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August 27th, 2016 – Last hours for the Kickstarter!

August 27th, 2016 – Last hours for the Kickstarter! published on 66 Comments on August 27th, 2016 – Last hours for the Kickstarter!

What the title says! last chance to grab the newest Widdershins volume via Kickstarter!

Also! I’m going to be rearranging my update schedule a little next week, as i’m pulling too many allnighters right now and it’s silly. You’ll still be getting two updates a week, I just can’t really guarantee when in the week they’ll pop up, til I sort out what works for me.

  • Dane 72

    The Barbers are not known for their diplomatic skills. Poor Mal, the only thing he wanted was something to eat, and now he is in this mess

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Y’see, Harry, *this* is why you should’ve brought Florrie along!

      • Tikatu

        Florrie would have been too much of a distraction to Wolfe and vice versa.

        • Jay

          Yeah, but it would have been one way to get Lust’s attention! Here, all they’re getting is Wrath, and they already knew where he was…

  • It is fortunate that Captain Barber has gone to Halifax. Otherwise O’Malley would already be on his knees in the gutter looking for his teeth.

  • Winger

    Ooh, surprise updates! Keeps us on our toes.

    It’s a good thing our resident crankypants protags got themselves some diplomacy guide dogs before going head to head.

  • BaronHaynes

    I think I’m slightly more sympathetic to Mal here, she’s basically treating him as a tool she needs rather than a person. But it’s understandable — the problem they’re trying to solve is huge and she’s not in the best headspace for him being difficult about everything.

    Also I really like the sky in this chapter!

    • Basil Sage

      Yeah, Mal kind of walks a blurry line between ‘cranky and difficult’ and ‘fragile and in genuine need of hand-holding’, and Harry’s kind of failing to see that right now it’s more of the latter than the former. The smart thing to do would be to use Wolfe and Thackerey, who between them understand Mal and can influence him better than anyone, to get him to go, but that’s not obvious to Harry, who’s known the three of them for five minutes and already isn’t a fan.

      I actually see Harry as pragmatic enough to get along with someone she hates to get the job done, so this seems like an indication she’s letting the distress over her grandfather and the entire situation get to her.

      • John

        Harry’s probably also reacting to Nicola’s “Good news is we have a witch, the bad news is it’s Jack O’Malley.” statement. While she is currently having problems in her relationship with her sister she probably has enough respect for her sister’s judgement to think there’s a reason why everything Nicola said about Mal in that conversation was so negative. So she was predisposed to dislike O’Malley on sight.

        • Basil Sage

          Yep, AND Wolfe flirting with her and anything else that moves, AND Ben being Verity’s little cousin and also a neurotic little weirdo (<-and I'm saying it as someone who likes him).
          Plus, she isn't a wizard, and all she has to go on are Isabelle's instructions. Mal undermining Isabelle makes Harry nervous. She isn't in the right frame of mind to choose gentle persuasion over aggression, or to trust Wolfe and Thackerey to perform said gentle persuasion.

          • Plus, since they clearly had a witch in the family (Grandma isabelle’s grandmother, yes?) his attitude towards witches is insulting Harry’s family. That is not something she is willing to tolerate right now.

            • svartalf

              She wasn’t a Witch, but a Wizard- a fairly powerful and capable one.

              A Witch would’ve put paid to Lust’s plans when she was young like her kids are right now. (You saw just how powerful Mal was against Wrath with a bit of help from Wolfe and Ben’s instruction, right?)

              He’s got a power that allows him to straddle both worlds at the same time. He just can’t twig onto just how much _beyond_ Sid, Ben, and the others he could be- and we have Ms. Sloth to thank for at least part of that “broken” he’s got that keeps him from realizing just what he is.

              • Shee Soon Theng

                She WAS a witch, and a trained wizard.

      • Emily

        Basil Sage: I know this comment was posted months ago, but you’ve put into words why I like Mal so much – he has this real vulnerability underneath the crankiness, and it makes him kind of adorable.

  • Bad Internet Decisions

    Pictured in panel 2: Harry Barber approximately 4 sentences out from knocking a man unconscious. i cannot imagine that discussion working out well for Mal if not for that timely intervention.

    • Harry Barber, with the gun butt, in the street…

      • Sanjay Merchant

        Honestly, she looks mad enough to use the front end of the gun….

        • (Ms Harry sticks muzzle of gun up O’Malley’s left nostril)
          “No, your head explodes if you don’t go.”

          • Disloyal Subject

            Oh, hell. It’s always a pain to find decent parts for female Imperial Guard conversions,
            But a Commissar needs to be painted as Harry. Chalk one up on the project queue.

    • Andy Nguyen

      To be fair, it’s worth remembering that Mal (1) has a decent sense of self-preservation (hence him wanting to leave in the first place), and (2) has an exceptionally good continuous read of Harry’s emotions (remember how his witch power works). The fact that Mal doesn’t back down after panel 2 suggests that whatever rage he may have incited in Harry still pales in comparison to whatever it is that scares him about the anchor.

