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  • March in the comic, huh? I guess that explains all of the green.



  • It’s like March? When is it actually?

    • End of March! Had to check back on the date on Florrie’s invitation, for that.

      • Mujaki

        Just imagine how much worse the rioting would be if everyone had access to snowballs to throw.
        (With rocks in them.)

        • Oooh.

          The music with rocks in show is sold out so the ones who can’t get in throw snowballs with rocks in at the ones who could…

          • John

            Born to Rune

          • JWLM

            I assume that Sidney is going to have to fake his way into the University in a coat he “borrows” from the Dean.

  • Any Bridge built with the support of Wolfe will stand longer than any an Engineer and skilled craftsmen could come up with!

    • John

      Wolfe is supporting the bridge which is good, but Voss is the one who has to build which is… worrisome.

      • Pyre

        Perhaps Wolfe is rubbing off on me but I believe that Voss does mean to redeem. Whether he has the ability to actually follow through remains to be seen but the desire is there.

    • Except for IKB.

  • ThisCat

    Okay, what the hell, I’m starting to like Voss a lot. I did not expect that.

    • John

      I was hoping for it, but was very much aware that Voss has great potential to disappoint. I am glad he actually feels like he should help without having his arm twisted.

    • Tsapki

      That occurred to me regarding Voss was something Luxuria said in the past, of how Luxuria needed to seek out fitting humans and mold them into vessels aligned to the Deadlies and how difficult it was and still not fully complete.

      Voss happened to be a very natural vessel for Envy but he was still by no means a perfect vessel, particularly due to one important trait of Envy. Envy covets that which others have, as did Voss. But where as Voss would be content simply to have the same possessions as others, Envy wishes to possess such things exclusively and if given the choice between sharing what others have and denying such things to others but not possessing these things themselves, it would chose the latter.

      In essence, it seems Voss saw the conclusion of where his eventually behavior would lead him, and we can make the guess that he didn’t like it.

      • BaronHaynes

        Good points. I think the violin duet he did with Wolfe was a big factor in changing his outlook. Thinking you need to beat someone and realizing you can work with them for an even greater result, even if it means sharing the credit.

        • Playing with an other musician is a pleasure you don’t have to share… It’s whole for each of you.

  • MoeLane

    Voss, truly penitent?

    …Wolfe can work with that.

  • I think Ben is lowkey becoming one of my favorites.

    • It is almost weird to see your avatar/username pop up in places other than Namesake. Howdy!

      • I LOVE Widdershins, and I try to encourage Namesakers to check it out, because I really think if you like one it’s very likely you’ll like the other (Blindsprings is another that fits into this category). I usually don’t comment on other webcomics though, but oh ho ho I’m there… lurking… WAITING…

  • Happy Holidays to you too, and thank you for posting today!

  • Ocean Burning.

    Okay, so, I’m going to go ahead and confess this now…. Ben and I are uncannily similar. Basically, I’m like a slightly-older, woman version of Ben.
    And I had to laugh so hard today, because I checked my phone for today’s update between classes, right after teaching my worst-behaved class of the week. On Ben’s face, I saw the exact expressions I had just been making.

  • gabriel.pope

    Weirdly excited for possible Voss redemption arc.

    • Seth Talon

      Would upvote this 20 times if I could

  • Brother Nightmare

    Sidney, new extra mission, by the end of this, Ben and Dominik will be – friends – too.

  • non_canon

    Happy Holidays to you as well! And yay for Voss getting to redeem himself. And also yay for Ben making adorably grumpy faces while being smart in not just blindly trusting him, and then yay for Wolfe being…. well, just being Wolfe.

    However, hearing Voss talk about regretting helping Envy made me think of this strip ( ) and how that deal may still be valid and how interesting that will make their battle against Sloth.

    • Amy

      Side note but holy wow has the art in this comic gotten good! I liked it from the beginning and always thought of the early stuff as pretty good, but looking back on this it’s incredible how much improvement there’s been.

      • Haha, thanks! I have some amount of trouble looking at the older stuff now, i have to admit..!

        • JWLM

          Well, you could redraw it for a ‘new edition Widdershins’ volume. Could probably make a lot of money on Kickstarter that way.

          • Not until she has done Darken Volume 2!

            • JWLM

              I’m not holding my breath, no matter how much I’d like to see Baal and best possible ever diplomat redrawn.

          • Unless someone else runs a kickstarter for a couple of hours in a hyperbolic time chamber, this will not happen!

            • Hm… All the artwork is done. How much of the work to get from page to print could be done by minions? Just wondering… And with the current story being double length, there won’t be a Widdershins Kickstarter in 2017 to boost your income…

              • For what, Darken? It takes a lot of panel rejigging, relettering, and I’d been rescripting in places too, so I dunno if I’d feel comfortable leaving it in someone else’s hands.

                • Euodiachloris

                  Translation: “My baby!” ;)

    • John

      I think Sloth eating all of Fairbain’s sleep fulfilled Fairbain’s deal with Sloth, so they should not have problems from that.

      And I believe that most contracts become void when one of the signatories (Fairbain) dies unless there are specific provisions in the contract about who that person’s successor is.

      • JWLM

        It depends on the legal framework within which the contract is made. In Washington State (USA), where I live, a person’s estate is liable for any debts for which the person is still liable, so Fairbain’s estate could still owe something to Sloth, I suppose…

      • Maria Gerasimova

        Do you think Fairbairn’s dead? Her body wasn’t found.
        And Sloth could be let free before the old hag’s sleep was eaten completely.

        • non_canon

          See and this is what’s making me think, since the theme of this chapter is “everybody comes back for the final act”.

          Either way, it’ll be interesting to see Verity’s reaction to the fact that Ben nearly accidentally signed all of his sleep away.

  • John

    Everyone enjoy you holidays!

  • AJ

    I recommended Widdershins this week based on how someone I met was speaking. “Hey, you sound like the comment group for this webcomic. I bet you’d like it.”
    I was right.

    • MoeLane

      I like reading the comments here. There is chill enough to go around.

      • AJ

        I really like having the comments and the fandom right here at the fringes of the comics themselves.

  • Ghostdanser

    I like Ben…Vee should teach him a few dirty tricks for survivals sake. And on that note…

    Merry Christmas to all…and to all a good night!

    • non_canon

      I can definitely see see her insisting on that, especially after hearing the stories about all the adventures he’s gotten up to over the past year.

      And a happy holidays to you as well.

  • Ocean Burning.

    I’m getting really curious now as to how it works for Voss to remember these random bits of English. Particularly since in the first panel, he makes a grammar error indicative of having studied English, rather than of magically-acquired native-speaker English use. Very interesting!

    • Maria Gerasimova

      He had several days to learn something.. In times of need we do wonders :)

      • Ocean Burning.

        I do agree with you that he’s most likely been trying very hard with English for the last few days! But I really think he’d have focused more on survival phrases — daily life and survival kind of language — not the kind of vocabulary he’s trying to produce and comprehend here. I guess I’m commenting as someone who’s only ever moved to a country and then tried to learn some of the language based on imminent needs, rather than the other way around.

    • CountSessine

      The first panel suggests to me that while he lost the magical ability to speak English, he didn’t lose his memories, so he retained memories of having interacted with people in English.

      This means he has random fragments of English scattered around in random corners of his brain as memories, which he is sometimes able to piece together — sometimes he remembers having spoken a phrase which applies to a current need. Very inadequate, but when you’re desperate…

      Also, this page explains why he didn’t want to leave England.

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