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  • TrueWolves

    I love how he’s more interested in the contraption then the actual threat, also, you somehow managed to capture that surprised whine a dog makes in letters and I have no idea how. O.o

    • I, uh.. made the sound out loud several times, then transcribed it. Quite glad the lady next door is hard of hearing.

      • Me-me

        When I do that all I get is my second name,

  • Sanjay Merchant

    This is new lady is what? Belloq to Harry’s Indy?

    • Frankie D.

      “Miss Barber. Again we see there is nothing you can possess which I cannot take away.”

  • Old Girls from the same school, mayhap?

  • tim

    !!A challenger approaches!!

  • Cooper

    Oooh, a Nemesis.

  • Willow the Clever

    That looks familiar. XD When I went back and reread the first book I was like, “HA! I know who the benefactor is now!” At this point I should probably say that I was curious throughout the entire progression of that story about who said benefactor was but I forgot about it two pages later because I’m distracted easily. XD

  • This guy

    Gag Scarf
    Leaving you breathless upon purchase