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Character Q&As!

Character Q&As! published on 24 Comments on Character Q&As!

Widdershins will be back on March 31st!
Until then, I’ll be sketching character responses to reader questions. If you have a question for any character, from the last story or any before, ask in the comments, or via tumblr here.

If you’re enjoying the comic so far, please consider supporting it! There are a lot of ways to do it, look to the buttons to the right of the page for links to donate, buy books, or just vote on TWC and get us a little more exposure. Thanks!

  • Nonesuch

    Oooh! Ooh! *waves hand*

    Here’s a question for Lei Feng, Rosie Bell, Sydney Malik and Ben Thackerey:
    Dear gentlefolk, as the magical experts of the story so far, can you tell me what the upper limit is of magic in your world?
    By this I mean to ask, what is the greatest thing that can be achieved, and what is completely out of magic’s reach?
    Are there spirits that could reverse death? Spirits that could turn the Earth inside-out? Spirits that could create a new world? Things like that.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Hey O’Malley,

    Have you ever been to the Hotel Gula? See anything interesting?

  • BillSoo

    You didn’t list Alexander as one of Nora’s children. Only the girls. Also, it’s interesting that Cassandra is the name of someone who could see the future….

    • Alex hasn’t been born yet.

  • Del

    That snapshot of the three sisters is priceless!

    A whole lot is explained by the expressions on their faces.

    I suppose little Edmund was able to duck Flo’s grasp.

    • ShadeTail

      *Three* sisters? OMG, what happened to the fourth?!


      • introvert

        It fits with Nicola’s bio page: “Captain Barber is a no-nonsense police officer who doesn’t have time for your backchat. The eldest of the Barber sisters, she’s found her experience in growing up with three sisters and a brother to be surprisingly invaluable in her line of work.”

        • Sanjay Merchant

          You know, I must have glossed over that when I read it. I always had the idea that Harriet was the eldest.

          • Nonesuch

            That may be because she’s such a tough lady. ^^ She acts like a big sister…

            • Sanjay Merchant

              We’ve also never seen Harry interact “on camera” with Nic and Nora. I guess I just got a big sister/little sister vibe off of her interactions with Florrie (which is fair, given that Florrie’s the youngest of the girls) and went ahead and generalized that to the rest.

              • Nonesuch

                Oddly enough, I always got the vibe that Florrie was the older sister, the way she effortlessly handles Harry. :p

      • Del

        Good catch, ShadeTail!

        My Widderworld is Harriet-centric. There she is, with her three sisters…..

  • RabbleRouser

    For one Alex King,
    Since you come from the year 2013, I have to wonder, did you ever watch Top Chef: Just Desserts, or normal Top Chef for inspiration? Me da always goes on a spree watching reruns when he feels in the cooking mood.

  • Interesting that there is a department of Magical Studies. I always assumed Widdershins Uni was just for wizards, but does thia mean they do mundane courses like natural philosophy, theology, classics etc?

  • Geist

    Since Sidney Malik never finished his studies and he had a provisional magic license, what does that mean with regard to what he is allowed to do as a magician, will he lose his right to practice magic?

  • Nonesuch

    Here’s a question for Florence:

    Given that you are the fourth sister, how did you learn to casually bully, tease and manipulate Harry? (I know it sounds bad, but I speak with admiration, not disapproval.) Also: do you have the same kind of power over your other older sisters? ;) What about your brother?

    • David Argall

      Asked before, and not answered. I have suggested two possibilities. As the youngest girl, she was spoiled and given her way so much that everyone just got into the habit of doing things her way. [The youngest son can also be spoiled, but the rules are different for boys than girls, and our youngest son is also the first born son.] Or it could be that nobody really knows. Somehow Flo just has a personality that causes her to get her way and the others have long since given up trying to figure out how, and are more or less resigned to it.

  • David Argall

    Good report on Sidney. Now the treatment of his stealing is odd. The report treats it as not that serious a flaw, well down his list of flaws. But he got expelled for it, which makes it pretty serious. Of course this is a report from someone within the story, meaning human error or lies are quite possible. One idea might be that his teachers and fellow students had accepted it is not his fault and merely frisked him any time they had something missing or even just had contract with him. But then he stole from somebody important, who had a strict attitude…
    There is a possibility that Sidney was technically not expelled. Schools often allow students about to be expelled a chance to resign or accept a less nasty sounding punishment that amounts to the same thing. But Sid is an overly honest type and would use “expelled” even if it was not completely correct.

    • Me-me

      He probably stole something important. Some people are pretty eager to be tolerant until they’re affected by what they’re trying to be tolerant of. Then it’s like they never considered an alternative.

  • Nalyd

    That report actually explains so much xD

  • Hans Rancke

    A question for Nicola, Harriet, and Flortence. Nicola is a senior police officer, solid middle class occupation; Harriet makes good money and would seem to belong to the middle class too. Florence are living at upper middle class standards (or better). Why is your sister working as a hotel maid? (Decidedly lower class). Even if your brother-in-law is unable to hold down a decent-paying job, you should be both able and motivated to supplement your sister’s income. And with a child to support Nora and Geoff should be motivated to swallow their pride and accept help. After all, the help would be from family; no stigma attached to that.

  • Dragon

    Where did Gren come from? Is he a spirity dog?

  • perrinrynning

    For Time-Traveling Agent: I would ask about where to submit applications to join your agency, but I’m sure that falls under the category of “spoilers”. Like practically everything else I might want to ask you, other than the inevitable one about That Madman With The Blue Box.
    For Harry: I realize that as a hard-working professional hunter, you probably have neither the time nor the inclination to publish your memoirs. But since you seem to have an employee or partner, have you considered writing a brief handbook on, say, safe procedures for non-hunter-trained assistants while on a hunt?
    For Sidney: as far as magic goes, does your training and experience gained from working with Harry give you any additional help in picking up magical traces of things? For that matter, can you describe how you perceive magical traces in terms that non-magical-folk can understand? I understand that there’s a small, freelance organization elsewhere in Widdershins with someone who simply sees and hears auras and the like; is it any different for you?

    • David Argall

      Possible answers: Hunters are somewhat like soldiers, with lives of long periods of boredom, combined with brief periods of terror. So there is plenty of time to write a book, or more. However if you are a hunter, you are not interested in writing or reading a book on how to be safe. If you are, you should retire and get a more sensible job.
      Sidney’s magical skill likely increases no matter how he uses it, but the ability to explain it to others can be quite lacking, even if the concepts are shared. The mage might know of the direction SWEN, but be baffled at explaining this to a normal who insists there are only North, East, South, and West. [Plotwise, the more explanation given, the more chance it will interfere with story belief or plot.]

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