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  • RedcoatJonjo

    Tagging Voss is like tagging the drunk passed out friend on a photo on Facebook. He IS there but..

    • Euodiachloris

      Agreed. Urgh, he could actually be there, you know. Wouldn’t surprise me to find out that Envy is letting him see and feel everything. Without having a hope of doing anything about it. :P

      • Tokoz

        Physically present, if not entirely mentally. The refrain of many a student. Granted, this one’s a bit more… demonic, but still.

  • Sir_Krackalot

    …Oh dear. That poor party.

  • Euodiachloris

    Well… this is a bit iffy, I must say. :/

  • 4LS

    Okay, I did feel a little sympathy for Voss back there … but, yeah, he put a load of explosives in his house and then asked a bunch of people round. I can’t help feeling that any second thoughts should really have arrived before that point.

    • Ganurath

      Hey, look at the bright side! The summoning now depends on a time delayed, overly elaborate device in order to activate. And, what luck, there are a pair of misfits in position to sever the fuse.

  • Hey, Voss told everybody the party was going to be a blast, and he wasn’t kidding.

    • That’s terrible I should not think that is funny XD;

  • Are the chains a particular quirk of summoning Wrath?

    Also, two deadlies in one storyline! You’re spoiling us! ;p

    • Del

      Oh yeah?
      Maybe we just got cheated out of a whole story!

      • Lleyn

        Time to unleash our wrath – oh, wait, never mind, already done.

      • svartalf

        Heh…I doubt that. Nothing ever said you were going to get a single deadly per arc. Certainly not anything that I’ve seen Kate say has lead me to think anything other than we’re going to get a batch of, “Hell of a rollercoaster ride in mini arcs instead of an epic like Darken was…”


  • MoeLane

    Speaking in purely technical terms: the Dominik Voss tag is justifiable if you expect people to be searching for this comic using that term (if, for example, they were looking for examples of how he was drawn, depending on his circumstances). If this is an actual worry for you then you may want to survey your readers and find out how *they* search for items, given that there isn’t a curator who can do the searches for them.

    …Sorry. Old grad school library science reflexes kicked in.

  • ObiJon

    The “h” on “such” does not read clearly on my screen: I was puzzling over what it meant as I interpreted it as a “k.”

    • Morgothy

      Yes, it kind of looks like the ‘h’ has part of it cut off? You can see that the h in other parts of the dialogue has a proper ending. I’m assuming some of it was accidentally deleted or overlapped with another layer. A minor issue though, as it is still readable.

      • Yeah, I swapped to Manga Studio instead of Photoshop for this story, and while it’s a lot better for 99% of things, it is a little lacking with how it handles fonts :/

        • Elemecca

          Speaking of fonts, the kerning on the “v” in “Invidia” seems off. It’s too far from the “n” and too close to the “i”. Likewise, there’s too much space between the “m”s in “summon” in the same bubble. I have no idea whether you can fix that or not in Manga Studio; it’s possible with Adobe’s font engine. Sorry for nit-picking…

          • You can’t fix it in Manga Studio. From an analogy standpoint, if fonts were a spoon Manga Studio couldn’t fix one if it was bent.

            It’s usable if you’re using it for vertically printed monospaced Japanese, but otherwise it has some of the worst font handling of anything theoretically designed to do typesetting of any software I’ve ever seen. Features out the wazoo, just none of them work properly, and none of the ones you areally want, like alternates or autoligatures.

            Sorry, I’m just so enraged by Manga Studio’s font handling I see red every time someone mentions it…

        • If I could find the person responsible for Manga Studio’s font handling and punch him or her in the sensitive bits, I would. Due to the complete lack of support for autoligatures (It’s 2014 fer cryin’ out loud!) I’ve literally had to do an entire project, then go back in and re-letter the thing in Comic Life because that software actually knows how to handle fonts properly.

          And that’s before you even get into its severe issues with chopping off parts of letters (adding random spaces to pad helps), or how absurdly slow version 4 is with handling text editing.

          • It’s such a shame, since the inking/frame tools are much better, and I love the speech bubble tools too. But alas, it and lettering do not mix. Perhaps for version 6.

            • After re-lettering 270-odd pages of Manga Studio-generated garbage text just to get proper kerning and autoligatures, I don’t even want to think abut the amount of time its crap text support has cost me.

              I actually wrote to the Clip Studio guys (the rebranded product that is Manga Studio 5, if you’re unfamiliar with the backstory) to ask about at least autoligature support, and they said that they were considering it, so it’s not a completley lost cause. It’s clearly not high on their priority list, but we can hope that it’ll make the cut by Clip Studio 2 (which should be MS6).

