarter doesn’t accept debit cards. Which is a right pisser. Do I have any other options (especially regards the recipe cards)?

    • Oh, what type of debit card? It accepts my Visa..

      All the same, if you have Paypal, just paypal me the amount required for the tier you want, and add in the comments section your name, shipping address, and any extras you might have included in the total, and I’ll reply to confirm it got through okay. My paypal is!

      Same for anyone else with Kickstarter issues!

      • Corsenna

        Mine’s a Mastercard, though maybe it’s my bank providing the issues instead. Regardless, Paypal sent, with my heartfelt thanks for the alternative! :)

      • Corsenna

        aaand I forgot to comment in a delivery method. Oy.

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