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  • ThisCat

    Hmm, intriguing.
    I suppose he is coming home, in a sense.

  • JK

    So, two possibilities I can see:
    One, the anchor used to be loud because of the sins and now it’s silent.
    Two, Mal can actually stand the anchor now (perhaps it’s adopted him or something).

    I feel like it’s gonna be #1 but #2 would be nice.

    • SomeGuy411

      It seems like the anchor is the quietest place in Widdershins, from where I’m standing. I don’t think he’s ever actually gone near it. Given it has no inherent emotion bound to it, I don’t think it would really display on Mal-o-vision without someone actively pushing it

    • BaronHaynes

      Isabelle said that you’d have a hard time moving a witch from their anchor — maybe this is what she meant. Mal figured that getting closer to the anchor would make the sight and the headaches worse, but it actually does the opposite.

      • Phlebas

        My guess is that it gets worse the closer he is to the anchor, up to a point. But once he crosses a certain threshold it stops, like the eye of a storm. He’s just never been close enough to discover that threshold before.

        • billydaking

          Yep…that’s what it looks like. Mal’s pretty much doubled over in pain as he gets closer to the Anchor, but then when he’s at the entrance (last panel), he’s in the clear.

          • Euodiachloris

            Which might suggest that Mal’s never been without some chronic, underlying pain… even when as far from the Anchor as he could get. :/

            • MoeLane

              That would explain a bit.

  • John

    All the background people are being influenced by the deadlies, but it sure looks like the anchor isn’t what Mal expected.

  • Del

    Welcome home, Mal.

  • Dane 72

    Ahh.. I see Kate got tired of drawing background people

    • spas


    • billydaking

      Maybe there’s a reason why people aren’t around the Anchor….

  • JWLM

    “Huh?” Seriously? Is that all you can say in a situation like this? I mean, couldn’t you even tell us what kind of situation you’re only responding to with “huh” is?

    Either way, it’s all your fault, Mal. And everyone else’s, too, but always yours.

  • spas

    i absolutely adore the skyline – stroke of genius!

    • David Grant

      Yeah, it’s shiny.

  • The expression of a man who has suddenly realised that cauliflower doesn’t taste as awful as he thought it would.

    • Mistwraith

      Especially with cheese !

    • TachyonCode

      Which is, of course, why Buffalo Cauliflower is now a thing. To compensate.

    • Ilmari

      Not difficult, since it really doesn’t taste of anything, by itself.

  • Hominid

    Has Mal’s sky always had color?

    • No.

      • Dud

        OK, so: that’s not the sky. Hmmm. Must be the auras of a gigantic swarm of insect wizards who are homing on the anchor. Lemme see: The closer he gets the more it hurts but now it doesn’t…. GOT IT! He’s looking upwards. The Anchor itself is rising into the sky and getting futher away – hence the lack of pain. The ANCHOR HAS BEEN STOLEN BY A BILLION MAGIC-WIELDING GNATS and they’re flying it to – um, a secret lair in a distant swamp; or something like that.
        Am I close Kate?

        • ThisCat

          I like this theory. I will believe it until proven otherwise.

          • Sir. Orc


        • AJ

          She upvoted it! It must be true!

          Quick! Send a letter back in time to Harry and Sid to let them know! They need to ready the people to bow down to the Anchor-weilding insect overlords!

      • Say, you look different today. Did you do something with your hair?

      • John

        Huh, I didn’t notice this before, but prior to this story all Mal-o-vision has been indoors or at night. And it looks like Mal-o-vision at night had a featureless black sky while regular vision of the night had a dark gray sky speckled with stars.

        Nice way to subtly hint that he’s not seeing the sky the same way everyone else does while still keeping it low key enough that people (like me) could miss the significance of the sky in this story being seen in color in the Mal-o-vision panels.

      • Sanjay Merchant

        Wait, the tree’s are in color, but the people and buildings aren’t. Interesting!

        • They’re not! It’s all at the usual 90% desaturation.

          • Sanjay Merchant

            Huh. Weird that I can perceive the color in the trees, but not in anything else. (eg No matter how long I stare at the meat hanging in the butcher’s window, or that woman’s dress, or whatever it all looks completely bereft of everything except a sepia-toned greyscale.

    • Ooh, nice catch!

      • AJ

        Also, it’s REALLY weird sky. It looks like a depiction of scent.

  • Is the quiet an effect of the anchor, or are they just getting to the eye of the storm? Guess we’ll see…

  • SandstormSinger

    Yay! Mal gets a few panels respite from anger, sulking or grimacing in pain. How long will it last???

  • TheGorram Batguy

    I love this. Deadly-sin-influenced people are rioting everywhere, but sloth-dude be like, I’m takin’ a great nap. Sloth – a deadly sin but least likely to get you in trouble with the police.

    • SaberRoy

      That is unless you are on the police… Sleeping on the job doesn’t looks so good during evaluations.. or if a Wrath infused superior finds you.

    • Well, they might get you for maliciously lingering or obstructing traffic. “What’s that? A manifestation of one of the Seven Capital Sins forced you to fall asleep in the middle of the intersection at rush hour? Right, sir, come with me.”

  • Sapphire363

    Ooh! Ooh! Let me guess!
    Everything past that gate is in colour for Mal because it is that close to the anchor that it is infused with magic!
    Maybe not, but hey, I can speculate.

  • Jacob McCullough

    I like how Heinrich’s avatar is just looking at everyone else and chewing his fingernails. “Oh, dear, oh dear.”

  • Got a headache? This might help. *holds up bottle Glenmorangie scotch*
    What? My ancestry is equal parts Irish and Scottish.

  • SleepingDragon

    I don’t think there’s been anything so far in the series (not that there wasn’t a lot of excellent stuff) that I wanted to see quite as much as the anchor through Mal’s eyes.

  • Del

    No one has noticed/mentioned that Mal’s hands & gloves have color.

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