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  • Different time, same place, but still at a baking contest.

  • evilvillain

    Hotel Gula:
    gula – eating to excess (personified as one of the deadly sins)

    • Kamikazi

      Gula also means sugar in Bahasa Melayu

      • I didn’t know that, but it fits wonderfully, thanks for letting me know!

  • Dawg

    Haha I love how she runs away.

    • Sortelli

      for a second I imagined that there was a sound effect that literally said “scamper”

  • Pirate_Prince_Navarion

    Hm, fascinating. Alexa tries to get the maid’s name twice, and both times she doesn’t answer. So either the author wants to drop it as a bomb on us, or she is ashamed of it. Possibly both.

    • Maybe Ms Ashwin has been taking lessons from Prof Foglio in not telling the readers what is going on. (Not a complaint – it’s good storytelling and makes sure the punters turn up for the next exciting episode).

    • David Argall

      Right above comments is a list of who appears in the strip that time. So the maid is Nora Fenton.

      As a point of interest, it took me about 2 years to notice this.

  • Me-me

    The hotel ATE her from the FUTURE so that it could get a GREAT CAKE here in the past.

  • Interesting that Ms King addresses Ms Fenton as ‘Miss’ when everyone in the 1830’s uses the politically correct ‘Ms’. Ms Fenton was wearing a wedding ring on the cover page so presumably she is a ‘Mrs’.

    • =Tamar

      All younger-appearing maidservants are “Miss” until proven otherwise. Notice she uses “Ma’am” rather than “Ms” to address Ms King; that is also standard maidservant speech.

      Good catch on the ring. Now, is that a wedding ring or a magic ring? Does she take it off for most of her work, or is it acquired later in the story?

      • Good points on the forms of address. Re: the ring: certainly in a modern food manufacturing environment you have to remove all jewellery – and that includes facial piercings, take note Ms King. Biting into bits of stray metal in your cake always makes a bad impression, even if the metal in question is real gold and the cake tastes really good.

    • Alexa honestly doesn’t know the first thing about 1830s terms of address, history was never her favourite class.

      • =Tamar

        It’s the maid who used “Ma’am” and the maid would know because she lives there, as far as we know. I figure Alexa probably used “Miss” because that is still the standard polite term for a reasonably young woman in a service industry, especially in a hotel.

  • The Wing

    Nora Barber must be married, then. :o To a “Mr Fenton”.

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