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August 26th, 2013

August 26th, 2013 published on 24 Comments on August 26th, 2013

A setback.

The Kickstarter already succeeded, but there’s still time to grab a book! The more orders we get, the better the book ends up!

Also, the second book is up on comiXology now, go check it!

Support the comic, buy some neat swag!

 Widdershins Vol. One | Widdershins Vol. Two 

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  • Pirate_Prince_Navarion

    The poor dish. :-( Did she really think that no one else has tried that before? Maybe asking how the previous baker came “close to getting out” would be smarter.:D

    • Lleyn

      And what happened to him when he failed…

  • NightSprite

    Welcome to the Matrix!

    • das-g

      Or is it “Welcome to the thirteenth floor!”, rather?

      • Welcome to Simulacron 3…

      • Ivresse

        Welcome to HELLLLLL!!! MWAH HAH HAH HAH HAAAAAAAHH!!!! *cough*

    • reynard61

      “Will you eat the Red sandwich or the Blue sandwich?”

  • Istas

    So the cooks come here due to their fantastic cooking skills. So how are the maids chosen?

    • nsanelilmunky

      Maybe they were in the building when whoever it was summoned Gluttony?

  • One cannot typically return to one’s previous location from a pocket dimension simply by walking out the front door. That would be too easy.
    Even if there is a door that will get one where one wishes to go, it will be hard to find.
    She didn’t give this much thought before taking off, and she didn’t even finish her sandwich!

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Watch out for the sandworms.

  • T T

    that poor sandwitch!

  • Hornet

    Wonder if they burned it down, would it hurt the sin enough to let them go???

    • Burn down the building you’re trapped in?

      • Sanjay Merchant

        “When in doubt, set something on fire.”

      • Frankie D.

        Fire is the Cleanser

      • Sicarius

        The Sisters of Battle would approve.

        • ShakeJake

          And pitch in a helping hand with the torching, complete with lovely songs.

  • Red

    The sandwich!!

  • Sanjay Merchant

    So does the red dangerousness outside look like a summoning circle to anyone else?

  • xd

    This reminds me of GANTZ

  • It’s still gotta be better than a motorway service area as a place to spend eternity.

    • elCo

      Sapphire & Steel reference? 8O

  • She wasted the sandwich?!
    Dropped the plate and wasted the sandwich?
    Bloody bourgeoisie bint… >=( … Works with food and has no respect for it…

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