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  • Well.

    You say Envy, and you think of…

  • Phil

    That Guy? Is it Eglamore?

  • Eve

    So is Vox trying to warn them about Envy? He’s not the greatest guy but he certainly seems like he’s come around to wanting to stop anyone else from repeating his actions.

    • Maria Gerasimova

      You are so optimistcally idealistic :) Or – idealistically optimistic.
      I’d wish you were right, but I’m afraid you are not :(

      • John

        It sure looks like Envy’s got its hooks in him again. I wonder if he’ll join the party once he’s freed from Envy’s grasp and finds out that helping to stop the dealies is the best way to prevent Envy from getting him a third time.

        • Maria Gerasimova

          Let’s hope :)

    • 703 Noemi

      If he is, he won’t be very successful, unless he’s learned to speak english by now.

      • Let’s face it, whatever he’s trying to do, he’ll make a complete pig’s ear of it.

        • Euodiachloris

          That’s a bit unkind to the ears of pigs, you know. :/

          However….my first ever attempt at a Swiss roll? Oh, yeah. >_<

        • Nonesuch

          Well… he is effectively stopping more people from going in and falling under Envy’s direct sway. That’s something, at least.

    • Killersquirrel66

      Hard to tell from his body language if he’s trying to explain something or just being angry and Influenced. It’ll be interesting to see how this goes down…

      • AJ

        I’d like to point out that the person who appears to be Voss is NOT green, and the person with whom he is speaking IS.

    • Nonesuch

      That would be nice. :)

  • ThisCat

    Heh, Wolfe has a ratio of one non-word sound per word said on this page. Not his best moment, perhaps?

    • Wusel

      Technically he has a ratio of one sound per two words. In the second panel he has one sound and two words, the fourth panel adds another sound and the last panel adds two words. “Ach” and “je” are “Interjektionen” and considered words in german, at least grammatically. But you are right, he has been more eloquent in the past. Considering the situation it is understandable though.

      • ThisCat

        Oh! Thank you for the language lesson, then :)

        • Wusel

          First time being thanked for being a grammar nazi on the internet :) You’re welcome!

          • That being said, you should probably be careful. There’s being a Grammar Nazi, and then there’s being a Grammar Nazi in German.

          • ThisCat

            Hey, if you were being a grammar nazi in a language I was fluent in, I might be a bit annoyed, or I might be even more sheepish about getting it wrong, but as a fellow grammar enthusiast, I have nothing but thanks for you. You were polite, anyways.

  • Kaunisenkeli

    The hair color is right for Voss, and I can’t remember if we’ve ever heard what happened to him in the end.

    • John

      Wolfe allowed him to escape. As far as I know we haven’t heard anything else about him after that, although it does look like we’re about to.

    • Del

      And the color-blind reader thanks you all, yet again, for alerting me that the sky is green and that Voss has a distinctive hair color. I would be lost without the help of this comment section.

      Kate does so many clever things with color that advance the plot and illuminate the story….. and I’m as dull as Mal about it.

      • non_canon

        The color play is actually really a cool little detail I’ve enjoyed about this chapter. While they were facing wrath there was a red tint over everything, just like wrath is red, while now everything has a green, envy like tint.

        • Oh, I thought they were just in the Emerald City

          • non_canon

            Well, they definitely aren’t in Kansas.

      • Ocean Burning.

        Wow, thank *you* for making me feel a whole lot better about my comment! I felt a little stupid, just stating what’s obvious (to me), since color is the first thing I notice / fixate on about everything. It’s good to be reminded that not everyone perceives the world the way I do. Also, you’ve now made me realize that I’ve never paid attention to how Mal might be seeing things unless we’re shown his point of view. I’m starting to find it worrisome that we’ve never seen the inside of the Anchor’s spirit-room with The Sight…

  • tali

    Hey, that’s OUR idiot! :D

    • Nonesuch

      I hope he’s graduated from ‘idiot’, if only a little. :)

  • Ocean Burning.

    Wow, even the sky is turning green with Envy there…

  • Wonder what the play is that everyone is so keen to see so early in the morning. Presumably not that awful ‘Violet and Leon’ that they were showing last year.

    • JWLM

      I don’t know about that, but I’ll bet that Jill is a major donor to the theater.

    • Sanjay Merchant

      By the cosplay theme, I’m guessing The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was written a few decades earlier in this timeline.

  • JWLM

    I was wondering why Voss was still around given that Wolfe let him run away, and then I realized something about the time line: it’s been no more than a day since the debacle at Voss’ mansion. Florrie called for a family meeting at the end of _Green-eyed Monster_ and we immediately transitioned to _Find the Lady_, which leads immediately into this story.

    Voss hasn’t had enough time to get away.

    • Not quite a day, since Florrie had to round up all her siblings and grandparents, but only a matter of days, yes!

      • Nonesuch

        Still, he could have legged it to the country. Seems he decided to stick around for some reason….

  • Columbine

    They know all the idiots.

    • Don’t be ridiculous. There are always more idiots.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Voss isn’t going to get very far given that he doesn’t speak English anymore.

  • What happened to Verity’s… vest… thing?

    • AJ

      She folded her arms.

      • Del

        … and ka-BOOM!

  • Sarah Hardister

    Aye yeah I’ve been so waiting for this! Green-Eyed Monster is my favorite chapter. :D Let’s get some callback in here!

  • Rachel

    I’m going to say from color clues (everyone under the influence of envy has a green tint) that Vox is trying to help.

    • Jeff

      I noticed the same thing. I also noticed among our intrepid band, Verity has quite a bit of green in her ensemble – vest, boots and belt. And she certainly seems the one who would be most vunerable to Envy’s lure.

      • Nonesuch

        She’s vulnerable to Greed, Pride and Wrath, too. :-/

      • JWLM

        Totally jealous of Sid, anyone?

  • CountSessine

    May I just say that in the fourth panel, I am treasuring Ben’s expression. His eyebrows! “Wait a moment…”

  • Graham Garrett

    Another familiar face.

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