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  • Frances Ahlborn

    Oh man, this is going to be good…is what I say after basically every widdershins update.

  • Apvogt

    Panel 5:
    Talent Wisps: “Yaaaaaayy! We are free, quick we must return to our owners.”
    Panel 7:
    Florence: “And that, Envy is what physical pain feels like.”

  • Oogie Boogie? Is that you? :o

    • Michael Brewer

      Yeah, it’s funny. I’ve been “hearing” Envy speaking more or less normally until now, but as of this update, the “voice” turned all processed and evil sounding. So…Nice job!

  • Tikatu


  • Dee

    Man, if those abilities go back to the people he stole them from, can you just imagine their reactions to regaining them?

    • Darkoneko Hellsing

      I hope it’s the case, there’s some guy in the cave that spent a long time without being able to speak :|

    • the Amazing Mister Moriarty

      Greed did say “Mathematics, back you go!” Sounds like this is the case.

    • Tokoz

      So… you’re threatening the guy who is having second thoughts and regretting what he did to all those people… By undoing what he did. Envy, you’re not very good at this, hmmmm?

  • Deviljho

    Hmm, do I want to be nice, or I do I want to have these amazing talents…. Stupid Voss…

    • svartalf

      Actually, he’s experiencing agony because Envy’s ripping them out. Not subtly stealing them but expelling them forcibly from Voss. I don’t think he backed down willingly. Like Envy said…”now stay down”…

  • Cooper

    Hopefully having knowledge forcefully ripped out of his brain doesn’t leave him with any permanent damage.

    • the Amazing Mister Moriarty

      Don’t forget Voss did this himself to a couple of people on the way here! If it does, he had it coming and deserves it.

      • svartalf

        And I’m strongly suspecting he’s figured out just what he’s been doing and is probably embracing this.

  • Winger

    “Ability to dodge punches! Wait, no, bad choice.”

    • Ganurath

      “It’s like being hit by a sack of potatoes! Oh, the irony!”

    • Situational awareness! Forethought!

  • pernmaniac

    Yep, Florrie is definitely a Barber.

  • slim kittens

    You made a much cuter fox, Invidia.

  • Rowan


  • R. A. Meenan


  • Euodiachloris

    Barber genes: “expression” is just another word for “punch”.

  • szbnahl

    Treat a Barber like potatoes? Looks like Envy’s *sunglasses* had his chips.

    People still say that, right?

    • AJ

      Not on my side of the ocean….

    • Timni16

      what. like Lay’s Chips?

      • Disloyal Subject

        To some folks, eg the Brits, ‘chips’ refers to what Americans generally know as fries.
        (I sadly haven’t heart the “had his chips” saying.)

        • CEC

          Canadians, for example, refer to both ‘crisps’ and ‘fries’ as chips… you have to use your context clues.

        • Timni16

          i mean it works both ways when it comes to the pun
          they are both made with potatoes

          • Aesa Bast

            Actually, I think “when the chips are down” refers to poker chips.

    • Not that I know of, but at least you can say you fried.

      Now that the chips are down, I think this plan is a little half-baked.

      Not five minutes and Envy’s already managed to croquette up.

      • Euodiachloris

        You could say Invidia may have smashed his own plans up. :P

  • Peace on Earth. Goodwill to all men; except Dominic Voss.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Wow, he looked cuter as a fox.

  • Thanks to the artists of Widdershins and Girl Genius for the uplifting Christmas present of the heroine giving the villainous cad the sound thrashing that he deserves.

    • AJ

      IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY! And there’s explosions going on in Schlock Mercenary, too. It’s lit up like Christmas.

      Okay, back on topic. And the topic is:

    • JWLM

      And thanks to David Willis giving us two women getting *exactly* what they deserve…

  • Curtis WG

    Merry Christmas, and Thank You for all the fun you have given me and all your readers this year.

  • alurker

    Oh that’s right, the hostage is a Barber. Whoops.

  • AJ

    “Hmmm… what is my backup plan if the spineless dupe I choose decides to fight back during the climactic event? Perhaps I will cripple his brain and cause his body to lose control by tearing talents out of it!”
    “Um, isn’t that the brain you’re riding in?”
    “Silence, fool! …who are you, anyway?”
    “I’m from the Evil Overlord Planning Commission. We’re checking into evil plans that are culminating around Christmas this year because so many go horribly awry because of the holiday cheer. We want all our villains to have the best holiday season and that means having the best plans.”
    “You’re what? No, I require help from no one! Begone!”

    • CorvusCornix

      But the spirit has its own abilities and knowledge that don’t depend on Voss. See, even after Invidia gets rid of Voss’s knowledge of English, it can still speak English on the next panel. The problem with the plan here was that spirits apparently don’t have complete control over bodies they possess. Invidia didn’t count on Voss resisting. This sort of thing can become a problem when in melee range of a Barber.

      • Wombat140

        It actually kind of makes sense. Fighting Voss in a normal way would be tricky since they’re using the same body. And I get the impression that Envy’s magic powers only do certain specific things (same as how a wizard has to summon the right spirit for a job – they can’t all do everything). So Envy’s options were a bit limited at this point. If you remember, Mal and Ben were both knocked out cold by Voss’s botched attempt to steal Mal’s talent – presumably, Envy was betting that by yanking three talents out of Voss in quick succession it could do the same to him. Quick thinking. Only problem was, that meant taking its eye off Florrie!

        Thanks for another great page, Kate, I’m enjoying this a lot!

  • Timni16

    I mean they BOTH needed a good sock in the face so either way, you’re good, Florrie

    • Disloyal Subject

      Envy could do with a few more, though. And a knee to the gut, and…

      • Euodiachloris

        Don’t. Backseat driving a Barber lass’ fight is likely to bite you in imaginative ways. :P

  • Rulebook Lawyer

    Voss: Come on, I deserve a saving roll. Look here, on my character sheet has a Quirk for, “Weakness towards women.” I cannot let this happen.
    GM: Oh very well… fine. Go ahead and roll, but you have massive penal…
    Voss: CRIT!
    GM: *sigh*

    GM: You do know what this means, right?
    Voss: Yeah, I’m back to myself.
    GM: Exactly, so no more English.
    Voss: Eh, English is overrated.
    GM: … and Dancing.
    Voss: meh
    GM: Let’s see what you have… ah, mathematics.
    Voss: No, wait, wait, wait; hold on there. I need it to make awesome weapons.
    GM: Too late, and how about Beer Brewing…
    Voss: NOOOOOoooooo! Ok, ok, ok, you freaking win…

    Merry Christmas


    And so we finally see Envy for who it really is: an ugly amorphous blog of malevolence with a creepy smile and a disturbing similarity to Oogie Boogie. Rather fitting, actually.

  • Good on yer, Voss.

    Go, Florrie!

  • Nin

    So, there has to be a sacrifice for Wrath to break free. . .
    And Voss has discovered his conscience. . .
    Oh. Oh, dear.

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