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  • Sir_Krackalot

    Whee! Next story is Sidney story!

  • Me-me

    I remember these! That guy in the gem flipped me off.

    • Oh, hah, you were the one that got in a debate with Blackshard? ;p

      • Me-me

        One of a few.

    • KomiIsDrawing

      I apologise greatly!

      Shard does not.

      • Me-me

        It’s cool! I’m also the guy who flipped him off back.

  • Oblivion

    Disney world! YAAAAAAY!

  • Marvelous TK

    Oh! You actually took my question about Mal and reading that! I… honestly wasn’t expecting that to actually be put up! Go fig. Welp, I regret nothing, I got the best possible answer.

    … Definitely want to hear Wolfe imitating my voice.

    • KomiIsDrawing

      Haha :D Pretty much I’m replying to the ones I can think up a halfway funny line for, or ones where I can tease about plot information. That one worked!

  • NinaH

    Yay, Sid appearance. That’s the best part of this page :D

  • The Wing

    I love this. But this uncovers more questions than answers… D: MAL, WOLFE, Y U NO ACTUALLY ANSWER QUESTIONS.

  • Rezilia Grieves

    I like how you actually answered the ridiculous questions :P

  • Maple

    Alright, so are Nicola Barber and Harriet Barber related? Twins maybe? Hmm the mystery ;)

  • KaReN

    Kate commented the names of the Barber siblings: “Nicola, Nora, Harriet, and then Florence and Edmund are twins.” … So far, we’ve met Nicola, the eldest. Harriet (Harry) and Florrie.

    Hmmm. I could have sworn I Replied to Maple ‘s comment below but my answer ended up above her post.