              Re-lettering the text in MS-generated word bubbles with Comic Life actually works pretty well once you get all the image settings and font sizes configured such that you’re not losing any quality on export, and really I’d like to just hand all of the bubble-generating duties to it, but using Manga studio for the bubbles lets you do panel-border clipping and masking and such, so that’s a no-go, and you additionally have to put in rough text so you can size the bubbles right, so you end up doing everything twice.


  • Sanjay Merchant

    Huh. I did not expect a snake for Wrath. Pretty cool-looking, though.

    Also, what does Envy call Wrath in the second panel? It looks like “Grumpy”, but that doesn’t seem right. And the Latin word for wrath is “ira”.

    • Swagner

      Yeah, I think it was “Grumpy”.

      • So which one is Dopey?

        • Marvelous TK

          If you have to ask, I have to assume you somehow managed not to see Pride. I’m not sure how you pulled that off, but it’s the only explanation I can think of.

          Edit: And to head off any more silly questions, Sneezy.

          • Gesundheit.
            Envy can be Doc, because he’s the only one making plans. Even I can work out Sloth is Sleepy. Lust is Bashful? Surely not.

            • Sanjay Merchant

              Well, we haven’t seen what Lust looks like yet. They’re often depicted together, but lustfulness and brazenness aren’t the same thing.

              Greed seemed pretty good-natured and pleasant to deal with (bones-to-dust notwithstanding), so we’ll call him Happy. Which leaves Envy and Lust as Bashful and Doc, in either order. Depending on how Lust behaves, Envy’s been the best at working in secret, so you could maybe call him Bashful if you squint and tilt your head? Alternatively, if Envy’s Bashful, maybe Lust will be Happy, leaving Greed as Doc. Hmmmm…..

              (The Sloth plot was similarly clandestine, but I was pretty certain that was something Fairbairn brought to the table.)

            • Sanjay Merchant
  • Morgothy

    Ah, so it’s not that he needed to further enrage Florrie to gain the company of this charming wrathful snake creature- she was already angry enough for it to work! But well, if Envy needed any more wrath from Florrie I’m rather sure blowing up a mansion full of people would do it. I’m wondering if Florrie might have hidden Barber skills enough to disarm Envy-Voss, but I look forward to seeing what the combined forces of Florrie, Wolfe, Mal and Ben are going to do to stop the explosion! Assuming they do, of course! It seems another occasion where Ben’s amazing ‘jump against him and knock him over’ tactic might help. But of course Ben’s talents would be probably better used on something less concussion producing and more wrath-desummoning.

  • Just here for the food

    I was going to complain that, to me, Wrath doesn’t look as … elegant(?) or smooth in form as the others. I then realized
    1. It’s Wrath.
    2. Partially summoned anyway.

    Carry on!

    Now what puns do we have available for this?
    “This party is going to be a blast”?

    • =Tamar

      That’s not Wrath, he’s just Grumpy.

  • guest

    A snake? Sure, it could be a snake head with fangs, but couldn’t it be a beak? The thing also seems to have talons. Rather un snake like, no? I agree it is still chained up and partially summoned, so more details of it’s form may be revealed later.
    Also, the foreshadowing of the envy-possessed Voss flicking the string may not just be indicating the rapidly shortening fuse elsewhere, isn’t that the string that holds on the emerald eyepiece? Perhaps he will be forcing one of his prisoners to become envious? And that is the offering, the fall of a virtuous one, not just their death(s)? (or both, of course).

    • Rayndel

      I kinda thought he was a dragon with his wings tied up.

  • Deviljho

    What does Deni Donum mean, also what is Envy holding in the last panel?

    • Dethdukk

      According to google, deni means “a set of ten” and donum means gifts/presents/a offering to a diety, so more than likely wrath is saying hurry up and I’ll reward you.

      • Odo

        I did a little search and didn’t find “deni” at all, but “denique” means finally or at the end. So he might be saying “and finally, the gift”.

    • Jeff

      Deni Donum – give/make/proffer the gift/sacrifice/offering.

    • I think you need an offering as part of the summon. Wrath is asking for what’s due to him.

  • AAAHHHHHhhhhh!!! D:

  • Am I the only one who thinks it looks like he’s holding Wrath and gunpoint in the second panel?

  • Sanjay Merchant

    It’s interesting that Greed and Wrath seem to have specific things binding them above and beyond the normal difficulty of bringing a spirit into the world. I’m very anxious to know the backstory of that statue from the first arc, or why Wrath is in chains, when Envy and Pride were able to manifest as free entities.

  • SoItBegins

    Ooooh boy. Wrath. This will NOT end well.

  • Rulebook Lawyer

    “Dele Omnia Mala”
    Oh wait, this is just quasi e-vil Grumpy…

  • non_canon

    Rereading this made me realize that Envy calls Wrath “Grumpy” and that just amuses me far more than it probably should.

  • Kristen Thacker

    is his name grumpy?

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