  • Basil Sage


    Mal, who normally isn’t one to care about decorum, has some ideas in his head about what behavior is appropriate for wizards:

    …and it makes me want to know where his former knowledge of wizards comes from, what his history with Widdershins is, and damn it, when is (back)story time? I’m impatient over here.

    • John

      I doesn’t seem likely that Thackery would behave in a way that would change any of Mal’s preconceptions.

      • Basil Sage

        Actually, I’d imagine that a year of zany adventures in malform-busting with Thackerey should have worn down any preconceptions about wizards having much in the way of dignity. Question is, where did the preconceptions even come from in the first place?

  • This rearranged schedule sounds like an Evil Plan to increase site hits by getting me to click update every 15 minutes to see if there’s a new page yet.

    • D. Schwartz

      Truly nefarious.

    • * Is it up yet? * * Is it up yet? * * Is it up yet? * * Is it up yet? * * Is it up yet? …

      • Sanjay Merchant

        At that rate, Ms. Ashwin’s going to be the victim of self-inflicted DDoS.

    • AJ

      You don’t do that anyway? ….’Cause I do.
      (I live in the wrong time zone or something because I never see the update on the day I’m “supposed to.”)

      • Well yes I do. But I can give it up any time I want…

  • For anyone here who reads Footloose – i am put forcibly in mind of Keti’s and Jin & Daniel’s mothers and their fathers

  • Kinda scary when Verity comes off as the most reasonable one…

  • MoeLane

    “Stop! STOP! That’s just the tobacco talking! It’s affecting you!”

    [Both of them] “…That doesn’t even make any sense.”

    “Well, sure – but I had to come up with something vaguely absurd to get your attention. We should check for Wrath.”

  • Del

    Another dispute solved by sharing time out for tobacco!

  • Hrm. Even if this story is going to be mainly focused on Harry and Mal, Sid and Wolfe will be the real heroes, won’t they?

    • Euodiachloris

      Um… they’re not already? Being able to deal with the brambly personalities they care for takes steel. ;P

  • fyrehair

    Man, I really want to see Sid and Wolfe sitting in a pub getting quietly drunk together at the end of this adventure.

    • Can we have Mal and Harriet sitting next to them? With Benji, Nicola, and Vee down the way?

      • Columbine

        Mal and Harry *arguing* next to them I think :P

      • AJ

        That would defeat the purpose of the two peacemaker characters getting quietly drunk.

    • JWLM

      +1 for this. I see them slumped against the bar, exhausted, looking across the pub, watching Mal and Harry bicker and Ben look snooty and aloof, and just shaking their heads.

    • svartalf

      I am mindful of the remarks from Ice Pirates here:

      “I hope no one minds but I have no intention of facing this sober…”

  • I’m sure DMs throughout the multiverse will be groaning behind their screens in sympathy, as the party are given a map with the six key locations marked on it, decide to go somewhere else completely and then start arguing amongst themselves.

    • Darastrix

      That is totally the kind of thing that happens in my gaming group. This has even led to the death of a DMPC in one instance I can recall. The character went off on her own to get away from the argumentative party character for a while. Unfortunately, we were in the Abyss at the time, so a few rolls later to see if there was an encounter, we were down a wizard.

      • Nearly lost our alchemist the same way – lucky for him, he had enough flammables to take on an ooze and a reflex save to not set himself on fire in the process. Though he actually wandered off in the middle of a fight because he was bored, so he kinda deserved it. XD

    • MoeLane


    • JWLM

      I know, I know! Let’s split the party!

  • John

    The cousins commiserating is cute. Love that Ben’s seeing the upside to having the Malform removal office burning down.

  • Rachel Elizabeth Penfold

    Hehe… for just a moment, I thought Wolfe was picking Mal up in the top right panel <3

  • amusingmurff

    Parallels here, parallels there, parallels everywhere!!

  • SaberRoy

    You know, part of me thinks that going to the anchor will cause problems for Mal, if only because he has no real “training” of his abilities. Because as much as Isabelle is the expert here, she is many times removed from her Witch ancestor, it wouldn’t surprise me if what she knows has been very muddled over the years, or simply she has blanks do to things not seeming important enough to pass on. The idea that since a Witch is more or less assigned to each anchor so that of coarse they can easily enter and be okay within it is an easy assumption to make, but could easily not be true. Perhaps it’s something that needs to be eased into?

    Isabelle is the one who knows what a Witch truly is and Mal does not, but the only person in Widdershins who truly knows what it’s like to be a Witch is Mal, and that will probably have to be addressed at some point.

    And for that matter, dose being a Witch simply allow you to do Summonings like Wizards or was Isabelle’s ancestor a Witch/Wizard combo. Because Mal has always been very clear that he is not a wizard, we’ve never seen him actually do wizard like stuff, and he didn’t handle Wrath at all in a Wizard like fashion. Could it be that some of Isabelle’s plans may not work, at least a little bit, because they assume a Wizard/Witch combo, or at least a Witch who can just do this because Witch?

