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August 25th – LAST CHANCE TO BACK THE KICKSTARTER! published on 49 Comments on August 25th – LAST CHANCE TO BACK THE KICKSTARTER!

Last few hours to back the Kickstarter!

The Kickstarter for printed copies of volume four is now up! Just a few hours remain for you to nab the newest book, and any of the older ones, with free exclusive extras, like a sticker sheet and a keyring!
Every book order comes with set of recipe cards written by the characters- we’re up to four cards now, can we unlock the rest?

Also! I will be on BBC Radio Leeds on Wednesday morning, 8:50am, talking comics, cakes, and Kickstarters!

  • Marvelous TK

    I love that quiet little jab he gives Voss there. Mal, is it any wonder you are my favorite?

  • Rulebook Lawyer

    Goodness gracious me, he went for the Fast Talk Maneuver, and apparently made his roll. But looks like there will be some Saving Rolls coming shortly, such as versus Will Power. Can he do it??? (shaking the dice)

    • Silly Zealot

      *You roll a 15. You dodge the ability-stealing ray, but it hits Ben instead. Voss has acquired near-sightedness.*

  • JWLM

    Next up: Voss grabs O’Malley’s talent and it so horrifies him that he rips his eyes out rather than see auras as O’Malley does. O’Malley’s taken returns to him, as all the stolen talents return to their owners. Voss is reduced to his former self (although with a great deal more money.) Envy runs away

    • David Argall

      Not so fast. The shortest, & first chapter was 59 sheets, and the following chapters have each been longer, with the latest clocking in at 106. So at 32 pages, we are a long way from the end of this chapter. We also have some loose threads that also argue for a lot more pages. Barber needs to be threatened, and rescued, for one.
      So come back for the climax in another 50+ pages.

      • Yes, I think we have a bit more plot to come yet. Captain Barber isn’t going to get out of wearing a gown that easily, though I think she will be the one that ends up rescuing Herr Wolfe.

      • Marvelous TK

        Oh my God, are we only 32 pages in? It feels like so much longer. And I mean that in all the best ways, of course, but I had no idea it was still that early. Very exciting chapter, this one.

        • We’re actually at 60 odd.

          • the Amazing Mister Moriarty

            Ah, for some reason th Archives page stopped counting the Green-Eyed Monster pages after

            • Yeah, that’s just cause the archives don’t do that automatically, and I haven’t had time to go do it by hand yet, sorry!

  • I dunno. Perhaps Mal’s ability is unstealable and he and Ben can escape while Voss and his li’l green buddy are having SUCH a headache?

  • Jarin

    Aw hell…

  • Alex Hollins

    its not learned, its a natural talent that appeared after his injury. therefore, unable to be stolen if i understood the earlier conversations.

    • The gunshot? Naw, he could see it all before that.

      • Alex Hollins

        hunh. this really seemed to me like the first time he saw spirits, and trying to get to grips with what he’s seeing.

        • MoonicaMusing

          (edit: Just noticed that the refute above is from a pretty damn authorative source, and my citation is not necessary :) )

          This comic precedes that one by a week or two and has him seeing them.

          Although, I don’t disagree with you that it’s a natural rather than learned talent; but one could argue that playing a musical instrument can start off as a natural talent too (not all cases, obvs, but for some). So I’m not sure that’s the distinguishing criteria.

          • Alex Hollins

            Yeah, wasn’t arguing with word of god, just saying why I assumed that. However the comic you posted happens AFTER him getting shot, yes?

            And, even if you have a talent for an instrument, it still takes training to get good, yes?

            • 5th panel here was meant to clarify it- !

              • Del

                Mal might escape intact by a clever intervention by Ben, or perhaps a sudden interruption.

                But personally, I hope that Mal loses his ability for a while. I like the way that Kate hobbles and cripples the abilities of our heroes just before the final battle — and we manage to win the day, in spite of it.

            • Deepbluediver

              As far as I can tell, O’Malley does his best to ignore his natural talent/gift/curse. The idea of him practicing to do anything by eliminate it seems far-fetched me to. (in fact that idea of him being focused enough to practice anything all is a little ridiculous)

              Based on his attitude, it seems less like the ability to play an instrument well and more like every time you walk near an instrument it starts playing itself. Which you might think sounds neat, until you realize that you have no control over it, and every instrument always plays a different song, which might range from Beethoven to Black Sabath, so rather than beautiful music all you get most of the time is discordant noise.

            • Nightsbridge

              It happens more or less within an hour of him getting shot. And look at the way that Mal views the spirits; he knows just by looking that they represent emotions and how to tell a liar, how to see the hatred, and he has had time to grow embittered and used to no one believing him.
              If he didn’t have it beforehand, he wouldn’t be so bitter about not being believed at all.

