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  • Patrick Hesser Clapham

    My guess is he wants to use Holt to summon the other deadlies to possess his six “allies”. That might account for his generous mood.

  • Tau

    “The Butler”

  • Breaking your promises to those two is possibly not a wise move, Mr Luxuria.

    • John

      Probably not, although there is a reasonable argument to be made that he can give them nothing at all without breaking his promise because they did not fulfill their part of the bargain. They will not see it that way, but it is a fairly reasonable point of view.

      Of course his vague “You’ll be compensated for your help” seems to have shades of “You’ll get what you deserve”, which raises the possibly of all the ominous implications that phrase has in this type of situation…

    • billydaking

      Yeah…calling pride “pathetic” probably isn’t his best move.

  • Foehn

    I just noticed the scar around his neck from when he got his head cut off. Little details like that make this comic even better than it already is.

    Also, looking forward to when he takes the necklace off his captive and realizes how he has been tricked.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Miss Superbia ain’t gonna take that without a fight.

    • Rolan7

      I think Superbia is being more cautious than the rest… Notice how they pulled Envy back in the chair, and aren’t speaking. One would expect Pride to be loudest.
      So I agree, Pride has a plan…

      • Ganurath

        In my mind, Matilde Superbia is a combination of Alex Louis Armstrong and Doctor Dire. The former is smarter than one would expect from a musclehead, and the latter has a personal philosophy of “DIRE IS NEVER WEAK,” and acknowledges a lack of a plan as a weakness.

      • Darkoneko Hellsing

        I just noticed, but Sloth/Acedia looks angry too in the last panel.

        • He shoved her put of the way (in the next-to-last panel) while she was snuggling up to him like a drowsy cat…

  • Hmmm.

    I observe that there are a total of eight characters but only seven tags.

    • Darkening

      Ah right, Isabella/Henry isn’t getting tagged to leave the mystery intact.

  • tali

    Soooo… what happens when Luxuria decides to remove that necklace from “Izy’s” neck? That should be quite a show.
    And I can’t imagine Luxuria’s not in on them.
    And do I spot problems in paradise?

    • JWLM

      Sloth had the gem earlier on, so it isn’t around “Izzy’s” neck. “Izzy” could remain “Izzy”, however: Luxuria retained their form after the gem was taken away from them back in Elizabeth’s time.

      • Shee Soon Theng

        Sloth did not have the gem on at any time. No one’s bothered to take it off Henry.

      • tali

        It’s around “Izzy’s” neck now, and “she’ll” switch back the minute they take it off, like Izzy did back in the lighthouse. As for Luxuria, this is probably his real form, as it’s the same as the one back in Elizabeth’s time, so there’s no reason for him to change form.

    • All that would mean is that “Izzy” wouldn’t be able to change back until “she” required the amulet

      • tali

        Um, no, I think “she’d” change back the minute they take the amulet off.

        • You mean like how Luxuria instantly stopped looking like the Duke of Kent when the amulet was taken away from him instead of being stuck in that form for hundreds of years? Do try to pay attention

          • That is assuming that the appearance of the Duke of Kent was an assumed form. However, we do not actually know what Luxuria’s proper for looks like: the depiction was highly stylized and lacking detail in the images when Isabelle told Henry about her ancestor. This could be an assumed form, in which case it was maintained in the absence of the amulet (implying true shape-change power and not mere illusion, since it seems unlikely that an illusion could be maintained so long in the absence of the magical focus). Or this could be Luxuria’s true form, in which case he probably figured he could get away with using his own face in Elizabethan times since the witch who gave him form and all her contemporaries had been dead for quite some time (there was no one alive who would recognize the face, so there would be no need to take a new one). We simply do not know.

            • If the other Deadlies are anything to go by, and I’m sure they are, it’s a pretty safe bet that his true form doesn’t look like a human being, but rather, some sort of brightly colored monster with glowing eyes.

              • When I said true form I meant, as I thought was obvious but apparently was not, the form that the witch had given him (after obtaining which he promptly ran off and started all this trouble), seeing as that is the only material form that Lust would possess at this time. That form would clearly be Lust’s default human form, to which he would return if losing the amulet meant losing an assumed form. The other deadlies we have seen summoned have been spirits without material forms, with the exception of Pride who managed to get itself a mechanical form (giant, parade-ruining peacock) and Gluttony (who was possessing the Hotel Gula itself). Perhaps my terminology was not as clear as it could be, but my point stands: regardless of Lust’s spirit form, Lust currently possesses a human form and we don’t know what either of them looks like so we can’t possibly know whether or not taking the amulet off will end a transformation or if it is necessary to regain the amulet in order to change for again until it’s snatched off the neck of what appears to be Isabelle but seems most likely to actually be Henry. My point being that you can’t determine what happens to an assumed form in the absence of the amulet from what we have seen.

          • tali

            Well, we’re talking about real, live people here. Maybe the amulet doesn’t work that way on deadlies.

  • Michael Brewer

    Has the necklace been specified as to whether it’s illusion or actual physical shapeshifting?

  • Euodiachloris

    Why do I get the distinct impression that none of them were ever going to get what they thought they would…? *watches all those warning signs*

  • Firedog

    I cannot help but think that Mr. Luxuria is like the Little Match Girl….

    …In a gunpowder storage.

    Right now all his underlings are making “Oh my God, he never intended to hold his end of the bargain.” face, and it’s quite enjoyable.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Suddenly I think Luxuria can see throught the amulet disguise.

    • Kyle Voltti

      I thought the same as well

    • AJ

      Oh NO.
      Now that you say it, he does chuckle a little too oddly at Izzy’s face.
      Oh no.

  • I just glanced back to see if there was a new page, and i noticed that, whichever of our daring duo the Bad Guys have captured is showing Izzy’s body language strongly in panel two.

    Like “If this oversized lout wasn’t holding me, I’d give you SUCH a clout ’round your earhole!”

  • Sara

    And to Mr Gula he promised… ALL THE FOOD HE CAN EAT!

  • Michael Brewer

    That smirk in panel 4 is way too wide to be human.

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