    Also, I can’t help but wonder if Mal may have been to the anchor before, we know he has been in Widdershins before, all signs point that Ms. Acedia had him captive for a long while because he was the Witch. There is the thought that Lust may be hiding at the anchor itself… and if anyone would be able to see Lust when he didn’t want to be seen while free, it would have been Mal. Maybe even that’s how Ms. Acedia learned about Mal. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was still in contact with him (compared to just finishing everything off by herself.)

    • Alétheia

      “Because as much as Isabelle is the expert here, she is many times removed from her Witch ancestor, it wouldn’t surprise me if what she knows has been very muddled over the years, or simply she has blanks do to things not seeming important enough to pass on.”

      Eh… I mean, yeah, she has a lot of family history and lore to learn from, but it’s also important to remember that she’s an academic. Even if she’s not a witch or a wizard herself, she’ll have studied them, what they do, how they do it, and so on; at first this would have been spurred on by trying to understand what her ancestor did, especially with Lust and how to reverse all of that, but later on she’ll have continued just to learn for knowledge’s sake, too. So it’s not necessarily that her knowledge is muddled, especially as she would’ve had resources about other witches (not just the long-dormant Widdershins branch), it’s that it’s mostly theoretical and academic-based, not based on her own experiences and real-world practice, you know?

      (I’d wager a guess that most academic-turned-practical people will have plenty of stories about times when their book learnin’ failed them in the face of real-world applications… :P )

      • SaberRoy

        Um… Isabelle is a Wizard.
        And for that matter, she wasn’t necessary studying Witches themselves, but trying to pinpoint Lust’s travels. Later maybe she did, true, but that’s not certain as as the time she already had the binding spell and didn’t needs a Witch to help.

        The question is how much academic resources are there. I mean Witches have become nothing but evil beings used to scare children in Widdershins, Edmund, Isabelle’s own grandson thought they were made up. Sid dose know a little, which likely because he went to school true, but it’s only a little, and knowing one existed and knowing what they could do is very different and it has been a long time since Widdershins had one, 400 years I think, so what written record is there may be limited and mostly historical and less magical, and what is there, considering historical academia, could very easily be extremely biased or outright wrong. Especially as it would require the Witch themself to have written about their experiences and how it works, or at least help someone else do it.

        As for the other Witches, Tourist destination or no Mt. Everest is rather remote, and if I remember correctly the other anchor is even moreso, information from either one can easily be very rare or non-existent. And information from them would require them being willing to share, possible, but also possible for them to refuse too for whatever reason.

        So I still say I wouldn’t be surprised if most of what she had to work with was family history, or if she was working from a misguided understanding of some things, that’s all. It may be wrong but it’s an interesting idea I think possible.

  • Columbine

    I love that the kickstarters have gotten more and more money every time a new book comes out. It makes me happy that more people are enjoying this comic and rewarding Kate for creating something amazing. I found out about the comic a few years back at Thought Bubble and I think the new task is to convert my friends.

    • AJ

      Comic evangelisim in my house:
      Me: Husband, check out this awesome comic!
      Him: Eh. I don’t like the art much.
      Me: WHAT? You read [comic] and [comic] and they have TERRIBLE art! Besides, this is GIRL GENIUS! Read it. You will love it.
      Two years later….
      Me: Why does your browser history say you binge-read GG last night?
      Him: …..
      Me: I told you! I told you! *dances* Now check out Widdershins!
      Him: Eh.
      Me: *aside, to the camera* Just you wait…..

      • John

        How can you not like the Foglio’s art?

        Although as much as I enjoy Girl Genius I have to admit that Widdershins is my favorite web comic.

        • Girl Genius is a definite legend, and having very briefly met Mr Foglio, he was very nice indeed.

        • AngryScientist

          I could see people having an issue with the early post-prologue GG art, especially if you don’t go read the TvTropes pages for every comic you like/realize on your own the broader thematic reasons for eye-popping neon gradients everywhere.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    “Eh, they can rebuild it.”

    • AJ

      “If you [re]build it, they will come.”
      Singing, “O’Malley, O’Malley, we’re going to find the O’Malleeeeeeey!”

  • rainycity1

    …the up side to having Wrath burn down one’s house…

  • rainycity1

    Kate! get some sleep!

  • svartalf

    Dagnabit, I can’t laugh like this… I’m at work, I am…

    This is EPIC!!

  • Euodiachloris

    Ben’s sudden discovery of a silver lining to having your home and business die horribly is rather precious. xD

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Just noticing the composition on the left column of panels: putting whichever character is on the offensive in the foreground drives the back and forth of this argument home.

    • Thanks! I had a lot of fun with this page, mirroring things is always kinda fun.

  • Rereading the chapter and I just…love this…so much…! So many great character interactions!!

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