              • svartalf

                And he wouldn’t have had a bad history of trying to explain it to others…

      • Del

        Even so…. If Voss could steal natural traits, he would have stolen some good looks from a handsome fellow by now. Or at least a straighter nose.

        • Deepbluediver

          I think there’s a difference between stealing the ability to do something, whether naturally learned or because of practice, and stealing physical traits. Otherwise, why would he not just steal the whole face of the richest man in the land and be done with it?

          Personally, I believe that O’Malley has always had his ability to see into the spirit world. If he first got it after being shot, then I would expect his reaction to be more like “why the hell is everything grey and what the frell is that?!?!?” and less “no one ever believes me”.

          • Mari

            I think it was pretty clear he’s always had his powers – I remember when he first met Harry he said something like “She must be a redhead” – so he’s never seen colour.

  • Jay

    Loving Voss’ auras here. He started off with a yellow fox (Fear of Envy), then it’s orange (anger at intruders), and now blue (sadness???)

  • Lleyn

    Ack! Now I’m torn. On the one hand, I really want to see how Voss will react to O’Malley’s ability (provided that Envy gives it to him after stealing it from O’Malley), on the other hand, I don’t want O’Malley to lose his ability! I mean, I guess he’d see it as a blessing in disguise, but he is what he is and who he is because of that ability, so… torn!

  • Cooper

    Wondering whether Voss’ reaction will be “Oh god everything looks horrible”, or “Oh god my brain cannot process all this new information”.

  • Euodiachloris

    *crosses fingers and hold thumbs* Too much to chew… too much to chew… too much to chew…

    Actually, that makes Mal’s “gift” sound like a whole tin of Farrah’s toffee… never mind. :P

  • Ailinu

    Mal’s second-panel expression looks a little too close to Lyam’s face when he’s up against Baal for anything good to happen…

  • Guest

    Am I am bad person for really wanting Mal’s ability to get stolen just so I can see Voss freak out when he looks in a mirror? Anyone?

    Also is it significant that Voss’s emotion fox thing has changed color?

  • Am I a bad person for really wanting Mal’s ability to get stolen just so I can see Voss freak out when he looks in a mirror? Anyone?

    Also is it significant that Voss’s emotion fox thing has changed color?

    • svartalf

      I think it is. There’s a sea-change about to happen there.

    • Foehn

      I kind of want his ability to be stolen so that we can see Mal’s spirit. But I also want Mal to keep it so I am dealing with some internal conflict.

  • JediaKyrol

    Haha! His Aura is a sad puppy!

  • Oh nooooes! I too hope for a short term power swap– that’d be awesome to see, I agree with the people hoping for a Voss mirror freak out. But hopefully they will find a way to return all the other gifts Voss has stolen, and Mal’s gift/curse I probably would go along with them.Here’s hoping. Looking forward to see what happens in either case!

  • Sonja

    Yay! I made a last-minute-donation on Kickstarter for the books! ^^ And I wanted the sticker sheet, too. Is it correct that I just add 2 £ for that? Don’t I have to write somewhere “I want the stickers, please”?

    • Just add the £2, and when I send out the surveys asking for your address, there’ll be a bit there asking if you bought any extras! No worries!

      Also, thanks!

      • Sonja

        Great, thanks for the answer! Looking forward to getting the books! :-)

        • Sonja

          PS. What the hell, I go for the keyring, too! ^^

  • Ted

    Ahahah, I love Envy’s poses so very much here. He’s just delightful!

  • Dragon

    Poor omalley is going to be flooded with all these colors in places he has never seen them before! And voss is going to freak out even more, especially once he realizes what his spirit looks like.

  • The Wing


  • Wyvern

    When I read Envy’s line “He can see MANY things!” I recalled a voice saying something similar, with a distinctive inflection. This morning I finally remembered where I’d heard it — it’s in this video, around 2:20: (“Live long enough, Hope dear, you’ll see many things.”) The reason I bring this up is because it got me thinking about what Envy sounds like. Although I love this actor’s performance of Cladwell, I imagine Envy having a smoother and more seductive voice.

  • Odo

    Looking at Voss’s aura it seems to me that it is consistently a purplish blue surrounded by orange. In the third panel we are looking past his head and only seeing the orange fringe/outline. The rest of the apparent color changes are due to different backgrounds.

  • BaronHaynes

    I wondered if Voss’s spirit would have bits of what he’s stolen hovering around it, since he’s taken pieces of the people he meets. But I guess he’s taking abilities rather than souls? Mal’s spirit sight is really interesting.

  • Graham Garrett


  • dfs

    Please become blind. And have your sight back, of course, after some drama.

  • Sarah W

    Oh man. Oh man. Oh man. Oh man.

    Hey, new title. “The One Who Stands Between.” Nice addition, Mal!

    Oh man TENSION

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